‘Coed Blows Her $90,000 College Fund’ (2015)

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Party till you run out of money–then ask for more!

I’m losing 75 to 100 views a day compared to last month, and I can’t find out why.

Maybe this post will help. It has a high viewership tradition. I re-run posts for the benefit of those who are newly come to this blog.

What happens when you give a nincompoop $90,000 for college?

Coed Blows Her $90,000 College Fund

Yup–tossed and scattered like confetti, with nothing to show for it. But this poor schlub would be a schlub with or without a college degree. None of her interviewers ever asked her what she was doing in college in the first place.

But this is what you get when you decide that everybody has to go to college. This is “higher education,” dumbed down and spread thin.

What could we do with the billions of dollars wasted on college every year?

Baybys Thay Has Got ‘To’ Go To Collidge Tooo!!!!!

Had a Baby? Consider Starting a 529 College Savings Plan | Credit Karma Tax®

We has got a trooly exiting projjict foar “the” Stoodint Soviet nhow!!!

We jist figgured Out “that” Baybys and Twoddelers thay doughnt “go” to Collidge!!! This heer It Is Unconchable!!!!!!!

So we “are” goingto Bring Baybys and reely liddle Kids heeer to Collidge and maik themb Smart lyke us!!!!! Eech of us on “the” Spatial Chilldrin’s Eddication Projjict we wil by Big Sibblings to theeze kidds and teech “themb” Awl Abuot Sexchual Floowid and Sistembic Racism and Proatest and waht a Stinkin Countree Amairica it Is!!!!!! We whil taik themb “to” Class whith us hellp themb See how stopid “thare” Pairints “are”!”!!

Imadgine Haow smart “theeze” kidds thay “willl Be” iff thay spend lyke ayteen ((18)) oar twenny ((20)) oar moar Yeers in Collidge!!!!!! Haow Grate is that??!? Thay whil eevin Do Play-Doh whith us!!! And wen a Kid ze is fyve ((5)) Yeers Oald thenn thay Can “deeclair” thare Mayjer!!!!!!

We “can” “do” Thiss becose Jobydin he sayze he whil get us “Owt” of hasing to Pay enny “tuission” fromb nhow on!!!!!!

Teachers and ‘Kink Conference’

Philly teachers encouraged by district to attend 'Kink, BDSM, Trans Sex'  conference | Daily Mail Online

No, we didn’t make it up… This is public education.

The Philadelphia School District last year–that’s those “school officials” you always hear about–encouraged “teachers” to attend what was billed as a “kink conference” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4064230/posts). Or to put it another way, persons responsible for educating children urged teachers they employ to attend a bunch of workshops on a wide assortment of sexual perversions.

The district’s Office of Diversity, Equity (?) and Inclusion did this. They said they did not know how many teachers attended the “kink conference.”

“Kink” referred to a whole menu of perversion which I will not attempt to describe. The event was also called “Trans Wellness Conference” and was reportedly very gung-ho for puberty-blocking drugs and surgical mutilation.

These are the people who are charged with the education of America’s children. What do you suppose they mean to “teach” the kiddies?

Rejecting God and rejecting God’s laws, our civilization is sliding down the crapper. Every day we find new ways to degrade it. “Equity”? What does that even mean anymore? Any time you hear it, you know there’s crime afoot.

Do we understand the ideology? I think it goes something like this: “Abort all the babies you can; and the ones that somehow escape the abortionist, use the public schools to sell them on ‘changing your gender’ so that they will become sterile.” What sort of future does that suggest?

Take your children out of public education! Before it’s too late.

Joe Collidge Lives… at Yale

Young caucasian woman looking at camera with serious expression holding a cardboard sign: My body my choice Young caucasian woman looking at camera with serious expression holding a cardboard sign: My body my choice. Feminism activist concept. abortion protest stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Somehow this slogan didn’t apply to vaccine “mandates.”

Students and staff at Yale Law School are freaking out over the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that “legalized” abortion nationwide without benefit of any legislation (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4063700/posts).

Dig these comments, from, er, law students:

*Conservative students should be subjected to “unrelenting daily confrontation” everywhere on campus.

*The Constitution is irrelevant and “Democratic [sic] institutions won’t save us.” We don’t need no stinkin’ First Amendment.

*It’s all the work of “conspirators in the Christo-fascist takeover” of America. Their woke commie takeover, good. Ours, bad.

And this is all for the sake of abortion: the “right” to assassinate an unborn baby. It’s very hard to understand this Democrat fetish. Maybe Proverbs says it best: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8: 36).

‘Amazing! Good News!’ (2016)

Families / High School Graduation Requirements Parent Workshops

As we head into graduation season, let’s pray more young people follow the example set by the students in East Liverpool High School, Ohio.

Amazing! Good News!

Organized Atheism made its usual threat to sue the school district if anyone dared mention the names of God or Jesus Christ during the graduation ceremony. School officials caved–but the senior class didn’t. As they had done at ELHS for some 70 years, the students sang The Lord’s Prayer. And nobody went to jail.

Who knows what high school graduations will look like after a year of COVID quarantine, only recently lifted?

Pray for pushback.

We Has Awl Gots to Has A Bortion!!!!

Apple Introduced 'Pregnant Man' Emoji to be Trans Inclusive, But Some Users  are Angry

Hear “at” Collidge we has awl gots to go Out “and” Demminstrait for bortions,, butt frist we hadded a lexture!! so thatt we whil Know “waht” we “are” tawlking abuot!!!!

So we heerded awl abuot a heero naimed Rovy Waid, he maid a bortion leegle!!!!! He toled the Soupreem Cort waht to do and thay “done” It!!!!! Ownly nhow the Soupreem Cort thay has broke the Law!!!!! Thay woont Let Preganint Peeple has bortions!!!!!!

So we the Stoodint Soviet we has deesided “that” “fromb” nhow On evry boddy thay has got to has a bortion! weather thay Whant “it” Or Not!!!! Becose Bortions thay whil Saive The Plannit!!!!!!!!!!

We “are” awl goingto has a Bortion!!! Evry stoodint heer “At” Collidge have got “to” get pregganint and has a Bortion!!!! Baybys thay are No Good annyhaow!!!! Whoo kneads themb?? Beeing pregganint it is jist “a” dizzeeze!!! Like meezles! Or hooping cauff!! And annywhay yiu “Are Not” a purson unlest And Untill yiu voat foar Jobydin!!!!! Thats’ waht we lurnt “in” our lexture, It was Grate!!!!

And of coarse this here it “is” awl Donold Trumpt’s fawlt!!!!!! But we can ficks it iff evry boddy thay Has a Bortion!!!

Well I gotto go And demminstrait nhow!!!!!!


‘Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches’ (2018)

College students need safe space and crying closets, asserted a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, and also a whole menu of newfangled pronouns… just to get through the day.

Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches

I never felt stressed-out by college–and I made Phi Beta Kappa (good grief, I almost typed “Phi Beta Kafka”! is it an omen?), so I’m officially smart. Either I’m some kind of genius for whom the most difficult intellectual feats are child’s play… or college just isn’t that hard, especially if you’ve figured out how to handle it and do so efficiently.

But it’s hard to figure out anything if you’re Far Left Crazy.

My Newswithviews Column, May 12 (‘How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand?’)

Sex Ed Horror Stories: 10 Tales Of Sexual Misinformation | HuffPost Communities

This is not the column I wrote this week. Newswithviews has instead re-run my column from a month ago, How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand? Either the publisher thought it was important, or the whole thing is an accident.

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Can We Stand?

But boy howdy, I’ll tell you this: if our civilization ever does go belly-up, the single greatest cause of that, among many great causes, would be our so-called public education system. Thanks to King  COVID, millions of parents finally saw and heard what is actually being taught to their children by unionized “teachers”–sex, more sex, perverse sex, race hatred, and socialism.

The Far Left Crazy unions will never be rooted out of our existing public education system. That system must be scrapped, and children educated at home, in Christian schools, or in neighborhood schooling co-ops.

Public schools didn’t even exist until halfway through the 19th century. We are sure we can manage without them.

‘Chomsky: Christians Want to “Destroy the World”‘ (2018)

Image result for images of noam chomsky ranting

If leftids couldn’t talk projection, they’d have nothing to say at all. So we find persons who hate everybody else accusing everybody else of being haters.

So of course Noam Chomsky, a commie long past his sell-by date, is going to accuse Christians of wanting to “destroy the world.” Because that’s what he would like to do.

Chomsky: Christians Want to ‘Destroy the World’

And you’ve got to wonder about that St. Olaf’s College. If you took out the days on which they practiced some form of apostasy, you’d wind up with an empty calendar. It’s too bad the real St. Olaf isn’t here to give them what-for–and he’d know how to do it, too.

Lies Told by Ninnies

Liars don't always fidget or avoid eye contact, so are there other ways to spot lies? - ABC Everyday

It used to be the whole point of telling a lie was to gain some advantage by getting someone to believe something that wasn’t true.

But now it’s just lies for the sake of lying.

A “teacher” entered my chess forum the other day to claim,”Critical Race Theory is not taught in public schools.” What hope did he have that I’d believe him? What hope did he have that anyone would believe him?

Up until a few months ago, “educators” all over America were bragging about their “anti-racist” (all white people are evil) teaching, and listing Critical Race Theory as “a great resource” on their school districts’ official websites. Sometimes they would give CRT another name–“Equity Education,” for instance–but forget to take CRT off the website. Duh. (Do you really want your kids “taught” by people that stupid?)

They even lie to themselves. Think of Democrats (the odious Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren springs to mind) waving their fists in the air and asserting that virtually everyone in America wants there to be no restrictions on abortion, none at all. Who believes that?

“There was nothing crooked about that last election!”

It’s getting so lying is the No. 1 means of communication.