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Default on Student Debt–and Lose Your License

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Remember debtors’ prison–they throw you in the clink until you pay off your debt? Really stupid idea, wasn’t it? Eventually they discovered that it’s next to impossible to pay off anything while you’re in jail.

But if we really do know better nowadays, how come 22 states revoke your driver’s license, or even your professional license, as punishment for failure to pay off your student debt? ( You could read all about it in this recently updated Jobs With Justice article, if only WordPress hadn’t killed all my news links.

Let’s see, now… You go to collidge and run up a $200,000 student debt–and when you can’t keep up with the payments, they take away your right to drive a car, or even revoke your professional license. Either way, you probably lose your livelihood and certainly lose your ability to pay down the debt. Bad enough you’ve got a master’s degree in Gender Studies or Superhero Studies and it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. But just try to get and keep a job if you can’t drive to work. And just try paying down a debt if you haven’t got a job.

America would be better served if there were some other punishment for student debt default–suspending the defaulter’s right to vote, that would be a good start. Refusal to grant student loans in the first place to anyone “studying” completely useless subjects.Why should the taxpayers loan anyone money to get a degree in Lesbian Chicano Studies?

But it’s just plain mean to take away some poor collidge grad’s ability to eke out a living serving up slurpees at his hometown Seven-Eleven.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring (2015)

Is it really so surprising that “educators” can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality? Check this out, from two years ago.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

‘Brain Removal Operations’ (2015)

In case you missed it the first time around, I think they’re still performing these operations at many college campuses; and I think I heard you can get one at your neighborhood Walgreen’s, too.

University Scandal! Brain-Removal Operations

‘Another Thing We Can Do’ (2013)

America won’t be right until public education is replaced, Christian education becomes the norm, and the teachers’ unions are put out of business for good.

(The book cover is from 1989, if my memory’s right.)

PC Prof Gets a Dose of His Own Medicine

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip!)

A district court in California–of all places–has chastised a Fresno State University professor for harassing pro-life students and trying to restrict their First Amendment right to free speech (

Did you ever think you’d see that happen? I’m astounded. Permit me to go outside and turn a cartwheel. [Returns from doing cartwheel.]

In addition to making him pay $17,000 to settle the case, the judge sentenced the leftid dingbat to… “First Amendment training”… to be provided by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative lawyers’ group who represented the pro-life students. Man, that’s got to hurt! It’s the mirror image of the Maoist “sensitivity training” that our stupid colleges have inflicted upon thousands of students who didn’t have the right mind-set. A dose of their own medicine.

The pro-life students, with permission of the college authorities, chalked their message on a sidewalk. Mr. Prefesser “recruited” some of his students to help him harass and intimidate the plaintiffs and erase their message. His reasoning, if you can call it that, was that this sort of non-PC speech was restricted to the university’s “free speech zone” and could not be practiced outside of it.

Dude! There’s only one free speech zone in America! Its boundaries are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Fresno State got rid of its “free speech zone” in 2015, but it looks like Mr. Prefesser didn’t know that. Or maybe he was just feeling nostalgic for the good old days of the Great Cultural Revolution.

Whatever the case, this is whacking good news and we want to see lots and lots more of it. Force the leftids to wear the steel wool undies that they’ve picked out for the rest of us. Make ’em howl.

Because it’s their turn.

Transphobia, the Silent Killer

Guest columnist Dr. Sheldon Puce chairs the Dean Jagger School of Baldness at Fimbo University, where he is also Big Professor of Gender Studies. I have no idea why I have permitted him to do this.

I call transphobia “that there silent killer” because here at Fimbo University we don’t allow any transphobic remarks. Our Attitude Adjustment Program, centered on beatings and electric shocks, does a pretty good job of silencing transphobia.

But transphobia is also a civilization-killer, in that wherever it exists, it prevents the best and smartest people from taking charge of things. No civilization can flourish without multitudes of transgendered persons! My research has turned up the fact–predicted by my theory, of course–that throughout the history of the world, almost all great, important, really cool individuals were–you guessed it!–transgender.

Ramesses II, for instance, the greatest pharaoh Ancient Egypt ever had, was born Shirley Muldoon. Gender reassignment therapy quickly corrected that mistake! Queen Hatshepsut, on the other hand, was born a man, an error for which her parents were executed. Again, gender reassignment to the rescue!

Imagine history without Julius Caesar, Queen Victoria, Thomas Edison, Hyman Kaplan–all transgendered, every one of them! Imagine civilization without the great contributions made solely by transgendered persons–writing, building, the wheel, agriculture, and those things you throw in your laundry to make it smell nice.

Well, I have to go now, I’m chairing a meeting of Academics ‘R’ Us. Remember what I said–and get your gender changed today.

They’re Not Just Crazy…

There is no way I’m going to illustrate this post with an applicable image! Here is a duck with her babies, instead.

The current cost of a year’s–ahem!–“education” at Harvard University hovers around $70,000. But don’t feel cheated! This includes Harvard’s third annual Sex Week with a special anal sex workshop! (

I apologize for the content of this post. It’s here because there are still people who deny that such things exist; and their denial makes it easier for the “educators” to proceed with their work of spiritual destruction.

The material in the workshop is presented by a “sexologist” from a nearby “sex shop.”

That huge column of darkness is tuition dollars going up in smoke.

Exults the leftid Huffington Post, “We’re excited to see one of the nation’s most esteemed universities focusing on how we can all live healthier and happier sex lives.” Esteemed by whom?

And yes, there’s a political/Social Justice slant to it. As the presenter says, “Not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas… the b******* is the great sexual equalizer. All humans have a b*******.” What  could be more democratic than that? One might also ask, what could be more Democratic?

The reality-deniers deny that there are two sexes called “men” and “women,” while there are some 50 “genders” out there, blah-blah. They are not only crazy, but perverse and wholly given to evil. Their great achievement in the 20th century was to succeed, culturally, in separating sex from love, marriage, family, and the rest of human life, turning it into a stand-alone amusement with no connection to anything important. This has decayed our civilization and brought about much suffering and confusion.

O Lord Our God, please bring us back to sanity!

Public School Assignment: Find Your Folks’ Sex Toys (2015)

This was only two years ago, but I defy anybody to tell me that the public schools are getting better.

Cops Bust Kid for Playing ‘Hangman’ (2014)

Your school tax dollars at work!

You may have noticed that news links embedded in my posts don’t work anymore. This is WordPress’ doing, not mine.

School Board Puts Lid on Homework

Image result for images of homework

In the secular humanist quest for an earthly paradise, no stone is small enough to be left unturned.

My hometown school board, as reported today in our local paper, has “enacted guidelines for assigning homework.” It seems the kiddies are all stressed out from too much homework, after a special committee worked on it for two whole years.

To quote from the news article by Claude Deltieure, “The recommended daily homework load is ten minutes per grade level”–ten minutes?–or a whopping 15 for reading. So a kid in 8th grade might be saddled with as much as 80 minutes per night, presuming all his teachers that day assigned homework.

It seems the board’s chief concern is “stress.” Homework is stressing out the kiddies.

No normal kid wants a load of homework. Back in the Bronze Age, when I went to school, you learned to do your homework efficiently, expeditiously, so you could move on to more important things, like playing stickball. Homework was just one of those things the adult world saddled you with. By the time I was in high school, I’d learned to finish almost all my homework in study hall.

As a teacher, I knew many teachers who hardly ever assigned homework–because, after all, they would have to read it and grade it. Most of my teachers went over the homework in class the next day, rather than take it home and grade it.

There’s something creepy about this whole drive to protect young people from stress of any kind, with all kinds of unavoidable stresses waiting for them in the world outside. Who’s going to tell their employers, when these kids grow up, “Only this much work, and not a minute more”?

My parents insisted that I do my homework, and helped when I needed it. As a boy, I would have loved to pass it up altogether. But doing it taught me how to work. And work can be stressful. You have to learn to handle it.

Well, easing way up on the homework will surely prepare these kids for collidge, and Play-Doh, and coloring books, and demonstrating for tampons in the men’s rest room, and shouting down, or assaulting, anyone whose opinions expose them to stress.

You could, of course, homeschool your kids and preserve their minds from the ravages of public education. But then we wouldn’t need school  boards with multi-million-dollar budgets.

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