Deport the Good, Amnesty the Bad

While our glorious ruling class contemplates an “immigration reform” bill that will cost American taxpayers more than $9 trillion (estimated by the Heritage Foundation), with amendments to include special benefits for the same-sex partners/catamites of illegal aliens, a suicidal policy to flood the country and its overburdened economy with millions of illiterate, impoverished persons who will have to go on welfare… While all this is going on in Washington…

The Sixth Circuit federal court yesterday ruled that a German homeschooling family may not have political asylum in America. After all, they only want it because they’re Christians. And doesn’t America already have enough peaceful, law-abiding, educated, and productive Christians? Don’t we need to import more gang members, homosexuals, and drug users?

So the government proposes to deport this one harmless German Christian family, while at the same time amnestying multitudes of persons who cannot benefit America in any way, and whose only calling here will be to vote for Democrats in perpetuity.

Attorney General Eric “Fast ‘n’ Furious” Holder says the Romeike family can’t have asylum because they aren’t really being persecuted. Germany makes homeschooling illegal; the German Supreme Court says it must protect the state from people who might create a “parallel culture”–und zen, kamerad, zey might not do vot der fuhrer tells zem to!  Old Fast ‘n’ Furious says it ain’t persecution as long as Germany stops everybody from homeschooling, not just Christians. As long as the state is an equal opportunity oppressor, it ain’t oppression.

What our pseudo-Christian president and his henchmen want, of course, is to put an end to homeschooling in America. You start by establishing the principle that as long as nobody is allowed to homeschool, you’re not just picking on the Christians–even though in America, as in Germany, it’s the Christians who have the strongest motivation to homeschool their children and the highest likelihood of doing so. The great impetus for homeschooling, in both countries, is the urgent need to remove children from an “educational” environment dedicated to the advance of homosexuality, atheism, abortion, and overall Godlessness: to wit, the public schools.

Bear in mind that in Germany, the Romeikes are apt to be fined, imprisoned, and have their children taken away from them and placed in the custody of the state–all because they want to school their kids at home. Deutschland uber alles, jawohl.

For more information on this travesty of justice, visit the Home School Legal Defense Association website, .

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