Pitting Americans Against Each Other

So the other day our Community Organizer-in-Chief gave a speech in which he said we Americans have got to get out of the habit of thinking the government can’t abolish “income inequality.”

In all my life, I’ve never seen a president trying so hard to turn some groups of citizens against others. We have “income inequality,” he said, because “the rich”–that is, anyone who has a dime more than you do–are screwing us. If only we give him still more power beyond that which he has already scooped into his hot little hands, he’ll make everybody equal.

Well, why doesn’t he start by giving you and me some of the colossal fortune he enjoys? As we speak, he is preparing for his annual vacation to Hawaii–as distinct from the many other vacations he takes throughout the year–starting with a luxurious flight aboard Air Force One that will cost the rest of us some millions of dollars. Does he mean to imply that, if it weren’t for those selfish rich people, we could all enjoy annual vacations in Hawaii?

Will micro-management by the government provide us all with second homes on pleasant beaches? Will we all get to kick back at Martha’s Vineyard every summer? Will all of us–even the laziest, most incompetent, and most dishonest of us–wind up living large on someone else’s money?

If, by some miracle of divine providence, America lasts another thousand years, we will never live down the disgrace that this man was our president.


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