Not a Fun Exercise

We spent most of today going over my mother’s things–my sister and brother, my wife and I. Some were to be sold, some thrown out. Simply not possible to keep everything I would have liked to keep.

Not fun. Definitely not fun. Her house, but without her in it anymore. Her things–but they have lost their context. Not an easy day for the old emotions.

I hardly know what else to say.

4 comments on “Not a Fun Exercise

  1. Yes, it is a hard time. Coincidentally, I have spent all day sorting out my deceased wife’s clothes and jewellery, and still a long way to go and finding it difficult to get motivated. Death certainly is the final frontier.

    1. Michael, your time is harder than mine and I pray I never be tried with the test that you’ve been tried with. All I can say is that you are on my daily prayer list: and that now is when it’s most necessary for us to believe God’s words. One’s own death is nothing, compared to the loss of the ones we love.

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