Back to Narnia!

Today I don’t care to write about any of the disgusting things that are being done to our country and our culture. We get it by now, don’t we? Good is evil and evil is good, the bad guys always win, boys should want to be girls and girls should want to be boys… Yeah, yeah, we get it.

I have a book to write, and I don’t need the kind of inspiration provided by the headlines. And having just returned from another visit to Middle-Earth, I have decided to pass on to Narnia. This time I’ll read the books in the order in which Lewis wrote them.

I don’t know quite how to say this, but there’s something realer about the great castle at Caer Paravel than there is about this week’s Gay Day at Fenway Park in Boston. To know my own imagined world of Obann better, I visit C.S. Lewis‘ world of Narnia. To know my own Lord better, I kneel before Aslan. I have learned that this, for me, is a way to get closer to my Savior and my King, Jesus Christ. Through these imaginary doors I get entry to the heart of what is real.

Open up the wardrobe, Lucy…

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