‘Leading Writers,’ Useful Idiots

The Telegraph reports this morning that “more than 200 leading writers” have denounced Russia’s law against “gay propaganda”–over here we call it “television” or “public education”–and blasphemy ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/10620893/More-than-200-leading-writers-protest-against-Russia’s-anti-gay-and-blasphemy-laws.html ).

What writers? The usual gang of idiots–Serious Mainstream Literature stuffed shirts who couldn’t tell a proper story if their lives depended on it.

They say that a law against trying to convince children that homosexuality is good, and a law against blasphemy, are “a threat to freedom.” Well, yeah, I guess an anti-blasphemy law might restrict some precious nitwit’s “liberty” to utter blasphemy–this from the same left-wing academic thought police who want to string you up if you dare say a single world that isn’t Politically Correct, and duly reverent of certain cherished Minorities. You have a “liberty” to offend people who believe in God, but if you say anything that makes a “gay” or a lesbian or a feminist “uncomfortable”–well, you’ve had it.

Whose freedom, nowadays, is being threatened, by the way?

Every day there’s a news report of some arm of the government, somewhere, coming down like a sledge-hammer on some little, ordinary person who made the fatal mistake of not jumping when a lesbian said “jump.” According to the practice of government and the passion of our ruling class, “gays” have been made superior to regular people: they are to be appeased at all times, and never crossed. Woe betide you if you do!

Well, this writer ain’t buyin’ it.

6 comments on “‘Leading Writers,’ Useful Idiots

  1. From reading the article, I gather that basically it restricts pro gay material, aimed at minors. It also targets blasphemy and defamation.

    Frankly, I don’t think and sexually oriented material should be aimed at minors. Going back to my days as a student, answers to questions about sex were available through normal sources, encyclopedias etc. Legitmate, serious questions could be readily answered and I used these materials myself to understand such matters as birth control. There was no agenda, just raw factual information. If facts are threatening, then your cause needs to be reviewed.

    1. In Canada, for instance, it’s unlawful “hate speech” to discuss the medical consequences of the “gay lifestyle.”
      It’s ***always*** OK with “leading writers” to restrict speech in that direction!

  2. They’ll all be astonished on the day of reckoning. It makes me wonder how creative they’ll be in their excuse-making on that day 🙂

  3. Pat Buchanan thinks Russia is the future hope of Christianity, not America.

    Yes, homosexuals are a superior breed, but it looks like the transgenders are going to trump them in the near future.

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