Big Brother is Listening

Get over to the Drudge Report today and check out the stories at the top of the page: under the leadership of our First Voter Fraud President, the federal government is hauling in millions of telephone records a day.

They say they’re doing it to protect us from terrorists.

The only problem with that is, this bunch in Washington thinks we are the terrorists, and those guys over in the Middle East, with the turbans, and the bombs strapped to their bodies, are their friends. We know that because cadets at West Point are taught to view Baptists and Catholics as every bit as bad and dangerous as al-Qaeda, and the “president’s” adviser on “religious diversity” in the military, one Mikey Weinstein, is on a jihad to purge Christianity from the armed services. We know it because they’ve got the IRS harassing non-progressives and demanding to know the content of our prayers.

Now they’re studying our phone calls.

Because I don’t believe it’s possible that there might really and truly be “millions” of potential terrorists hiding in our midst, I’ve got to believe Big Brother is spying on a lot of us who aren’t terrorists. And we just let him go on doing it.

You can be sure that, hundreds of years from now, when people look back on the history of the United States, they will most certainly not say, “This was their finest hour.”


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