Today’s My Anniversary

Thirty-six years ago today, Patty and I exchanged “I do’s” at The Little Wedding Chapel in Elkton, MD.

I can’t speak for her, but I can say this for myself: I could hardly be myself without her. How many times does the same phrase come out of our mouths at the same time? My mother advised me, “Don’t let this one get away.” I don’t like to imagine what my life would have been like, if I had. Never mind my life–what sort of person would I have turned out to be? It gives me the willies.

But it was God’s will that the two of us should be made one: and in my marriage I believe I am more myself than I could ever be outside of it. I loved Patty when we were first married, but I love her more now. Love, within the marriage, grows, deepens, finds new ways of manifesting itself, discovers in the loved one new things to love. Love that has God’s blessing will never exhaust itself, never grow weary, never fail.

So we stayed up late last night and watched British crime dramas and ate popcorn and thought about how much trouble we’d get into if we’d done this when we were kids.



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