The State of the Onion

No, I’m not going to watch Dracula’s speech tonight.

Who’s Dracula? Why, our first voter-fraud president, of course. I call him “Dracula” because he’s sucking the nation dry.

Christopher Lee, you ought to watch this guy. You could learn a lot from him.

Instead of sitting there listening to two or three dozen lies a minute, I will read my Bible and then watch an old movie on youtube, maybe play some chess. The lies will still be there in the morning.

5 comments on “The State of the Onion

    1. Man, would I love to do just that! I’ve written six books in this Bell Mountain series so far. For each of them I had to wait for my Lord’s go-ahead. He gives me some important feature of the story, and only then can I go to work. The first couple chapters of The Last Banquet, for instance, in which Gurun comes to Obann–I saw the whole thing in one night’s dream. That’s the kind of thing I have to wait for: can’t start Book 7 without it.

  1. I stopped listening to all the spin, exaggerations and just plain lies years ago. What a pity. You call him Dracula. I’ll just simply say, “Caligula”

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