Our Money’s Worth… of What?

Our town’s municipal budget was released this week: $15 million and change. This pays for a police force and its up-to-date equipment, the Dept. of Public Works and its equipment, street-cleaning, a whole passel of street festivals, and nice salaries and fantastic pensions all around.

Of course, in a small town like ours, taxes have to be pretty high to raise that kind of money. Some of the stores on Main Street are boarded up, and have been for a while. Some of the residents have been chased out of town by taxes. Fifteen million bucks is a lot of money.

But it ain’t as much as $30 million, is it? And $30 million is this year’s budget for our local school district. There are only four schools in it, but the budget is twice as high as the budget for all the rest of the town.

I’ll bet it’s just as bad for your town. And on top of that, our paychecks have to support the county, the state, and the federal governments. Our paychecks are going to get hernias. The higher up you go, the bigger a bite they take out of your dollar.

For what we’re paying for it, we ought at least to live in Paradise.

At the rate it’s going, America is going to run out of money. Gonna go broke. And then what?

Can’t we stop and turn around?

5 comments on “Our Money’s Worth… of What?

  1. Goodness Lee, lighten up! You used to post opinions which contributed to life’s amusement or enjoyment or ones which assisted in spreading knowledge. Now you are coming over as miserable and embittered. Please try to find positive things to chat about .. we know we exist in dark days .. how does harping on help?

    1. I’ll take that to heart, Michael–although no one else seems to be complaining. What sort of things would you rather I wrote about? OK, I’ve written political commentary lately, but this month I’ve also posted bits about Ray Harryhausen, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tolkien, and Miss Marple. Help me out: what are some of the postings you’ve enjoyed? If I know that, I can try to provide more along the same lines.

    2. The non-political commentaries are usually interesting and I do enjoy your summaries of older classic films and books. With these I feel I learn something and get fresh insights into different subjects. Also your chat about how things were in your formative years is often educational. I hope this comment helps, but hey, do not worry about me, I am often as miserable as you about the state of the USA and Europe in general. Best wishes.

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