It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child!

Comrades! The great people’s liberation struggle cannot be won if we remain shackled to the bourgeois notion of “family.” Praise Lenin, Comrade Melissa Harris-Perry on the glorious proletarian television MSNBC has clearly spoken for the primacy of the collective. If Comrade Stalin were still with us, he would surely recommend you watch her wonderful program which is called “Lean Forward.” Sort of like the way you are leaning over the ship’s rail when you are seasick, tovarisch!

All right, all right, get this stupid commie outa here…

Yes, the MSNBC baboon says children don’t belong to their parents, they belong to the whole “community,” and we must rectify our lack of a “collective” mindset regarding children.

Do you have to pass an idiocy test before they let you have a show on MSNBC? Or be a university professor? Or a teachers’ union officer? I mean, really–the Soviet Union was one of the biggest flops in human history, worse even than the John Carter movie. Why in the world do all these meat-heads want to emulate it? Why don’t they just do us all a favor and go live in one of the few surviving communist countries?

Because they’ve got a damn good gig here, brethren.

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  1. Agree with EVERYTHING that you have observed, reflecting on the history of just HOW all of this came about I can only conclude that WE are responsible for “their” success in undermining our culture. WE, in our personal complacency have permitted it to happen..WE allowed the incorporation of the concept Progressive Education from the “Peoples Republic of California” during the 50’s; WE allowed the flow of Socialist-Progressives (read Communist) politico’s to overwhelm our election processes; WE are allowing the sexual perverts to become political and social icons; WE are allowing the various government agencies to run rough-shod over EVERYTHING that WE cherish; WE allow our courts to rule our choice of worship, and WE allow it to happen at the very base of our government…our local School Board and City Councils! WE chose to permit the Political Correctness to prevail in the decisions of our local leaders..and through this infectious complacency..WE will be responsible for the dictatorship that is rapidly advancing upon us!!
    WHERE is the AMERICAN PATRIOT! WHERE is that unique group of individuals who believes that WE ARE a UNIQUE government and historical experiment that began and flourished with and under our covenant with our Creator…and WHY are they standing mute and allowing this historical travesty to take place!

    1. Actually, we’re not all standing mute. I’m not. You’re not. And I can’t find it in my heart to blame ordinary, peaceful people for trustingly living their lives and going about their business while their country was stolen out from under them by wicked persons who worked very hard to do it. Very few people noticed anything was wrong until it was too late.

      Speaking only for myself, I pray that God Himself will intervene, either with a mighty hand and a stretched-out arm, or else by rising us up leaders and patriots who will deliver us from our enemies. I simply cannot believe that Our Lord plans to hand over the whole world to homosexual activists, pagans, atheists, idolaters, murderers, and liars.

      But if He does, it won’t be for long.

    2. Oh how I admire your heart; and Lee, blame is certainly not what we are pursuing..simply cause and effect (my engineering discipline coming through). In regards to” our trustingly living their lives”, I can only refer and relate back once again to recent history and the consequences of the
      the hapless, trustingly living Jews of Europe under Hitler. I am sure that they didn’t really realize anything was wrong…until they took their last showers! WE are faced with the VERY same situation TODAY, and we had better wake up and smell the..Zyclon-B, before it’s to late.
      I share with you in your prayers, that either Our Lord and Savior drives these perverted despoilers from His People’s presence and heals our land, or render up another David or Joshua to lead us against the Spoiler’s legions!
      I offer up almost hourly my plea..”Please hurry-up Jesus”!!

  2. To all of the above, I can only add this:

    While we have been busy raising and providing for our children, Satan and his minions (some human, some not) have been busy razing and procuring our children.

    Our hope is firmly upon Jesus!

  3. That’s what astounds me about this whole thing. I’m suppose to sacrifice for the greater good, but I assure you that these media types have no sacrifices in their plans.

    1. I was astounded by what I read at the end of the article about social workers insisting that foster parents teach that the Easter Bunny is real. What does this say to me? It say that these people are out of touch with reality.

    2. There seems to be a power at work causing this unreality and people are unaware how insane all of this truly is. Those of us who do realize what’s going on really need to stay in prayer.

    3. I just didn’t have the heart to write about this last night.
      Ontario is the pits.
      At one time the Ontario Human Rights Commission toyed with the idea of intervening to force people to have “more diverse” circles of friends. It seems the naturally formed friendships weren’t “diverse” enough for the government. But they couldn’t quite get this off the ground.

    4. It seems insanity is rampant these days. The ‘next new thing’ as I understand it is in the name of diversity colleges are now going to hold separate ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘hispanic’, etc. graduations. My brain really gets befuddled with all of this. I’m quite sure separation in the name of diversity isn’t want MLK had in mind. How in anyone’s definition is separation integration?

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