What’s Worse Than Pulling Teeth?

So there I am this morning, at the dentist’s, waiting and waiting–and the TV is on in the waiting room.

You wouldn’t think there was any reason to remake Let’s Make a Deal, which was certainly odious enough in the original. But they have. Adult human beings in stupid costumes, carrying on like monkeys, the whole affair an orgy of lip-smacking lust for things they didn’t need and money they didn’t work for–always with the possibility that your winnings might suddenly go up in smoke… After 20 minutes of that, whatever the dentist might do to you doesn’t seem so horrible.

One thing you learn from watching this: dignity and self-respect are always up for sale, and they usually sell cheaply.

Oh! And those people in the stupid costumes, the huge fat woman drooling over the ski and snowboard set that she won, but couldn’t use if her life depended on it–

They vote.

5 comments on “What’s Worse Than Pulling Teeth?

  1. It does make the prospect of dental surgery less unpleasant. Point a TV camera at 1,000 people and a striking majority of them instantly begin acting like fools.

  2. Very funny article. I go to a dentist office run by a Christian couple and there is no TV in the waiting room. An Oldies radio station is played softly in the background, and most of what I hear is pretty nice (Dion and the Belmonts, anyone – or how about the Four Seasons?).

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