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Now That’s Reparations!

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The Student Government Assn. at Western Kentucky University has passed a resolution that free college tuition ought to be given to “black” students–I put “black” in quotes because they don’t define the term–as reparations for slavery, which ended 150 years ago ( ).

And by the way–what kind of reward is a college “education” that blows four or five years of your life to give you a bachelor’s degree in Nothing Studies?

Don’t you just love liberals? They give away other people’s hard-earned money so they can feel good about themselves. You don’t see them ponying up any of their own money.

Maybe I ought to demand reparations from Italy: the Romans enslaved my ancestors. With the interest accruing over 2,000 years, that ought to be a pretty hefty wad of dough.

Another thing that makes liberals feel righteous is stirring up strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another. The last thing they want is racial harmony. It would be a calamity for them.

Anyway, there you have it–more proof that America has too many colleges and universities, with way too many people in them, way too much money poured into it, and no longer serves any constructive purpose whatsoever.

Cut the funding now. These ninnies on the WKU Student Government panel need to be out in the real world, working and trying to support themselves. It might teach them a thing or two about cavalierly slinging around other people’s money to indulge a political delusion.

Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education

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We wonder why public school “educators” are always so hot to trot for sex education–and the younger the children in the classroom, the more eagerly the educators swing into action. In Britain, as reported earlier today, they now want to go after two-year-olds. (

It’s because what they like to call “sex education” is a sacrament of a false religion, secular humanism. The other humanist sacraments are sodomy, transgenderism, abortion, and assisted suicide.

Another big question is why parents, even Christian parents, continue to allow believers in that false religion to educate their children, day in, day out, and year after year.

Rather large  books can be, and have been, written on this subject. This is only a blog post. It’s my way of urging parents and families to stop subjecting their children to public education.

Years ago, I worked most days as a substitute teacher at a public high school, called in to teach any and all subjects with only one exception–sex education. No substitute was ever called in for that. If the teacher was absent, an assistant principal had to supervise the class.

To keep parents from ever knowing exactly what was being taught, the textbooks were never allowed to be taken out of the classroom. Students complained that this made it hard for them to study for tests and quizzes, but that was the policy and the administration was not about to change it.

A student or a teacher in a public school can fall into a world of trouble by openly expressing any kind of faithfulness to Christian teaching. “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” This is, increasingly, what is being taught.

The Coalition of African-American Pastors, just to name one of many groups of concerned citizens and Christians, has warned that this kind of indoctrination is not going to go away, it is going to be made more intense as time goes by, and if we leave it alone and do nothing to stop it, our society will be severely damaged by it.

They couldn’t be more right. ( )

UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds

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Every time I get myself geared up for a healthy breath of postmillenial optimism, along comes a story like this.

Across the Atlantic in Britain (which means it’ll be coming our way pretty soon), the National Union of Teachers–dig the acronym: NUT–has voted to teach very young children in nursery schools, some as young as two years old, about same-sex “relationships” and transgenderism (

The NUTs say this is necessary, to “challenge homophobia and transphobia” and combat “hate crimes.”

Gee, you would think Britain was knee-deep in sodomites being tossed off the roofs of tall buildings by guess-who, along with angry mobs of peasants with scythes and pitchforks chasing after poor little transgender whatsits. Actually, the NUTs give no evidence whatsoever that “hate crimes” are a problem in Britain. No facts, no figures, no nothing. Just take their word for it so they can teach your two-year-old son that he ought to try being a girl for a while, he might like it.

Of course, libs and progs and gay activists never, never, never have to prove anything they say. It would be a hate crime in and of itself, to demand they prove their point.

OK, Britain, you tell us–why is this a good idea? Why do you just sit there and put up with it?

Well, all right, you did manage Brexit and that was a big job, well done. Maybe this ought to be the next order of business.

Because these loony “teachers” of ours, all throughout the Western world, are servants of Satan (whether they know it or not–and he enjoys it most when they say they don’t believe in him) and they are killing our culture.

O Lord Our God, give us strength and courage and lead us to victory over these worse than Philistines.

Instead of Your Final Exam–Protest!

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The latest college howler comes from Arizona State University, where students are being given credit for their final exams if they organize an “anti-Trump protest” instead of taking the test ( ).

Not that it matters. The professor who’s doing this is a professor of “Global Politics of Human Rights.” Whatever the hell that is. “Hire me right away! I’ve got a degree in Global Politics of Human Rights!”

At least one Women and Gender Studies student–hey, can I please wake up now?–joined the protest, even though she wasn’t in the professor’s class.

Does even the least shred of doubt remain, that these colleges and universities are incontinently wasting time and money on a scale hitherto only seen in government? Is there any sane reason for continuing to pump public money into these institutions? Is there even any half-baked silly reason to continue to send young people there?

All rhetorical questions, of course.

I almost wonder what a final exam would look like, in Global Politics of Human Rights, and what kind of blather you would have to spew to pass it. But I’m not sure I’d be up to actually looking at it.

I estimate at least 90% of our country’s higher education is sheer waste and pure twaddle. Very little that is good can happen here until we get rid of it.

Any self-respecting nation would have already done so.

Most Fantastic Education Reform Ever!

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Inspired by New York State’s decision to provide free college tuition to anyone whose family makes less than $125,000 a year, an esteemed progressive think tank has come up with “an even better plan.”

Democrats for Universal, Nice College Education (DUNCE) is now proposing not just free tuition for four years, but a scheme to keep every student enrolled in college until he or she earns a Ph.D.

“Gov. Cuomo is, like, y’know, sooo right when he says that college is the new high school!” said DUNCE People’s Comrade Iza Waiste. “Why stop at a bachelor’s degree–huh? huh!–when you can go on to get a master’s, and then a Ph.D.?

“Can you dig it? Can you imagine it? The whole country, the whole 300 million people, all with Ph.D.’s! It just don’t get more educated than that! And it only takes, what, 15-20-25 years! That’s like no time at all! Even if it takes 30 years, so what, it’s worth it!

“And it’s universal free tuition that makes it all possible. Think of the expansion! Think of all the new professors that we’ll have to hire! Think of the pensions! We’re talking, oh, 60, 70, or even 80 million sitting in our college classrooms every day. Think of all the new degree programs we’ll come up with!”

Asked how many prospective employers would be interested in hiring a 35-year-old Ph.D. in Hispanic Gender Studies for an entry-level job, Comrade Waiste laughed and said, “A few multi-million-dollar civil rights lawsuits will solve that problem in a hurry!”

Asked how the work of the country would get done, with 80 million people tied up all day in college classrooms, Comrade Waiste made a rude noise and ran away.

Wahoo! Free College!

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Your tax dollars at work!

If you live in New York state and have been wondering how you would ever get that Gender Studies degree that you wanted to much, but couldn’t afford, wonder no more!

Because collidge is, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, the new high school, and literally everybody’s gotta go to collidge, the state has ponied up $163 million in tax monies to provide free tuition at any state-run four-year university or two-year community collidge–if your family does not earn more than $125,000 a year ( ).

Did I say “free”? What I meant was that other people have to pay for it. The state sucks it out of people’s paychecks, that they worked for, in taxes. I mention it because many people don’t understand that the government has no money of its own. It only has what it can take from the people.

Another thing that a lot of people, including Gov. Cuomo, don’t understand is that value is closely tied to scarcity: the law of supply and demand.

What does he suppose a college degree will be worth, if literally everybody has one? And what happens when employers look at some 30-year-old recent grad’s degree in Comic Book Interpretation and say to him, gently but firmly, “Go away”?

I suppose it just might make some small amount of sense if, say, a state had a crying need for engineers, so it offered a financial incentive to students who earned a degree in engineering. But this is not what is being proposed. They are talking about degrees in bloody anything.

All this does is cram multitudes of young people into an already bloated and over-funded university system, where they provide the Democrat Party with an army of chumps available on short notice to protest whatever they are told to protest.

The only upside to this, in the long term, is that anybody in New York state with the foresight to become a plumber or an electrician will be able to write his own ticket in golden letters.

The California Nightmare

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California wants to be a state where there are no immigration laws and where those people who, for some strange reason, continue to work are rigorously taxed to provide free stuff for those who don’t.

On top of that, California now wants its public schools to be, by law and not just custom, indoctrination centers for homosexuality: and as the biggest school textbook market in the country, it has the power to get this message shoehorned into textbooks nationwide ( ).

Under the state’s hypocritically-named “Fair Education Act,” California school textbooks will be sin-friendly–as befits the California Dept. of Education’s boast to be “the leading edge of LGBT content in schools.”

Second-graders will be taught all about “diverse families,” eighth-graders will learn about “gender roles,” and high school juniors will be immersed in the history of “the LBGT civil rights movement.”

Textbook publishers are expected to go along with it, all the way: they can’t afford to ignore the demands of their biggest market.

This is wickedness. What California dreams of doing to itself, I can’t imagine.

Even harder to imagine is why any parents who love and respect their sons and daughters continue to send them to the public schools to be taught that evil is good and good is evil.

If anybody out there has an answer, we’d love to hear it.

No ‘Life Plan,’ No Diploma

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I’m not the only one doing fantasy today. But my fantasy is pretty small potatoes compared to what the mayor of Chicago has come up with.

Mayor Rahm “No Immigration Law Here” Emanuel has decreed that, starting with the class of 2020, no Chicago high school student can receive a high school diploma unless he or she has a “life plan” which is to go into effect right after graduation ( ).

He stopped short of telling the graduates just what life plans will be acceptable. Go on to college, or community college, or join the military–these “life plans” are expected to bag you a diploma.

I wonder what they’d say about, “Well, I plan to have a couple of out-of-wedlock children, then win the lottery and go out West and buy a horse farm.” Or “My plan is to become famous!” Or “King o’ the world, baby! I’m gonna be king o’ the world!”

And what happens if your formally stated life plan doesn’t work out? Like, things change and for some reason you can’t join the military. Do they take  back your high school diploma? How much time will they give you to put your life plan into action. And what if you just simply change your mind about what you want to do? Can you be charged with fraud? Obtaining a high school diploma under false pretenses?

Really, this doesn’t sound like it’s been thought out all that carefully. If this were a fantasy novel, it wouldn’t hold up at all. The reader would just walk away from it.

But the fantasies concocted by our politicians–Heaven help us, those we’re stuck with!

West Virginia: Homeschooling a Form of Child Abuse?

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I’ve got to write about this today because I have some skin in the game; and besides, the headline is provocative: “West Virginia Introduces Bill to Treat Homeschooling as Child Abuse” ( ).

I am employed by The Chalcedon Foundation, an international Christian education ministry. Our founder, Rev. R.J. Rushdoony, probably more than any other single individual, championed homeschooling: he spent most of the 1970s testifying as an expert witness in hundreds of cases involving homeschooling, logging thousands and thousands of miles as he traveled the country back and forth, defending parents’ right to educate their children at home–and particularly the right of Christian parents to provide their children with a Christian education.

All of us at Chalcedon are committed heart and soul to homeschooling, and the ministry continues to labor on its behalf. We are glad to be able to say that homeschooling now is on a much, much firmer footing than it was in the 1970s, when government at all levels, and particularly the Jimmy Carter administration, tried to wipe it out. By and large, God’s people have won that battle, at least in America. But we do understand that it’s not yet time to head for the hammock and reach for the beer.

Now, back to West Virginia.

Alarmist headline aside, at least the news story contains the text of the bill and statements from its sponsors. Having read these, I don’t believe the intent of the bill is to criminalize homeschooling or to try to control what parents teach their children–although you can find those legislative goals enthusiastically pursued by Western governments outside the United States. Rushdoony would say we need to fight for homeschooling rights there, too.

Anyway, the purpose of this bill seems to be to stop parents from using homeschooling as an excuse for truancy. It says a “student is not eligible for either home instruction exemption once certain truancy related legal proceedings begin or after a conviction.” In other words, you can’t say, “Ooh-ooh, I just remembered! Johnny didn’t show up to school ten days in a row without a note from me because I was homeschooling him at the time. I mean, I meant to send you a note but I guess it slipped my mind…” None of that will be allowed, if the bill passes.

We do not deny that child abuse and child neglect exist. We certainly don’t want homeschooling used as a lame excuse for it. But we at Chalcedon stand for home education as an absolute right, and speaking for myself, I would like to see an end to state-sponsored public education–as an institution corrupt from its beginning, whose goals have always been unwholesome, and as a bad business that only gets worse by the day.

In the meantime, though, I don’t think this West Virginia bill is anything special to be afraid of.

P.S.–Not to hit you with a commercial, but I’ve long found the best single resource, in understanding the history of public schooling in America, to be R.J. Rushdoony’s book, The Messianic Character of American Education–available, like my novels, from the Chalcedon store ( ). In their own words, Rushdoony lets the creators, developers, and theorists of public education condemn themselves. It’s powerful stuff! It’ll make your hair stand on end.

College Just Gets Worse and Worse

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At Rollins College, Florida, they all but beheaded a Christian student for objecting to a Muslim instructor’s assertion, made in front of the class, that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax ( ).

Yeah. The Romans were really big on fake crucifixions.

Well, the beheadings won’t come until after the college adopts sharia law; so for the time being, they just suspended the student. Because he disagreed with her claim, the instructor reported him to the “Dean of Safety”–hint: if your college has a Dean of Safety, your college has too much money and too many employees–for the “danger” he was “causing to the campus.”

Danger? Are these people quite all there?

College officials said the student’s remark would “jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community.” I think that answers the question: No, they are not all there.

I wonder what would’ve happened if, instead of speaking out in class, the student had himself gone to the Dean of Safety and accused the instructor of making him feel unsafe. I rather think those jihad wannabes have that effect on a lot of people.

Your tuition dollars at work!

And so we say again, because we must: Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not send them to a university to be mal-educated. And I have no idea why they keep on doing it.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

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