Thay ‘Are’ Triying To Poysin Us!!!!

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We has maiked a trooly Frytining Diskcovary!!!!!

Wood yiu “beleave” “it”?”?? Thay has bin Puting Wheet Germs in our foood “in” “the” Caffateerier!!!!! and we hased Awl eated somb “of” It!!!!! Probbly we “are” goingto Get Sick and Dye!!!!!!!!!!

We has gott to fynde Out whoo done this!!! Probbly chrischin Wyte Souprembasists!!! Thay are awl Biggits “and” Hayters and whant To taik Ovar “the” Collidge and Stop anny Eddicasion fromb going-on!!!! and i bett we “Are” In This trubble becose we Nevver did maik a Hyumin Sackerfyce to Pressadint Obomma!!!!!!

I amb allreddy stratting To Feeel Sick!! I wunder waht kinda Germs thay putted In “the” Wheet!!!!! Bettcha it was CO-vid and Meezles and Hygrofobbier!!!!! Germs thay cawze Dazeez!!!!!!

So nhow wee Are awl ON “the” LookOut foar Simptimbs!!!! I herded abuot one gye he eated Wheet Germs “and” his Hedd it fawlled offf!!!!!!! and he coodnt Pute “it” back On,, neether!! Aslo thare whas annether gye he hased Wheet Germs and nhow he Can ownly Tawlk Backwerds!!!! We shooda jist keeped Eeting our Play-Doh!!!!!!!!!!

Welll, we “Are” whating foar Simptimbs so we Can “fynde Out” jist waht kinda Dazeez weer goingto Get and aslo we Mussed has a Infestagasion so we wil know whoo doned it,, and we will Get themb but Good “befoar” the Poysin it kills us!!!!!

‘Academics’ Favor Silencing Conservatives

Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which Extremists?  - The New York Times

They call it “higher education.”

If you ever thought freedom and liberty were natural aspirations of humanity, think again.

A new study shows a majority of “academics”–professors and graduate students–favor discrimination against whatever conservative colleagues they might find still around on campus ( In fact, many of them favor “dismissing” colleagues if they have conservative beliefs.

At the same time, 70 percent of conservative academics say their colleges and universities have become a “hostile environment” for them, characterized by “powerful conformist pressures.” As in, “Support transgenderism or lose your job.”

And 20 percent of academics under the age of 30 support firing conservatives outright.

How do you think they’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot? If you could be fired for being a leftid? Think they’d support that?

But it’s our fault for continuing to send our sons and daughters to these ideological gulags known as colleges and universities, and tamely continuing to feed the colleges with our tuition dollars. To say nothing of alumni donors, and the government, who pour billions of dollars into this corrupt and wicked system. How else do you think Harvard can boast an annual budget of more than $40 billion? Yes, that’s “billion.”

Everywhere you look, our freedom is under attack. Emboldened by their success in stealing a national election, Far Left Crazy has throttled up its campaign to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist hell-hole, doing as much damage as they can, as fast as they can. It’ll be a miracle if our republic survives the next two years.

There isn’t much that we can do about it; but one thing we can do is stop sending our children to these colleges.

That won’t just save money. It might save souls.

‘Beware the Archiarchy!’ (2018)

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Which one was the archiarch?

I don’t even know whether I’m satirizing this stuff anymore, it’s gotten so ridiculous. I mean, did I make this up, or did I pattern it on a real intellectual idiot saying real idiotic things?

Beware the Archiarchy!

Dept. of Meaningful Coincidences: In trying to paste this link, the lead paragraph came up three times. Three! That can only mean it’s super-important. Heaven knows what would’ve happened if I’d just given up on the whole thing and gone back to bed.

‘Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?’ (2018)

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Didn’t we used to pick this up by watching others do it?

A few years ago, a study done in Britain found a lot of young children were too weak to grip a pencil and lacked the motor skills to write or draw with it.

Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?

Seriously–do you ever get the impression that The Smartest People In The World are trying to lead the human race into extinction? I don’t think they want us around.

The gifts they give us are all designed to do us harm.

Does Things Dis-apeer wen Yiu ‘are’ Not Looking at themb?

One More Thing: Making Need Disappear

[Inspired by this extremely funny hoax by The Onion,

Somb tymes “in” Nothing Studdies we get inter theeze heer Deeep Fillasoffacule Qweschins! Like frinstints, “”Are Things still thare “wen” yiu are Not looking At themb”?” Man i nevver thawted of That befoar!!!!!

So I has wunderd, lyke, what abuot Ejipped?? Is Ejipped reely thare?? (that’s that plaice in Etheopier,, whare thay has Pirramids and stuph!!) I has ownly saw It in pichtures!! Is it still thare Wen yiu doughnt see a Pichture??

I amb knot shure “how” “to” Spel it,, “but” its caulled somb thing like Basick Odjeck Perminint Skils!!!” Thing is, yiu reely Cant! tel sombthing it “Is” “Thare” or Not unlest yiu “are” loooking At It!!!!! ware Do things Go wen yiu Doughnt See themb??

Well,, “this” wood Axplane whye thare isnt No Sutch Thing as Realty and thare is ownly Construcks!!!!!! So iff yiu Thinck yiu See it,, then Its Reel!!! Soddenly I Under-stanned!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! This is Whye yiu are enny Gender that yiu Say yiyu Are!!Becose waht yiu See “is” thare and waht yiu doughnt See,, It “is” “Not” thare!!!!!! This heer Thinking it Gives “me” a Tree-mendiss cents of Libberasion!!!!!!!

Somb Hater he sayed This heer “it is Ownly jist Crayzy so wee Beet Himb up!!!!! Reely it shood Be “Aginst” “the” Law to say That!!!!!

‘And See What Comes Out’ (2015)

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I think we are seeing what’s coming out of our colleges, and it isn’t good.

…And See What Comes Out!

Anyone would think the “educators” were purposely trying to destroy our country–and they’d be right.

Of course, now we’ve had a Democrat government imposed on us, so forget about government doing anything at all to correct the abuses of what we laughingly call “higher education.” They’re only there to throw gasoline onto the fire–the more useful idiots the schools turn out, the better they like it.

America might not survive its education system.

Buffalo Public Schools: ‘Failure Factory’

Teacher shouting at kids Stock Photo - Alamy

Ready for another belt of bad news? Sorry, but we have to know what we’re up against.

The city of Buffalo’s public schools have gone full-throttle on an America-hating, race-hustling curriculum–at all grade levels–which Christopher Rufo has called, in his report, a “Failure Factory” (

Paid for by the undefended public!

You name the abuse, and they’ve got it–all orchestrated by a “diversity czar.” It’s based on an overarching condemnation of all “white people”–whom, the kids are told, “all play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.” They want to start on this when the kids are four years old.

Teacher training, as described by a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous: “A series of scoldings, guilt trips, and demands to demean themselves.” And that’s just the good part.

Meanwhile, only 18% of the students here are proficient in math and only 20% in English. But that doesn’t matter because everything is the fault of evil racist white people and their no-good racist country, the United States.

And this will turn out well for us… how?

Our public education system, the costliest ever devised by human beings, is too far gone to be repaired. It must be abandoned. It must be replaced. How can I even find the words for how important this is? We have entrusted our children’s education to people who hate us and want to ruin our country. Why in the world should we keep doing that?

Once upon a time the people who paid for the schools owned them, and decided who should teach and what should be taught. For the sake of our country’s very survival, we have to return to such a time.

If the things these unionized “teachers” say to white children were ever said to black children, the government would come down on them like a hammer. Because it would be racism! Why in the world do we allow this?

At the moment, with our whole government in the hands of Democrats, absolutely the only thing we can do is to pull our children out of those schools and pray the system will die from lack of nourishment. Homeschool the children, or put them in a Christian school. Parents can also get together to form homeschooling co-ops.

What we have now will prove deadly to us as a nation.

Whole School Board Has to Resign

Not knowing they were being live-streamed, thinking the camera and microphones were off, the school board governing the Oakley Union Elementary School District, California, lit into the parents whose taxes pay for the wretched schools. And now they’ve all had to resign (

These schools have been closed during the reign of King COVID, and parents have begun to think they’re getting a raw deal: not satisfied with the “remote learning” provided to their children.

So of course one genius on the board quipped that the parents just want their baby-sitters back–so they can take drugs all day, suggested another. Plenty of profanity employed, too.

Oakley, a suburb of San Francisco, has a population of about 43,000. In just a few days, some 7,000 residents had signed a petition calling for the whole board’s ouster. The members resigned before the petition could become unanimous.

Yo, public! Your public schools exist to enrich teachers’ unions and to turn your children against their country and their families. That’s what they do. Anything else is just an afterthought. Look how those school board members despise the people who pay for the schools. As soon as they thought the mike was off–kapow!

You’re already staggering along with “remote learning.” Take it one step farther and school your kids yourself. You can’t possibly do a worse job than the public schools. And if the cost is too high–and it’s getting lower all the time–families can form homeschooling co-ops to share the expenses. And there are Christian schools.

I mean, why would you ever want your kids “educated” by people who despise you?

Memory Lane: What Was the Name of This Quiz Show?

Image result for images of map of Louisiana with blueberries

Louisiana blueberries

Patty and I have been trying to remember the name of a really silly quiz show from many years ago, featuring teams of high school students from all over the country. No, it was not It’s Academic. My friend William A. Smith led the team our school sent to It’s Academic, and he answered all the questions single-handed. A few years later he cleaned up on College Bowl. If you’re reading this, William A., you still da man in my book.

This other show was on early Saturday afternoon, and we watched it a few times because we couldn’t believe how hopeless it was. Two questions in particular stand out.

First, “What state leads the USA in blueberry production?” They had a graphic to go with it–a map of Louisiana with blueberries on it. Duh. The question was multiple choice: A. Louisiana. B. Nevada C. Arizona. D. Kazakhstan. And would you believe it? Even with that big fat hint in front of them, none of the students–none!–got the answer.

The other question was even sillier. Again, multiple choice. A certain king of France (either Louis XIV or Louis XVI–hard to keep track of all the Looies) was very short of stature, so they invented something to make him taller when he attended a formal dance, creating a fashion still in vogue today. One of the multiple choice items was “Stilts.” Stilts for ballroom dancing. The answer was “High heels,” with a picture of the king wearing high heels, but the hint was to no avail.

Were they kidding? But wouldn’t you know it? “Stilts” was the answer they picked.

After that, we stopped watching the show. I have no idea how long it lasted on TV.

Imagine the appalling results if they brought it back today.

Can any of you out there remember the name of this show? We’re stumped.


We hased Infented A Gaime!!!

Image result for images of chutes and ladders

Becose “of” Climbit Chainge thare “is” lot of Sno and Iyce all over the kampis and we Are “getting” boared jist Stayying “in” Our doarms heer At Collidge and aslo we Are “runing” shoart Of Play Doh!!!! So we kneed to fined A Gaime we “can” Play!!!!! Ownly its Not so Eezy!!

Like, I tryed “to Play” Shoots & Laders oncet and it jist abuot kilt me!!! Man!!! You got to “be” A Pee-H.D. to play that!!!! I aslo plaid Ticktack-Tow butt i doughnt cee how ennyboddy thay cood evver Win “that” Gaime!!

Butt somb of Our Commassars in Our Stoodint Soviet thay “are” reel, reel Smart and ghess waht??!! Thay has infented A branned Niew Gaime for us too Plaiy!!! It is caled “”I Amb Gillty!”!” and boy is It evver Phun!!!!! and the Byuuty “of It” is Evvry Boddy wins AND Evvry Boddy loozes!!!! I amb nott maiking “this Up”!”

In this heer Gaimb eech of us,, One At “a” Tiyme, yiu Stand Up and yel I Am”b” Gillty of Racism”!” and evvry boddy booos and yellls at yiu “and” aslo cals yiu Naimbs and Then yiu “say:: but “I Amb Not A Racist Ennymoar,, long liv Socile Jutstus!”!” and evvryboddy thay Cheers And yells hurray!!!!!!! and then it “is” somb boddy elsa’s Turrn and thay has to say “I” “Amb Gillty of Hetro Sexerallaty!”!” and evvry boddy thay yell Boo and maik discusting Noyzes until that thare Purson thay say “But “I Amb Not a Hetro Sexurel anny moar!”! and Evvryboddy thay Cheers!!! Bye nhow i amb shure “yiu” “get” The Idear!!!!!!

This heer it “is” jist A Un-beleavvible amownt Of “fun!!!”” Last nihght we plaid All nihght!!! and that Is wye we Feel “so” goood abuot Our Selfs To-day!!!!!