Another One Bites the Dust

At the ripe old age of 82, Clint Eastwood, the actor who has pretensions of being a Republican, has decided it’s just jim-dandy with him if men “marry” men and women “marry” women.

His defense of himself for going over to the Dark Side is that he just doesn’t care who gets married to whom. Oh, well, Clint, that’s just great. Where should we erect your statue?

Well, you should care. It is not possible for “gay rights” and religious liberty to co-exist. The only way they can make same-sex mock-marriage stick is by either silencing Christians or forcing them to join in the orgy of moral corruption. It is not inconceivable that Bible-faithful Christians will someday be actively persecuted in this country for not going along with this abomination.

But Eastwood is only one of a whole stampeding herd of faux Republicans who have suddenly “evolved” into supporters of this satanic effort to estrange the people from their God. I only pray that God remembers, when He judges the United States, that not all of us went aboard this ship: the U.S.S. Ship of Fools.

7 comments on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Well, just another one of the “faux” conservatives who morphed during the “Reagan coat tail frenzy” and one more reason for this Christian not to vote for a party simply because it “pretends” to be a member of the now extinct genuine Republican party. In other words, let the Holy Spirit lead at the voting booth.

    1. The next day it was National Review’s Jonah Goldberg biting the dust. Suddenly we see the whole Republican Party stampeding over to the Dark Side. By this time next week, there won’t be anybody left.

    2. Be of good cheer, my dear brother. God is only shaking the tree so the rotten fruit falls to the ground. He knows who is His Remnant and it is through them that He will work to bring true restoration to this nation and to the nations of the world. And thank God for Chalcedon and other like-minded organizations, ministries who will not compromise.

    3. I guess I shouldn’t mind so much. The Southern Poverty Lie Center has branded as a hate group everyone who’s to the right of Fidel Castro, and they hate Christians who are faithful to God’s word. We at Chalcedon would be very worried indeed if the Southern Poverty Lie Center thought well of us. But for some person who doesn’t know anything much about it to turn trustingly to Wikipedia and come away thinking, “Hmm, hate group”… that sort of sticks in my craw.

    4. Get used to it my Brother. Persecution is coming to this nation by the bucketful to Christians. I’ve heard it said that revivals only come as a result of a persecuted Church; I hope not, but considering the number of “christians” [lower c], that voted for Obama, this may be true.

      Let us make sure that we individually are following the Ark as He instructs so we can be around when the shaking stops. We are in for a jumpy ride. But hey! That’s what being an “overcoming remnant” is about.

    5. I mean to make it as hard for them as I can, if they want to persecute me. For Christians to be persecuted in the country that they founded is not to be tolerated. God defend the right!

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