Human Vultures

Here’s a little wrinkle of modern life that’s not so nice: people studying the obituaries so they can contact the survivors and try to scam them. I suppose they think the bereaved will be distracted and not thinking very clearly, and so be easy marks. We had one message from somebody pretending that we need to hire them to inscribe my mother’s tombstone, and another from a certain religious sect trying to recruit us for membership. I need hardly add that the persons who contacted us were not, in fact, the ones my family hired to do the work on the stone. The work had already been done by the firm we hired to do it.

There have also been a few jokers, these past few days, posting “comments” on this blog that were not comments at all, but rather attempts to use space here as free advertising for this or that product they’re trying to sell. This is a form of theft.

I may be grieving, but I’m not bloody stupid.

3 comments on “Human Vultures

  1. How absolutely deplorable. I experienced a somewhat similar experience after the passing of my first husband, in which various people called me to say my credit card payment was in arrears. Only problem was, I never owned a credit card with that company, and neither did my late husband. They even called my work office and harassed me, for months.

  2. As I recently heard a Christian commentator say lately, “I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.” How deplorable.

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