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Feinstein: Require Schools to ‘Teach’ Climate Change

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Here’s more mischief that has to be stopped: Senator Diane Feinstein has proposed a “Climate Change Education Act” that would require public school teachers to teach “human-induced climate change” in every school in America (

Here we go again with the “immediate danger” of imaginary “climate change.” Teachers will have to be trained and mobilized (more money! more money!) to convince American children that the “evidence for human-induced climate change is overwhelming and undeniable.

So no one is denying it? Coulda fooled me! And the evidence is not so much “overwhelming” as it is cherry-picked and manufactured.

Climate Change, which used to be “Global Warming,” is the religion of humanism’s End Times scenario, to be averted by ponying up higher taxes and giving government vast new powers that it doesn’t have. To require it to be taught in all our schools can be seen as an unconstitutional attempt to establish a religion.

Our public schools and universities are the temples of humanism, and teachers’ unions and college professors are its priesthood.

The 2016 Democrat platform proposed to give the attorney general power to “investigate” the supposed “crime” of “climate change denial.” Got that? It would be made against the law to disbelieve in man-made climate change. No First Amendment for you! Whoever has the keys to the jail house would get to decide what constitutes the settled science.

There is no bigger threat to America’s survival as a free country than the Democrat Party.

Flash! Joe Collidge Survives the Censor!

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Those of you who are fans of Joe Collidge–I do hope I’m talking about more than four or five people here–will be delighted to know that this week Joe has survived the Facebook censors and can thus reach another half a dozen readers.

I still don’t know why Facebook chose to stifle him last week. After all, he’s on their side. Joe Collidge is, I dare say, the authentic voice of the Left, whose insights are indispensable to anyone who wishes to understand progressive thinking.

I hear Nancy Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16. Don’t you think 14 would be better? Or 12? Joe was going to weigh in on this issue today, but I guess it slipped his mind.

I amb geting Smarter!!

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Gee i shure hoap I “dont” get bannded “this” tyme like thay done “To” me lasst weak!!!

Now that i has eated Brane Flaikes i amb geting A Lot “smarter!”! I got a litle whurryed yeasterday “wen” i seen the guy pore themb out “Of” “a” Sereal Box but he sayed thats jist “to” keeep peple fromb Stealing Themb! But he sayed “it Was” reel Smart of me “to” “ask” the queschin!

And hear it is Anether Smart Thing i fowned out,, did yiu Know yiu Can Get “beter graids” in Collidge iff yore Fambly payes the Deen and the Prefesser lots and lots “of” munny?? Now i amb Mad at my fokes for Not Paying;; no wunder It “is” so Harrd fore me to Pass my coarses!!!! and i wudd Confront my dadd ownly he sayed he wuld has me Aresttid if I evver comed to his Howse agen!!!! How do yiu luyk that for Cheep!!!

Annyhow i been taking Tests for “the” Geye with the Brane Flaikes and Asing themb all,, i alyaws get 100 One Hunderd on themb Tests butt on my own Tests in Gender Studdies and Nothing Studdies i stilll stink!!! But nhow “I” know wye its becose my fokes thay dont pay fore me “to” “get” goood graids!!! Its lyke somthing out of the Hand Made’s Tail!!!!

Wel i got to Go now becose my Moth Antenners thay are wobbleing awffle bad and i am hungary and i seeen a pare of Jim Sox somboddy thay Leffted on a bentch and thay willl maik a nyce Luntch “iff ownly” i can Get themb “befour” somboddy Elsse dose!!!!!

Tomorrow! Teens to March for ‘Climate Justice’

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There must be something more shameful than allowing children to lecture adults, but I’m sure I can’t imagine what it is.

Quick! How many nanoseconds will it take you to think of a better idea than leaving huge public policy decisions up to teenagers?

If all goes well for Far Left Crazy–sometimes it just sort of fizzles out–tomorrow will see kazillions of teenagers all over America walk out of school to demand “climate justice,” whatever the deuce that is, as part of a world-wide Youth Climate Strike ( Oh, well, if I’d had a chance to get applauded for walking out of school, I’d have done it, too.

Says a 13-year-old “organizer” of the event, “People are dying right now, and we need to #ActOnClimate!”, hashtags and all. *Sigh* A 15-year-old demands “immediate action” by the government: “We need a Green New Deal!” Let’s see what he says if they really get the Green New Deal and they tell him he can never have a car.

This incredible spontaneous movement by children is “supported by environmental groups” with cool names like “Extinction Rebellion.” We are asked to believe that no adults, motivated by any wacko political agenda, put the kids up to this. And if you believe that…

This is the culmination of years of work by public “educators” to reduce whole generations to slavish obedience to whatever the government and Science spoon-feed them in the classroom, on the TV nooze, and in superhero movies. This is babble for the rabble. The massive ignorance needed to fuel such a movement staggers the mind. All they know is that the world is gonna end in just 12 years and everybody’s gonna die unless the devouring state is given absolute power over everyone and everything.

And we paid for it! We paid for the club that’s going to come down on our heads.

For how much longer do they get to abuse us before we shut off the flow of the money?

Master’s Degree Poker

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Can these guys get me past the censor?

So Manny, Moe, Jack, and Osgood are playing poker, and Osgood draws three cards to make a full house, aces and queens. What a hand! He’s going to win big, because all the other guys are in on this pot, raising each other back and forth until Manny and Moe drop out and Jack makes one more raise–a big one. And Osgood doesn’t have the money to cover it.

Meanwhile you’re sitting in the back of the room reading what Rush Limbaugh had to say about the college admissions scandal (

“Well, Osgood, are you in or out?”

“Oh, I’m in!” says Osgood. “I’ll put up my master’s degree to cover the bet.”

“Your master’s degree? What’s that worth?”

“A lot! I’m still payin’ for it, twenty years later.”

“What’s it a degree in?”

Osgood’s chest swells with pride. “Superhero Studies, dude! From Humbug University.”

He places the diploma on top of the big pile of money in the center of the table.

“I’m out,” says Jack. “I can’t match that.”

Affirmative Action for the Rich and Famous: College

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Hum baby! That college admissions scandal’s getting juicy! (

Imagine you’re a celebrity, rich and famous, and you want your kids to be rich and famous, too, like you: set for life. But there’s a problem. They’re stupid. They’re lazy. Pampered all their lives, they have no work ethic and they believe themselves entitled to the best of everything. How do you get such a jidrool into Yale?

Easy–you get a wheelbarrow full of money, take it to this great fixer whom you’ve heard about from other celebrities, he bribes college officials and coaches, and presto! Your talent-skips-a-generation offspring are admitted into Stanford. Along with the progeny of dozens of other fabulously wealthy white liberals.

And you thought affirmative action was only for poor black kids who can’t read!

Boy howdy, does this stink! Some “four dozen” rich folks have already been charged in this case, with more to come. They’ve paid colossal amounts of money to have smart kids take their kids’ SATs, or else “correct” the answers, to have deans and coaches arrange for the dullards’ grades to be changed so they can get their degrees–bribes galore: all, in the words of one FBI investigator, to “set their children up for success with the best money can buy.”

Hey! Now you know where some of those creepy little people come from, who inhabit the Deep State and the Swamp, accountable to no one, set for life, you never get a chance to vote them out because they never have to run. But that’s only the ones who got bored with just being rich and having everything handed to them, and who have developed the ambition to help Fundamentally Transform America into a Far Left basket case. The rest of them just lollygag.

Once you’ve been admitted to an elite university, the pressure’s off. The grades are massaged, the test scores are fixed, the professors warned not to mess with you–and your degree, and down the road a no-show job, it’s all in the bag. Welcome to a lifelong idyll of unearned and undeserved success!

In one case, a coach Photo-Shopped a prospective student’s picture to give him or her an athletic body that actually belonged to someone else. It seems there’s nothing they won’t do, to earn their bribes.

This is just beautiful all over. Virtually everybody has to go to college, you’ve got federal funding pouring in, it costs  a fortune to go, and the whole higher education establishment is sitting there like Jabba the Hutt atop a mountain of tenure, high salaries, lavish pensions–and the fun of “teaching” defenseless young people to be good little brain-dead liberals! It just doesn’t get any more corrupt than this.

I’m amazed our nation still exists. These “educators” and the creepy little people that they’ve trained should have buried it long ago. God knows they’ve tried.

Defund the universities now. Before it’s too late.

How Come It’s Not ‘Hate’ When Libs Do It?

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“Not appropriate in this school”

A fourth-grade public school teacher in Utah seems to be pleading ignorance as her excuse for forcing a 9-year-old child to “wipe off” the Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead last week (

She thought it was “dirt on his forehead,” she claims. Uh, she is now on “administrative leave.” The boy tried to explain what it was, but says she wouldn’t listen–and she is also supposed to have said the Ash Wednesday cross was “not appropriate in this school, go wipe it off.”

When a public uproar ensued, the teacher apologized. “My whole life has been centered around respecting diversity,” she said. And, “I had no idea it was a religious symbol.”

Really? You really didn’t know? What do we get if we believe you?

Is there anyone who still doubts that the public education establishment is actively hostile to Christians and their faith? This is what you get when you send your Christian children to a public school. I mean, how many hundreds of incidents do we have to report before you get the message?

The only thing sacred to the teachers’ unions is Far Left politics and societal engineering. In John Dewey’s words, schoolteachers are “change agents.” Their job is to change America into God knows what. An anthill with Far Left crazies in charge of it all.

And if someone is honestly so ignorant as not to know about Ash Wednesday, what’s she doing “teaching” in the first place?

I Has eated Brane Chips!!!

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I was so exited Wen i herd abuot “a” Sceyentits” he is Inventting Brane Chips thay willl maike yiu Smart!!! and i was even moar exited wen i mett “this” gye hear at Collidge he “is” maiking Brane Chips tooo!!! and then he telled me he “was” looking fore Somboddy “to” trye themb out!!!!

“Wel i wuld be hapy to try it i sayed”! But he sayed i wuld has to Pay for it Lotts of mony,, yiu “got to Pay” “One Hunderd $1 dollers!” Of corse becose of Captilism i hasnt got no Hunderd Dollers so he sayed wel “alrihght, jist give me” “alll yore mony then!” so i gived himb the Two Dollers $$ “that it is Not reely enuohgh he sayed “yiu got to give me Somthing “else” and he sayed i culd taik a cupple Tests “four” himb becose he didnt Feel “lyke” taiking them his self and then he gived me A “bole” of Brane Chips!!! Thay tasted jist “lyke” Coarn Flaikes! and aslo thay looked lyke Coarn Flaikes tooo and i sayed “Are yiu Shure theese are Reel Brane Chips and not jist Coarn Flaikes??”” and “wen Do i stort getting Smarter'”?? and he sayed See “yiu” are geting Smarter all reddy!!”

Wel woodnt yiu Know “it”! i taiked themb Tests thay was jeeograffy or Som thing and aslo Introseckshanul Lego Studdys,,, i didnt Know nothing abote themb sujbecks And yeti Ased themb annyweiy!!!!! that was reely Som thing becose thay are “alll” Egstra Smart Stodints in themb classses and Al Of themb Thay al got Ays!!! That jeeogriffey Test itt was reely Hard expeshelly that One Queschin “”Ware is North Amarica in reelashin to Sowth Amarica???–and i didnt even Know i knowed that!!! i dont rembember waht i ansered but It must of bin Rihght!!

As sune as i “can” Get moar Mony i whil by Annether Bole of Brane Chips and maby i can past my neckst Gender Studdys Test!!!!

‘Prof Vows to Call 911 Every Day to Report ROTC on Campus’ (2016)

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Remember the associate professor of English at North Dakota University, who called the cops every day to report ROTC cadets drilling on campus? I’ll understand if you’ve blotted her from your mind.

Seriously–why in the world would you ever send your son or daughter there, to be “educated” by the likes of her? And pay for it, no less! And what are the students supposed to think when their professor crawls under a desk because she says she’s “terrorized” by the cadets?

Defund the colleges now. Before they ruin us altogether.

My Newswithviews Column, March 7 (‘Creepy Little People’)

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John Dewey introduced and preached the idea of schoolteachers as change agents. I wonder if he ever dreamed how many other groups of creepy little people would try to earn that title.

Yes, they’re out there in the shadows, changing our world out from under us, accountable to no one.

I’m sure their master, Satan, is pleased with their progress so far.

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