Haow To Get Reely Inkloosieve!!!!

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Oman, watt a lexture we hadded In Nothing Studies “this” moaning!!!! This tyme we Reely lernt “somb-Thing!”!”

Our prefesser she teeched us That A Mairaca it cant “Be” trooly Inkloosieve unlest “we” stop hasing Naimes!!!!! Becuase Naimes thay “Are” nott Inkloosieve at all in facked thay are Ex-Kloosieve!!!! and the ownlie Thing to doo “abuote” It is foar Evry Boddy to get ridd “of” thare Naimes!!!!!! and fromb naow On No Boddy whill has Naimes it whill awl “be” jist “Hay Yiu” oar somb-Thing lyke “that!!””

This heer it is Somb-thing foar “The” Guvvermin to gett “to whork” On rite aweaigh!!! So we sended a leter To the Pressadint Jobydin!!! Deer Pressadint yore Hynist Jobydin,, “we wood lyke “yiu” to maik A Man Date to get ridd of Evry Boddy’s name (Axcept yores and Hillery’s of coarse!!!!) so that A Mairica it whillbe trooly “Inkloosieve”!”!”! And we awl sined it!!!!

Axcept then we reelized “that” we jist putt awl Our “Naimes” on a patishin to a-bollix awl Naimes!!!! So we hadded “to” cross owt Alll themb Naimes and just put Xes thare insted!!!!!

Now we “are” wating for himb “to doo” a Man Date,, i hoap “He” is nott tooo bizzy!!!!

What Is ‘Pdgaa’?

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Once upon a time in high school, the powers that be decided we students needed a motivational speaker. So they went local, and tapped Joey Puffball–star of our high school football team some 20 years earlier: the team that went down in civic history as having won almost as many games as it lost. Joe had been dining out on that ever since.

So there we were, the captive audience, fighting off sleep as Joe droned on and on about such mysteries as Pride, Determination, Guts, Ambition, and Ability. One by one, each headed by a large capital letter, he scrawled them on his blackboard. PDGAA.

“And what’s that stand for?” he challenged the audience whom he had just spent 40 minutes telling what it stood for.

I answered, “Wait a minute! That spells… p’d’gaa ,” pronouncing it as best I could. Everyone who heard it laughed. That was not the reception Joe had been expecting. He was a bit put out by it.

But compared to what they’re “teaching” students now–Joe Puffball come back, all is forgiven! Bring back Pdgaa!

‘Oh, No, We Don’t Teach Critical Race Theory!’

Tony Kinnett

Click the link to hear his statement.

The headline is a lie that’s being repeated by public school officials all over the country. Yes, they’re teaching racist, white-bashing Critical Race Theory. And when they say they aren’t, they’re lying.

The science coordinator for the Indianapolis school district–pay extra-close attention, if you thought you were safe if you lived in a red state–has been put on leave and banned from school property for telling the truth: that CRT is being taught in Indianapolis’ public school classrooms (https://nypost.com/2021/11/25/indiana-school-administrator-on-leave-after-viral-crt-video/).

“I’m in different classrooms every day,” he says in a video [click the link above]. “I see exactly what they’re teaching in the classroom.”

CRT “teaches” that all white people are born racists and guilty of everything. School boards lie about teaching it in their schools. Sometimes they give it another name, as a means of trying to deceive the public.

At the same time the school officials deny they’re teaching it, the teachers’ unions double down on teaching it!

They don’t like us, they don’t like what we believe, they will not listen us, and they will not stop.

So let me say it again.

The public schools are damaged beyond repair.

Our only meaningful and effective recourse is to pull our children out of the public schools and let the whole system die.

We Has to Roon Thancks-Giving!!!

How to Avoid a Food Fight This Thanksgiving

Thancks-Giving it shood “Not” be aloud no moar!!!!!

Heer “at” the Stoodint Soviet we has cumpozed a Ee-male and sended It to awl “the” famblies arowned The Collidge to oardur themb “to” Dee-Collinize thare stopid Thancks-Giving dinnor!!! Becose Thancks-Giving it “is” No-Good stinkin holladay that’s awl abuote Shooting Peeple Of Culler!!!!!

Wen the Pillgrimbs thay kame heer fromb Itally or sombplaice thay shooted awl the Indains who come heer Fromb Indier!!!!!! Then thay starrtid Capatolizm!!!! and aslo brung in Religgin!!!! Thay rooned evry-Thing!!!!!!!!!!

So we sayed In our Ee-male “”Haow dair yiu cellarbrate this Badness!?!? Yiu are jist No-Good durty Capatolist Collownolists!!””! We “are” Glaad we done it becose we fouwned Out that awl the skools in Warshingtin DeC thay done “it” too! And thay has got a Equitty Teemb to teech famblies how To Be Mizrable on Thancks-Giving insted “of” hapy!!!!! We shood has “one Of” thoase too!!!

And we thanck Jobydin the Pressadint for maiking this stopid holladay Cost “so” mutch!!! We woont be hapy “un-till” al themb famblies Thay “are” Un-Hapy!!!!!

Becose “thats” Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!

School Board Atrocity Roundup


Herod’s men are always ready to rock!

Chris Rufo has a news report on the latest examples of school boards trying to cow and intimidate parents who dissent from insane school board policies–including a real goody from Round Rock, Texas (https://www.city-journal.org/public-school-boards-against-parents).

Don’t think you’re safe just because you live in a red state like Texas. “Educators” and teachers’ unions are the same all over. They’re all Far Left crazy. And coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, they’re looking for brute force to turn on parents who question their evil and moronic policies–especially mask “Mandates,” Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, and filthy pornographic books in school libraries.

You know what our problem is? We, the American people, are governed by persons who really, truly, seriously don’t like us. They want to “fundamentally transform” our country, and public schools are a huge part of their plan. They won’t listen to us, they despise our most deeply-held beliefs, they laugh at us even when we’re looking right at them, and they think our American way of life has got to go.

And we let our children be “educated” by them? We need our heads examined!

The only sure way to drive these people back into the woodwork is to pull our children out of public school. Let’s see how long they can sustain “teaching” empty classrooms. Oh, sure, a few “progressives” will continue to send their kids there to learn Critical Race Theory–those few progs who don’t send their kids to ritzy private schools–but it won’t last for long.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

School Board’s the Name, Intimidation’s the Game

1964 Press Photo Moscow Bolshevik Revolution Parade - Historic Images

So you thought those old Soviet days were over?

It’s all over the country–school boards bullying, intimidating, and even arresting parents who object to school board policies.

This week it was Gwinnett County, Georgia (https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/women-arrested-before-gwinnett-county-school-board-meeting). The board had just installed a brand-new metal detector “to keep the people safe” (a euphemism for “showing the peasants who’s boss”), and everyone attending the meeting was required to pass through it.

Two women were arrested by Herod’s men. One for “trespassing” on school district property, from which she’d been banned a month ago for arguing about the board’s fake mask Mandate. (You will not find the word “mandate” in the U.S. Constitution.) The other was busted for the, uh–terrorist? Is it bigger than a breadbox?–crime of having a pair of scissors in her handbag. Craft scissors, with the blunted points. For cutting yarn. Apparently she planned to do a bit of knitting if the meeting dragged. But off she went to the cop shop. Both were charged with obstructing an officer and trespassing.

This is intimidation. This is to teach the plebs to know their place.

While we as a nation weren’t looking–and shame on us, we didn’t want to look-our whole public education system, which was nothing to write home about from the beginning, became infested, saturated, with these little tinhorn tyrants.

Thanks to the pandemic and “remote learning,” American parents finally saw and heard what the Far Left freaks from the teachers’ unions were teaching their children–and they don’t like it. No, they don’t like Critical Race Theory! No, they don’t like transgender propaganda! But the unions have doubled down on Critical Race Theory and have vowed to “teach”it  whether the poor sods who pay their salaries like it or not.

The school boards, after unsuccessfully trying to argue “Critical Race Theory? What are you talking about? We don’t teach that here!”, have started calling it by other names. “Equity instruction” is my favorite.

Again. Yes, again–our only meaningful and effective recourse against these Stalinist pipsqueaks is to pull our children out of the public schools. You don’t need a school board when there’s no one in the school!

We are going to have to win our freedom all over again–and may God help us.

‘The Secular Humanist Afterlife’ (2015)

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This is how you keep Democrats and celebrities around forever.

Who says you need God to have eternal life? Not humanists!

Eternal life, but no God–secular humanists solved that problem conceptually years ago. It’s just a matter of developing it for practical use by rich progressives… who will then be with us… forever.


How do they do that? Your great ones and your loved ones, according to a Britsh, um, “scientist,” can be “brought back to life using their history on social media to power virtual avatars.” So there!

Honk if you find this even a tiny bit appealing.


Daown “Whith” Thancks Giving!!!!

Amazon.com: I'm A Turkey!: 9780439903646: Arnosky, Jim: Books

I jist soddenly fownded ouat “That” tamorro it “Is” Thancks-Giving!! it is a Very Bad Day infented “by” Wyte Struprembacysts!!!!!!!!!! and it shood not be aloud!!

So we hadded a Merjintsy Meting of “the” Stoodent Soviet to Ban Thancks-Giving heer at Collidge!!!! and the voat was 17-1 but we kicked that one Voat owt of the Soviet and then we Beet himb Up!!!!!!

Enny boddy whoo Gets cawt eeting Terky tamorro thay wil get a F! and has to go “To” Censortivity Traning!!!!! and iff thay are Wyte then thay has to go Twicet “and” thay cant be Wyte enny moar!!! Our gole is a 110 Persent% Non-Wyte Kampiss!!!!!!

Insted of Thancks-Giving tamorrow we “are” goingto Cellarbrate a noo hollerday it is cawled “T”hancks Foar Nothing!”!” Day!! and evry boddy heer thay has to Cellarbrate “oar Elss!””” Yiu cant has Dyvercity unlest evry boddy thay al do and Thinck and Say “the” saim Thing “At” tHe Saim Tymbe!!!!

p.s..–I jist heered “that” Jobydin he is comming heer tamorrow to maik a Speach abuot Hapy Eester!!!! He is The Smartist “Man” In The Whorld!!!!!!!!

You Can’t Call Children “Children” Anymore?


Leftid morons are playing havoc with our language. Well, of course: they don’t want us able to communicate with one another.

Some college pinhead yesterday said we shouldn’t call children “children” anymore, it’s something-ist, we should call them “little people.” I thought that meant leprechauns. Or have dwarfs claimed that label for themselves?

And of course we’re not supposed to say “boys and girls” anymore because that is definitely Trans-Phobic and Binary and will make hair grow on your palms. Reality is just so IST!

This is what we’re getting for our “higher education” dollars.

Is it worth it, do you think?

‘SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won’ (2016)

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Back when you were in school, did any of your teachers ever “teach” you anything that they knew to be false? Well, okay, as a kid you wouldn’t have caught them at it. But I have met teachers who admit to teaching falsehoods. “If it makes the kids feel better about themselves,” they add.

And here are the unionized teachers in San Francisco in 2016, trying to “teach” children that Hillary Clinton was president: “Don’t teach them that we LOST,” says the teachers’ guide. Waddaya mean, “we”?

SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won

So, for those afflicted with amnesia, Donald Trump did not invent refusing to accept election results. In fact, Democrats NEVER accept it when they lose.

Well, this is what you get when you mix Far Left politics with leftist wacko public schools.

But get rid of the schools, and the Far Left Crazy dies.