A Shameless Commercial Message (From Me)

The latest word on my book sales is… well, I’d rather not print it.

I suppose I’m doing all right for someone whose books are not in the stores, not in any of the major catalogs, and whose chief publicist (me) has all the publicity skills of an infant. Like, it’s just me, and this blog, and the very occasional radio interview.

So all I’ll say is this. If you’ve read my books, and liked them, tell your friends about them. Heck, tell people you don’t like, perfect strangers, and people who owe you money about them, too. What can it hurt?

4 comments on “A Shameless Commercial Message (From Me)

  1. Don’t feel bad. Although an author of 60 published books wrote the forward and endorsed “The Governor’s Story”, although everyone who reads it seems to think it ought to be read by everyone else, it’s still being sold only by yours truly-since 1998. “Over a thousand now in circulation!

    “I just bought and read The Fugitive Prince.”

    1. Well, I did urge visitors to this blog to read your book, Dorothy. I’ll do it again: The Governor’s Story is well worthwhile! It’s the story of a miracle that really happened–and I do mean “miracle”.

  2. I just finished “The Fugitive Prince.” and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is the most recent issue of and ongoing story with a Christian theme. Although one does not HAVE TO read all the other proceeding books, I am glad I have, without any doubt. These books have a “special place” in my library, and I have re-read some from time to time, they are so good, and exciting. Keep up the good work Lee, I look forward earnestly to the next one.

    1. The next one is The Palace, which is waiting for a cover, editing, etc.

      Paul, there are still no reviews of The Fugitive Princeon its amazon.com page… if you catch my drift.

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