British TV’s War on Christians

I’ve been watching a lot of British TV on youtube lately. In fact, it’s the only TV I get.

More and more, I’ve been seeing an awful lot of anti-Christian bigotry in British cop shows. The actors, speaking the lines written for them by the screenwriters, routinely mock Christians and their faith. The “Christian” characters are uniformly depicted as liars, hypocrites, perverts, criminals, and idiots. I read of (but didn’t see) a show in which a Christian minister was a murderer, a child abuser, and even drowned his son’s poor dog. I’ll bet he didn’t recycle, either.

It has given me a taste of what Jewish people have had to put up with; and I don’t like it.

But for the analogy to be exact, we have to imagine a country where Jews are the great majority of the population–say, Israel–and where all the TV productions wallow every day in antisemitism. No such country exists.

Most people in Britain still call themselves Christians. So why do the BBC and ITV treat them as a despised minority? Queen Elizabeth’s job description includes the title, “Defender of the Faith.” Has anyone seen her defending it? And there sits the Church of England like an empty can of floor wax–not a peep out of Canterbury.

If it’s hateful and racist and wrong to vilify minorities, why is it just hunky-dory to spit on the majority?

And we might also ask when the majority in Britain is going to start acting like a majority.


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