How Stupid Are We?

I got the all-time champion nuisance phone call this morning. As soon as you pick up the receiver, a robot voice says, “Please continue to hold…” I hung up before I heard any more.

But what kind of dodo would actually stand there and waste a piece of his life because some unidentified machine asked him to? Continue to hold for how long? Maybe they could get you to be on hold all morning.

Then again, look at the people we pick to be our leaders. We really must be idiots. Mayor Bloomberg today unveiled a plan to make New York City “greener” by reserving 10,000 parking spaces–people in New York will kill for parking space–for electric cars. This would require the installation of charge meters so the cars can be plugged in while they’re parked… oh, and wiring, and special poles, and more public employees, and more public employee pensions, and so on. It’ll cost tens of millions of dollars. Maybe even billions. And take away 10,000 parking spaces from the vast majority who don’t have electric cars.

There’s a US senator, currently, who’s in hot water for allegedly enjoying under-age prostitutes (he got sued by a couple of adult prostitutes for not paying them for services rendered); and he’s also said to have found a few illegal ways to pad his paycheck, big-time. His ex-wife teaches “sex education.” Their daughter appears on TV a lot to push “The Vagina Monologues.”

These are the kind of people who tell us how we ought to live.

Yeah… we’re stupid.

4 comments on “How Stupid Are We?

  1. What should concern us is that who we elect is a direct reflection of society itself–unless the voting machines are somehow rigged as Devvy Kidd says they are.

    1. You know how averse I am to conspiracy theories–except in this case, the evidence of colossal voter fraud was so overwhelming as to elude no one but the In-the-Bag News Media.

  2. Yes, if we agree with these dunderheads, we are indeed stupid; as stupid as they are. However, if we see the stupidity and do nothing, we are derelict. If we see the stupidity and act in some way to correct it, we are doing our best service. It is mind-boggling these days to even stay apprised of the goings-on, but we can try to correct the errors we do see.

  3. I figured how stupid we were when they decided to “can laughter” in Hollywood.

    That’s right, folks! No more live audiences: when you hear the canned laughter on the mindless sit-com, that’s your cue to laugh because its supposed to be funny.

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