‘Ice Floes Crush Homes’: It’s Global Warming

Despite what the nincompoops who misgovern us say, Global Warming is still the all-time biggest fantasy ever perpetrated by the human mind, dwarfing the imaginative fictions of the likes of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, or Edgar Rice Burroughs.

But then where does fantasy end and full-blown delusion begin?

As reported May 12 in The Winnipeg Free Press, huge ice floes have been squeezed out of the water to crush a bunch of lakeside homes in Manitoba (see http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/giant-ice-floes-crunch-homes-207099381.html ). You gotta click the link and see the pictures.

Manitoba is neither the North Pole nor Antarctica. It is contiguous to the U.S. And here, while the whopper-mongers in Washington and Ottawa go on and on about the threat of Global Warming, we have a lot of houses uprooted or smashed flat by… ice.

Duh… hello, hello? Anybody there? Does this look like Global Warming to you? Think there’ll be any tropical rain forests springing up in Manitoba anytime soon?

But who are you going to believe–your own lying eyes, or our glorious and trustworthy ruling class?

3 comments on “‘Ice Floes Crush Homes’: It’s Global Warming

  1. So, because large ice masses exist in areas cold enough to support them… global warming doesn’t exist?


    1. Actually, Man-Made Global Warming doesn’t exist, period. It was never more than a scam whose purpose was to grow the government and gobble up our liberties, and incidentally put a lot of money in the pockets of scientists who don’t mind lying and cheating to get it.

    2. Uh, if huge ice masses plowing ashore were a regular feature of those sites, who would have been stupid enough to build homes there?

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