Kids Taught Bill of Rights is Out of Date

Check out Phyllis Schlafly‘s column at today, in which she offers a coast-to-coast sampling of education malpractice–by which we always mean “standard practice,” when speaking of the public schools–under the banner of Common Core.

I’ll let her tell you about the Arizona school with the class play featuring a character who has sex with a goat, and other goodies. But let’s consider this from the Bryant school district, Arkansas–in which 6th-graders were asked to “update” the Bill of Rights by deleting two “out of date” rights and replacing them with new ones. It seems the teachers didn’t make it entirely clear that this was make-believe.

You know what? It’s not such a bad idea to get kids thinking about the Bill of Rights. Our founders added those first ten Amendments to the Constitution because they thought we absolutely couldn’t do without them. They were put there to protect us, and our states, from the central government. Of course they should be studied. If I were homeschooling a child at this point in my life–over my dead body would any child of mine be taught in public school today–I might well ask him to try to imagine what America would be like without, for instance, the First and Second Amendments. We can all do with a greater appreciation for our liberties.

But somehow I don’t think a unionized public school teacher would ever present it quite that way.

“Now, class, I’m sure you can all see that that pesky right to bear arms is really bad for our country. What we really need is a Constitutional right to practice same-sex marriage, and another right to force those nasty religious haters to celebrate it and say it’s good…”

You get my drift.

Get your children out of the public schools before they’re irreparably brainwashed.

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