Amazing Discovery! People Hate Getting Bossed Around by Fanatics

Canadian researchers have discovered something positively astounding. The headline from The Pacific Standard puts it best. “Study: Everyone hates environmentalists and feminists.” ( )

This is described as “troubling new research.” Gee, are you troubled to hear that everybody hates feminists? I’m not!

Researchers expressed amazed disappointment that “support for feminist goals is hampered by a dislike of feminists.” Who would’ve thought it? It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that maybe people don’t like the activists’ goals any more than they like the activists.

The study only covered perceptions of feminists–who are almost universally believed to be “unhygienic” and “shrewish”–and environmental activists, perceived by normal people as “hippies” and “tree-huggers.” Somehow I don’t think other breeds of bullying fanatic–homosexual militants, say, or ACORN–would be esteemed any more than these.

Could this dislike of activists possibly, just maybe, have anything to do with people not grooving on being called names, and being told to “change” this or that aspect of their lives just to accommodate the activists’ esoteric and usually asinine beliefs?

Nah… It must be just because regular people are stupid and don’t appreciate the wonderful things that feminists and environmentalists are trying to do for them. Drag us kicking and screaming into Utopia.

Only an academic or a media pinhead would be “troubled” to learn that people hate environmentalists and feminists.

Everybody else already knew that.

4 comments on “Amazing Discovery! People Hate Getting Bossed Around by Fanatics

  1. I’m rather surprised that they’d even publish an article like that, instead of lying to us to make the ones who don’t like activists feel like a minority. Now I feel much better. Thanks to them! 😀

  2. It’s strange how tiny special interest groups can have so much influence. I would venture to say that the majority of people are moderate in their views, but you’d never derive that from the nooze media.

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