I’m Not Writing Anything Today

In a few minutes we’ve got to hit the road to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I have no time to write my daily blog piece.

I just hope my sadly deluded brother didn’t receive his Organizing For America talking points for browbeating his family over the dinner table, trying to trick them into thinking Obamacare will be good for them. Oh, that’s right–they decided not to do that, after first wasting millions of dollars trying to set it up.

Meanwhile, Patty has Grandma’s old autograph book, with entries starting in 1910. Until we found that book a little while ago, I never knew Grandma’s actual first name was Minerva. That’s a cool name! (And no, I never thought her name was really Grandma.)

Of course her children wanted to sign her book, too; and they did. The youngest, Aunt Florence (she wasn’t an aunt then), in signing the book, reminded her mother that she was “one of the twins”–just in case Momma forgot that she had twins, or forgot what she named them. The other twin, Aunt Joan, wrote the same thing.

I am thankful that we found that book. It does bring Grandma back to me. She used to rub away my headache when I got one. And I confess now that only a few of those headaches were real.

Again, folks, sorry I wasn’t able to write today.


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