Happy Labor Day

Today we celebrate a national holiday dedicated to the labor movement–something that was once good, but is now way, way bad; something that was once necessary, but has become an extravagance that America can no longer afford.

I come from a union family. My grandfather published a union newspaper. He once put up his house as security to bail out a couple of women who had been jailed for trying to organize their co-workers. (Family tradition has it that my grandmother was not amused.) He would not have done these things if he hadn’t thought they were both necessary and right.

Today public employee unions are strangling local, county, and state economies. The primary function of unions today is to launder money for the Democrat party. Unions have driven many companies out of business, thus totally failing in their stated mission to protect “the workers” and their jobs.

Labor Day is also the last holiday before public school starts a new year of corrupting children and indoctrinating them into wickedness and folly.

So what’s so happy about it?

Hey, a holiday’s a holiday. If there were no Labor Day, there would still be unions on America’s back like the Old Man of the Sea, and lousy schools. So we ought to enjoy any and every holiday we get!

Have a family picnic, a cook-out, or just enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation. Enjoy every good thing that the Lord puts on your table, and give Him thanks for it. Amen, amen!


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