‘Kowabunga! “Fat Studies”!’ (2020)


Ready for his Ph. D.!

This is another one of those Far Left storms of idiocy that crept up on us unawares and now we can’t get rid of it.

When did obesity become something to be “proud” of?

Kowabunga! ‘Fat Studies’!

Yee-ha! Go to college, grab some knowledge! For a mere hundred and fifty thousand smackers, a degree in Fat Studies can be yours! And think what you can do with it! Line your bird cage, paper your walls, wrap fish… hummm baby, higher education!


Jobydin He Is ‘A’ Genus!!!

E Mc2 Images – Browse 1,093 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video ...

Wow!! We hadded a lexture in Nothing Studdies tooday awl abuout Jobydin he “is a” Genus!!! Whey back wen “he was” a collidge Stoodint lyke me,, he Invented “the” faymis eequaysion E=mc2!!!!!! Izznt that Fabuyliss!!!!

“And” that “Is Not” the ownlie Thing he dun!!~!~! He was aslo a Truk Dryver and he plaid in the NFL tooo!!!!!!! And beefouir he “was” a Grate Cervint of Pressadint O’bomma he was In “the” Sennit fore 55 (fifftyfyve!) yeers, yiu cood Look It Up!!!! and wile he was In the Sennit he aslo invented Syvvil Rites!!!!!

I know “the” Far Riht thay say sumb guy naimed Eyestine he Infentid E=mc2 but yiu know “how” thay lye!!!!!!!! That is wye yiu doughnt “See” Eyestine arownd No moar!!!

It awl gose To Sho haow Lucky we Are to has Jobydin “in tHe ” Wyte Hauose with 88 millyin voats!!!!!!!! I doughnt thinck enny One butt Racists diddnt Voat for himb!!!!! And awl the Poles thay say Jobydin he whil Win “agin” neckst yeer!!!!! That thair is wye thay caul themb Opin-Yin Poles!!!

Awl we kneed Nhow is a Expecyutiff Odor to maik “it” aginst The Law to voat “Foar” enny-boddy Elss!!!!

‘Why Are These Kindergarten Children Still in Diapers?’ (My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 28)

5-year-olds Still Wear Nappies and Drink Milk from Baby Bottles |  Supernanny - YouTube

Ooh, wait, I know! Don’t start kindergarten till the kids are 12!

What progress! Armies of kids marching off to school in diapers! Haven’t been potty-trained, you see. I really can’t recall anything at all like this from my own days in kindergarten.

Why Are These Kindergarten Children Still in Diapers?

Is that the choice now? Either the teacher spends the day changing diapers, or else is free to groom little children for “gender reassignment”?

Save the children! Take them out of public school.

What? You Don’t Potty-Train Your Children?

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Someday “teachers” will be doing this for 11-year-olds. Maybe that will keep them out of mischief.

This is one of the most towering damnfool things I’ve ever heard. I’ve just got to write it up for Newswithviews (so stay tuned tomorrow). For the time being, here’s the quicky blog version.

From “Your Tango”: “Teacher Explains Why More Kindergarteners Than Ever Are Starting School Still in Diapers” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4184855/posts). Catchy headline, isn’t it?

So myriads of children are showing up for kindergarten without the benefit of potty-training–five years old, most of them–and teachers are having to change their diapers for them. And all that time they should be teaching ’em that boys can be girls and girls can be boys and America’s a racist hell-hole, etc., etc.

But why are so many kids not potty-trained?

If you guess that trendy stupid ideology’s behind it, you won’t go wrong.

Ee-yah! No small number of parents have bought into this: it’s not just karma raining on the teachers’ unions. When you cultivate stupidity, it grows. Heck, it grows like freakin’ kudzu if you don’t constantly prune it back.

That’s what’s happening with our civilization. Kill the culture, and it will surely kill you back.

‘Affirming Care’ Bill Covers Everything

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Coming soon, to your state: “Affirming everything!

Gov. Gavin Noisome and the California legislature are working to craft an “affirming care” law that will require all parents to “affirm” their children’s life and career plans–and if they don’t, a court will remove the child from the family and arrange for it (?) to be raised by apes.

“It’s really quite simple,” explains Rep. Hugh Betcha. “Say your five-year-old wants to be a cowboy, and therefor requires the parents to provide him with a horse and a six-gun. Well, the law says they’ll have to ‘affirm that’ by carrying out the child’s wishes. And if they don’t…” He snickered knowingly.

A panel of public school teachers, appointed by teachers’ union bosses, will meet regularly to decide which of their students’ parents are fit to continue being parents. If they don’t make the grade, said Betcha, “Well, you just won’t see them around anymore.”

With a twinkle in his eye, the governor laughed off efforts to stop the bill in committee.

“Once you’ve got the voting machines under control,” he chuckled, “you can do whatever you want!”

No, Parents, They Do NOT Respect You

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(“Oh, those meddling parents!”)

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Hey, the U.S. Secretary of Education came right out and said it: he doesn’t “respect” parents “acting as if they know what’s right for kids” (https://tennesseestar.com/uncategorized/education-secretary-says-he-doesnt-respect-parents-thinking-they-know-whats-right-for-kids/jtnews/2023/09/25/).

Hear that, you plebs! You’re paying boxcar-loads of money to “educators” who admit that they despise you! Who think they have a license to groom your kids for sex. And teach them that race is everything! Transgender lessons out the wazoo! The whole Far Left culture-killing, family-destroying Fun-Pack!

So… Is Secretary Miguel Cardona right–you’re just a bunch of ignorant peasants, unworthy of respect? Do you want to re-elect his boss, SloJo Biden? How about keeping the whole gang of them in power, lording it over us and using our kids as lab rats in their social experiments?

What do ‘educators’ have to do, to get you to pull your children out of their teachers’ union schools? Or is there just no limit to how much they can insult you and trample on your wishes?

They take your silence as consent. (At first I made an error and typed “content.” Now I wonder if that really was an error.)

‘Equity Teacher’: White People Have ‘No Culture’

19,500+ Bad Teacher Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock |  Evil teacher, School, Classroom

Why do parents allow their children to be “educated” by racist weirdos from the teachers’ unions?

In the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, California (of course), a special “equity teacher”–according to a complaint by a student’s mother–has been teaching the kiddies that white people have “no culture,” except for the bit they “stole” from others (https://www.newsweek.com/california-school-teaching-white-people-no-culture-sparks-fury-1828096). This is taught in… choir class!

Who knows what the, er, “teacher” meant by that? But even granting, foolishly, that this were true… Well, have you looked at any other group’s “culture” lately? If what you see makes you happy, get some help. You need it.

And yet with all the abuse–transgender grooming, anti-white propaganda, etc., etc.–millions of parents continue to send their kids to public schools. Go figure. How much worse could the alternatives possibly be?

If our civilization collapses, public education will have earned the lion’s share of blame.

Honk if you know what the word “equity” is supposed to mean.

In Defense of the Liberal Arts

Fine Arts Lecture Series | Student Opportunities | Seaver College

It’s not as silly as it looks!

Art History is often held up as the supreme example of a totally useless college course. I took two semesters of it and wished I could take more. Those lectures were always well-attended.

It wasn’t going to help me “do” anything. It wasn’t going to put one more nickel in my pocket. It was probably as “useless” as that honors course on Dante that I took. Or those lectures on the Persian Empire by Prof. Maksoudian–no one missed those if he could help it.

Today “higher education” itself is held up as an epitome of uselessness–held up so by me, at least. What happened? “Everybody goes to college!” That’s what happened. Which means two things at once: 1) They dumbed it down for the millions of students who were not going to be engineers or computer experts; 2) except for those few who are enclosed in “STEM” like hermits, they turned college into a Far Left indoctrination factory.

A reader sent me an article which expresses it better than I can.


Do we not know that we shall not live by bread alone? Sure, we can learn many valuable, even precious, things with no help from any college. But there is something to be said for scholarship! For Shakespeare, for Thomas Jefferson, for Burke and Locke and St. Gildas on the Ruin of Britain. The collective experience of the human race has value. My stars! I’m re-reading Livy now–and the Rome of Livy’s time, and the earlier Rome he brought back to life in his writing–oh, these cry out to me! I can’t see the nooze and not see history.

The lack of a formal education didn’t stop my grandfather from operating a business, publishing a newspaper, and pursuing his own education at his own pace. Yeesh, that man was wise! (Raised six daughters, too.) Highly self-motivated. But I’m sure there were college courses he would have enjoyed–knowledge and understanding that he could add to his store.

The university is not your county vo tech. It was never meant to be devoted to Far Left brainwashing, either. I agree with the author cited above: If you’ve never studied anything but how to make a buck doing some technical thing or other, your mind will be practically defenseless when the Far Left wackos come for it. Livy can’t tell you how to fix your air conditioner; but he certainly can tell you how to recognize it when they undermine your constitutional republic. Things like that don’t change; and a well-rounded liberal arts grounding can help you understand them.

I continue my own education. No more college–college has pretty much destroyed itself. But the classics of literature, history, theology, philosophy, etc., etc.–they’re still here. You can still let them teach you.

Until they make a “law” against it.

Stop Freee Speatch Nhow!!!!

Free speech hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Cuddnt has sayed It beter My Self!!!!!!

Its abuot Tyme somb-boddy thay sed “this!”!”

This heer wimmin,, she “used” to be the Pryme Minster of New Zeelind or somb-plaice, well, she goed to the U.N. and gaive “a” speach and boy was She “on” targit!!!!!! She sayed freee speach It Has Got To Go becose it “gets in” The way of fiting Climbit Chainge!!!!!!

So we holded a Merjintsy Meting “of the” Stoodint Soviet and voated younaministly to End Free Speatch heer “At” collidge!!!! I doughnt “know” wye it taked us So Long “to” do That!!!!! Fromb nhow On yiu cant “say” ennything butt “waht” we Say yiu can Say!!!!

Jist thinck Of “awl” “the” Prombles this wil salve!!!!!! Oncet thay See “peple” geting fluncked Out “and” eckspeled for saying “The” Rong Thing,, no boddy thay wil Say rong Things “enny” moar!!!! Wen evvry-boddy thay doughnt Say nothing butt the saim Rite Things,, we wil has True Dyvarsitty!!!!!!!!!!

Ownly Racists waunt Freee Speatch ennyhaow!!!!

Nhow awl we has got To “do” is Vaxinate evvry-boddy!!!!! Betcha the’ll Shut Up “wen thay” sea The Neeedul comming!!!

‘Be a Hero, Give a Zero’ (2018)

Image result for images of failing grade

Okay, you’re a kid in public school, and you don’t bother to do your homework, you bomb every test and every quiz, you pay no attention in class (if you even bother to show up)–and what kind of grade would you expect?

Oh, heck! At least a “50,” just for existing.

Be a Hero, Give a Zero

Here’s a teacher in Florida (Florida!) who was fired for giving a student a Zero because he did no work at all. But then I remember a teacher who told me she knew some of her students were cheating on tests, but did nothing about it, just gave them C’s and passed ’em on… “because it’s easier that way.”

I hope there are enough kids being homeschooled to keep our civilization from collapsing.