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‘Can I Wake Up Now, Please?’ (2013)

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Things haven’t gotten any better in the five years since this Australia kiddie TV show brought its audience “gender-bending fun.”

Still waiting for anyone to attempt a coherent explanation of why this is such a great idea and what we’re supposed to gain by it. A 10% discount off all the rides in Hell?

Memory Lane: the Boomerang

It took me most of my life to learn how to throw a boomerang so it’d come back to me; and I had no sooner mastered the art than my boomerang disappeared. But then the local playgrounds in our town have all disappeared, too.

I don’t know if the boomerang ever matched the national impact of other summer fads, like the hula hoop, yo-yos, cracker balls–and we had local fads for pea shooters, pop rocks, and punks. Mr. Bruno across the street had a heavy wooden boomerang. He’d take it out to the schoolyard now and then and play with it, and all of us kids stood in awe of his expertise: the thing always came back to him. When I finally got a chance to try it–Mr. Bruno wasn’t home, his kids found the boomerang and sneaked it out of the house–it never even thought of coming back to me when I threw it. Heavens, no. The blasted thing sought out the nearest school bus window and crashed right through it. So much for that.

What touches off a fad? It can be something as utterly senseless as pet rocks, or something that takes a fair amount of skill and practice, like learning yo-yo tricks. (I still have my yo-yo. The cats like me to use it.) And then the fad disappears as suddenly and as mysteriously as it first rose up.

Hula hoops are back, though; and a few days ago, the kid across the way was banging cracker balls off the sidewalk.

Weird White People

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Weird white people–liberals, leftids, progressives, Democrats–say and do things that normal people don’t understand.

They call black conservatives white supremacists.

They take their toddlers to “pride” parades and introduce them to drag queens–that is, intensely disturbed men who do themselves up as caricatures of women.

They sign up for college courses, taught by other white people, about how bad white people are.

They really hate people they call haters: they get violently steamed up about it, and for two cents, they’d kill those $#@%$# haters!

They own the social media, routinely censor conservatives, and just as routinely claim that their own Far Left views are being censored. By whom? Are they censoring themselves–and are so far out of touch with reality, that they keep forgetting they own Facebook?

They look at San Francisco’s city sidewalks dotted with piles of human feces and exclaim, “Yeah! We want that for our city!”

They sit around the table at dinner time and talk about how upset they are by there not being more transgendered characters in TV shows and movies.

They are a small percentage of our total population; but because they are totally fanatical, they live for their crazy politics and never take a day off, and they are totally unrestrained by most of the considerations taken for granted by normal people–family responsibilities, work, what most of us call normal life–they get to wield an influence out of all proportion to their numbers. One atheist, for instance, can shut down a whole town’s Christmas parade.

But they do have one achilles heel: without the Democrat Party, they can do nothing.

Please bear that in mind when November comes around.

Torture at the Laundromat

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One of the stiffer penalties you incur when you have to go to the laundromat during the day is exposure to The View. This Far Left talk show has the power to cause a dog’s teeth to fall out. It has been known to liquefy human brains. Couldn’t we just get one of those soap operas in which the characters spout incoherent dialogue and the story makes no sense?

Today they had a guest who maintained that “You don’t have to study anything to know that socialism is right.” One would think natural-born stupidity would suffice for that, but our schools make sure to back it up with an assiduous avoidance of modern history. Otherwise someone might notice that socialism has been an abject failure everywhere, and continues to be one today.

He was followed by a parade of whining leftid jidrools proclaiming Donald Trump the worst president ever–Sorry! That title belongs to ol’ *Batteries Not Included, hands down–and complaining how they suffer, just knowing Trump is in the White House.

Anything that upsets these people has got to be good for the country.

Oh–and in case we missed it, “T*H*E   R*U*S*S*I*A*N*S” provided the Green Party kook who made the Democoms lose in Ohio yesterday. Drat them pesky Russians. Whoever they are.

That anyone would choose to listen to this stuff on purpose is way beyond me.

Crawl So They Can Kick You, Part II

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All they want is for your mind to be right.

Are you as sick of this neo-Maoist, “My mind is right, boss!” crap as I am?

Our friend Bob Knight has a column this week in The Washington Times ( which, among other outrages to sanity and common sense, informs us that the Washington Nationals’ shortstop must meet with Major League Baseball’s “vice president for social responsibility and inclusion.”

See, it has been revealed that this 25-year-old athlete made some enemy-of-the-people tweets when he was a teenager, and now he has to apologize to assorted “communities” of Precious Cherished Minorities and meet with the Lord High Jidrool of Baseball to “determine appropriate sensitivity training.” Sweatbox, lobotomy, self-criticism sessions–whatever floats their boat.

Just once, just once, I wish somebody accused of voicing “hate” umpteen years ago would reply, “To all of you who may have been offended by something I tweeted when I was 17 years old… eat me!”

Once upon a time I was a walking encyclopedia of baseball. How I loved it! But then they merged the leagues, American and National, to kill the competition, adulterated the product, and have now seasoned the already unpalatable mess with heaping spoonfuls of Political Correctness. So I have learned to live without baseball.

One of these days I’d like to live without Political Correctness.

Noise, Noise, Noise!

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Whatever happened to the Sabbath rest? Has it been outlawed or something?

This Sunday, every gavone in this neighborhood was out there with a leaf-blower, lawnmower, weed-whacker, air compressor, or any combination thereof, hour after hour, making the whole place sound like New Year’s Eve in Mordor. There was even a roofing crew loudly tearing off the roof of a nearby house.

And this morning it was first the jack-hammers, for an hour or two, and then, the moment they stopped, the guy next door with his leaf-blower and weed-whacker. He also has an outdoor light with a 1,000-watt bulb which he kept turning on and off throughout Saturday night, waking me half a dozen times.

Something’s going on here that I don’t understand.

‘Princeton: You Can’t Say “Man” Anymore’ (2016)

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Oh, man! I’m so sick of watching leftids mangle our culture. From Manchester to Mantoloking, they manage to manufacture a virtual mangrove swamp of inhumanity. Our once-great colleges have donned the mantle of unmannerly and maniacal neo-Romantic buffoonery. Especially Princeton.

If you’re paying to send your offspring there, you’re getting ripped off six ways from Sunday.

‘So, Kiddies, You Get Drunk and Have Sex…’ (2015)

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Common Core has been toned down a bit since *Batteries Not Included left office, but don’t think stuff like this isn’t going on anymore in our public schools. And you don’t have to be inside a classroom to see it going on in our pop culture.

There is a presupposition among liberals that teenagers will naturally get drunk, take drugs, and have sex whenever and wherever they possibly can. For some this has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It does make me wonder why liberals ever consent to have children in the first place. It seems at odds with their never-ending campaign to abolish the human race.

Children and Paganism

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Here’s a book review I did back in 2008–Not My Child: Contemporary Paganism and the New Spirituality by Mission America’s Linda Harvey.

The main thing that’s changed, over the eight years since this was published, is the near-frantic promotion of “transgender” by our pop culture bigwigs, so-called “educators,” and liberal politicians. They push it like their lives depend on it.

Why? What’s to gain by it? Search me.

St. Paul told us to arm ourselves against “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). Ms. Harvey’s book stresses the point that spiritual wickedness, perpetrated by God’s enemies both natural and supernatural, is real.

As someone who covers the news every day, I’m convinced that’s true.

Baseball Without the Little League

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I am so glad I had my childhood in the 1950s, when you were allowed to play without some adult ordering your every move.

In the summer we liked to play baseball. We did not have 18 kids for two teams, a scoreboard, umpires, adult coaches, uniforms, sponsors, bleachers full of parents, and all the rest. We didn’t have bases. See, in the picture–somebody’s mitt is serving as home plate. And they’re playing on the sidewalk.

But what we did have was games that could last all day if we wanted, in which it was possible to come to bat 100 times and get 50 hits.

So how do you play baseball with only six or seven kids and no sponsors?

Simple–you just use however many of these special rules you need.

*Pitcher’s hand–If any fielder can get the ball back to the pitcher before the batter reaches first base, the batter is out. This makes up for a shortage of infielders.

*Invisible men on base–When the team at bat has only three or four players, one or more can be replaced on the bases by imaginary baserunners. If you hit a double with an invisible man on second, the invisible man scores. If you hit a single, he stops at third.

*Call your field–If you don’t have three outfielders, the batter must declare which field he intents to hit to. If he calls left field and hits to right field, he’s out. This makes up for a shortage of outfielders.

*Special ground rules as needed–What to do if the ball caroms off a tree or any piece of playground equipment, rolls into a mud puddle, etc.

Way back when, we invented new rules as needed, and refined our game so that baseball could be played one-on-one–just a pitcher, just a batter–as long as both players agreed to the imaginary parameters.

Later in life, in the men’s softball league, I found players who came up through Little League to be whiners, complainers, prima donnas, always trying to build themselves up by undermining their teammates–and none of them could hit worth a damn. But when you have 24 kids on a team with room in the lineup for only nine at a time, and some adult deciding whom those nine shall be… it’s a great inducement to concentrate more on politicking than on hitting.

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