Getting Rid of the Human Race

You can learn a lot from reading novels. Case in point:

Agatha Christie wrote Curtain while the Nazis were bombing London, locked it away in a safe, and didn’t publish it until 1975, the last year of her life. So in addition to its many virtues as a mystery novel, Curtain is a kind of time capsule of England circa 1940.

In its most disturbing scene, all the characters are sitting at dinner and discussing euthanasia. One zealot declares that “the unfit” and “people who lead useless lives” should be destroyed: she reckons that could be about 80% of the population. Instead of jumping down her throat for spouting wicked and ungodly babble, instead of demanding to know why she isn’t siding with Hitler, who is the poster boy for the ideas she thinks are so enlightened… instead of doing that, all but one of the persons at the table sort of nod their heads in agreement and throw in little comments to the effect, “Well, of course you’re right about that…” They don’t agree enthusiastically; but it’s plain to see that at the time this scene was written, Hitlerian ideas about eugenics had made their way into the mainstream of English culture, and English Christianity failed to keep them out.

Compare this with something written 100 years earlier–A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens: in which Scrooge wishes “the surplus population” to “die and get it over with.” Instead of everybody else sitting around and agreeing with him, Scrooge gets a sharp lesson that he’ll never forget. When proto-eugenics raised its ugly head in the 1840s, English Christianity was quick to shut it down.

What a difference 100 years makes.

Today the ruling classes of the Western nations, including ours, are gung-ho for euthanasia–yes, Obamacare does indeed include death panels: public employees who will try to talk you into having yourself humanely killed off, if it’s costing too much to keep you alive–and at the same time, they do everything in their power to encourage people to become “useless”! Read my posts for the past two days, and you’ll see what I mean.

This is not the time for Christ’s servants to be throwing in the towel.

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  1. As tie has passed, we are seeing the true colors of many people. IMO, if you can rationalize abortion you are well on the road to rationalizing all sorts of things which involve taking the lives of the innocent.

    Genesis 9:6 set the standard: “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man.” This provides for capital punishment in extreme cases, but it also shows the value of human life. When a person takes an innocent life, their own life becomes devalued in God’s eyes, to the point that they can be executed.

    Now imagine the situation of someone that has performed thousands of abortions. Some of the most staunch opponents of abortion are person whom formerly advocated it or physicians whose performed abortions.

    If one sees the life of a fetus as having no value, they are not likely to fully value the life of any other human. Be Stein did a film called “Expelled” about the fact that even admitting one believes in God all but dooms an academic career these days. One part of the film was a visit to a former Nazi facility where medical experiments were performed on living subjects and those deemed unfit were euthanized. It was quite compelling to watch.

  2. A million deaths here, a million deaths there, pretty soon you’re talking about a real problem. Life is cheap – just watch all the collateral damage in Hollywood movies and on today’s TV crime shows. We need a Christian Renaissance.

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