Onward! Sail On! (Or Is It ‘Ceylon’?)

The other day I received what is laughingly called my quarterly “sales” report. Somehow I think I’m doing something wrong.

This blog was set up to encourage people to buy my books. Well, I always knew I had no talent for publicity. I couldn’t sell carbon credits to California Democrats.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of that most politically incorrect hero, Columbus, I shall persevere. I shall sail on. (The only reason people believe Columbus was trying to get to India is because some of his men thought he was yelling “Ceylon! Ceylon!” A joke first told in 1493, and somewhat the worse for wear.) At least I’m not subjecting anyone to The Great Gatsby with a rap “music” soundtrack.

The weather is fine, Spring has sprung, and today I mean to start writing Book #7 of the Bell Mountain series. So here goes…

4 comments on “Onward! Sail On! (Or Is It ‘Ceylon’?)

  1. Don’t feel too bad, Lee. A lot of authors (well, at least myself anyways) are better at writing books than they are at promoting them. That’s why those lucky people who are published by the big companies get professional promoters. But you’ve obviously done at least a decent job of promoting, because I was interested the first time I learned about Bell Mountain 😀

    1. I was so hoping to attract the Christian homeschooling community–right up their alley, I thought. Well, at least I’m still in print, so there’s always a chance I might catch on.

      You have no idea how I appreciate your support.

  2. Lee, Are books 5 and 6 available yet?

    Paul Herbert : family of Zimmerman sui juris sovereign living soul, holder of the office of Bexar County Sheriff Inhabitant on the land of Texas republic

    1. #5, “The Fugitive Prince,” is in production. It should be ready by the end of Spring. As for #6, it still has to get a cover, typesetting, etc.

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