Yachting With No Pants On

One of my favorite writers was the late John D. MacDonald, best known for his Travis McGee series.

My wife and I were trying to remember which of the Travis McGee books contained MacDonald’s most embarrassing lapse as a writer–a little something about a boat with a nude all-girl crew. I mean, what ever possessed him to write such a thing?

We couldn’t find the book, but we did soon discover that “nude yachting” or “nude boating” have become big business. For a big pile of money, you can go on a “nude cruise.” John D, just didn’t realize how far ahead of the curve he was. (No, I will not provide a link. That would be free advertising.)

But to those who would take up this pastime, I have only two words.



These two words, I believe, tell you all you need to know about frolicking around starkers all day long on the water, miles away from any shade. And on a wooden boat or yacht, do be careful of where you sit down.


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    1. And yes, folks, Lisa is on target. How did you do that? We were racking our brains yesterday and couldn’t come up with the answer.

      Are you a McGee fan, Lisa? It’s been too long since I’ve read those–I ought to revisit them.

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