Global Warming Hysteria… Again

Because I don’t have TV, I missed a hysteria festival last week (Sept. 27) when all the big network noozies went into orbit over the latest doomsday-babble from the UN “climate change” dorks, the IPCC.

The IPCC advertises itself as a scientific body, although it’s headed by an Indian railway exec who’s no more a scientist than he is a prima ballerina. The IPCC publishes World Wildlife Fund press releases as “peer-reviewed scientific papers,” lol. It has a track record of never being right about anything.

All right, noozies live for sensationalism: always have, always will. But the CBS Evening “News” went so far as to find some bozo who warned that, if a certain impossible thing were to happen–if the oceans released all their stored heat into the atmosphere all at once–Earth’s temperature would shoot up 200 degrees. Ooh, that’s scary! Just like if all the Marines on Guam all at once jumped up and down, they’d make the island capsize: according to a certain Congressman from Georgia.

And what’s the message? Same as always: Big Science and Big Government declaring, “Pay us real high taxes and don’t have any fun, and allow us to control your lives, or you’re all gonna die from Global warming.”

Yeah, the government will save us–Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, Barack Hussein Obama, mm, mm, mm! And if you rub cat pee into your scalp, you’ll grow hair.

On second thought, anointing yourself with cat pee would be a shrewder move than trusting this bunch of clowns to do anything that wasn’t dead wrong.

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