Religious Liberty? What Religious Liberty?

Organized Sodomy is at it again. Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) has filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts to force a Roman Catholic school to hire a sodomite who is “married” to another man ( ).

Given that marriage is a holy sacrament of the Catholic Church, for the school to hire a person who takes part in a mockery of the sacrament would be to join with him in the mockery.

In 2012, in Hosanna-Tabor Church vs. the Equal Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the federal government’s efforts to force a Lutheran School to hire a teacher who was not wanted. The frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Christian Obama administration couldn’t even get Ginsberg to go along with them on that one.

Here, Organized Sodomy’s claim has been filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

You would think the weight of that much hypocrisy would sink the whole state into the ground.

Hello, America–where does this end? How far must it go before it ends?

You tell me.

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  1. I do not disagree with you. However, I think the name calling is hurtful to civil dialogue. It causes people to become very defensive and they turn a deaf ear to your point of view.

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