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From Marblenecltr’s blog: Idiot Celebrity Endorses Cannibalism

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Human flesh is the finest meat in the world, according to Katy Perry, who puts the “exquisite flavor” of the meat down to “the taboo nature of the product” and the fact that “forbidden pleasures are always the most delicious.” Going as far as to claim that cannibalism is “way…

via Katy Perry: ‘Human Flesh Is The Best Meat; Cannibalism Got A Bad Rap’ — necltr

Words fail me… The probability that she actually knows what she’s talking about is something I would rather not contemplate.

‘A Message from Ezekiel’ (2015)

One of these days I ought to write about the occultism that was going on in the typesetting room of the old Bayshore Independent. I do not mean that as a figure of speech.

For the time being–at least until I get back from the laundromat–there’s this.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 18 (‘Another Social Engineering Fail’)

I am not responsible for the headline supplied by Newswithviews.

How bad is education in America? It’s getting to some point beyond my verbal resources.

‘Trivial But Annoying’ (2015)

Yesterday it was some jerk parked right in the middle of Main Street, creating a traffic jam, while he went into a store. There were no parking spaces open, so he just left his car in the middle of the street.

Betcha anything he’s a liberal.

And P.S., you’ve gotta watch your step around here now, because some other schmendrick is walking his our her big dog all around other people’s yards without cleaning up the creature’s enormous feces.

Trump Kids Ripped for Shooting Dinosaurs

Once again, Mark Dice takes to the street to ask people some absurd questions and get some absurd answers. Here we have assorted passersby condemning President Trump’s sons for hunting and shooting a triceratops, pterodactyl, woolly mammoth, sabertooth tiger…

Bear in mind that every one of these respondents is the product of the costliest, most technology-intensive, most extravagantly praised education system in all of world history. And despite the popularity of prehistoric animals in our consumer culture–toys, movies, TV specials, you name it–there seems to be a goodly chunk of the public that is unaware that these creatures ceased to exist a very, very long time ago.

Yes, I know it’s the easiest thing in the world for Mark Dice to interview a whole lot of people and then just select the responses that he wants to show us.

But in this case there shouldn’t have been any.

‘Christians’ Letters to the Volcano Goddess’ (2015)

When they write the history of this benighted age, they ought to devote at least one volume to the lackluster performance of the institutional church. When it was time to stand, the church was lying down. When it was time to speak up, the church was silent. And so on.

I’m Three Years Old Today!

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So who says Artificial Intelligence is really just artificial stupidity?

We received today a computer-generated reminder from that today is my third birthday. Wow, 65 years taken right off the top! Imagine if they could do that with your weight, too. I just can’t wait till we all have the ability to hook up our brains to a master computer somewhere and all of us be just as smart as whips. First our cars, then our missile defense system, and finally our brains.

Where ‘The Jersey Devil Lurks’

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I wish I could have found a full-color image of this painting. Unfortunately, the original was lost years ago, and this black-and-white is all I could get. In the original, the prevailing color scheme is a rather sinister yellow. I saw a color photo of it many, many years ago in Life Magazine, and never forgot it. I think I must have been ten years old or less.

If you’ve never passed through the Jersey Devil’s home territory, the New Jersey Pine Barrens, I can tell you there’s no other place quite like it. Technological progress left it behind early in the 19th century, the local economy shriveled up, most of the people moved away, and their towns, homes, and factories fell into ruin. The region is known for its odd place names–Ongs Hat, Double Trouble, Speedwell–and its sandy tracks that may or may not accommodate your car and may or may not lead somewhere, or nowhere. A part of it features large vistas of stunted pines that plays tricks on your eyes. You’d swear, from your vantage point on the road, that the pines were full-size. And then a child comes walking through them, and you startle because you think you’re seeing a giant little girl.

All in all, it’s just the kind of country the Jersey Devil would choose to live in, if it lives at all. No one knows. There’s only belief or disbelief.

But when you find yourself alone on one of those deserted, feeble imitations of a road, disbelief is a little harder to come by.

‘Beauty Beyond Bones’ on ‘Oprah and the Golden Globes’

My fellow blogger Beauty Beyond Bones has nailed it.

Not that we want women donning  burqas: but it’s kind of hard to reconcile “I am not a sexual object” with all the slimy content that oozes out of Hollywood.

But these dolts want to be prudes and libertines at the same time. And it won’t work.

The Government Has No Money

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Why is this so hard for so many people to understand? Government has no money of its own. It only has what it can take from us in fees and taxes.  Although that may be interpreted to mean the government has no money because it already has all our money and can get it anytime.

I posted a bit of whimsy last night, offering “free collidge eddication” at Fimbo State, just turn in a thousand cereal boxtops ( A reader, Phoebe, was quick to point out that it wasn’t really “free,” because you’d have to buy all that cereal. And still pay the taxes that fund the school.

How many times have I heard parents say they have to send their kids to wretched public schools because “It’s free”? How many times have we heard lame-brain leftid politicians call for “universal tuition-free college”? And then there’s the crowning idiocy, the “universal guaranteed income.”

But nothing comes without a cost. Wealth is created by people working to provide goods and services to others who want them and are willing to pay for them. It is not created by the government. It is not found growing on trees or scattered on the ground like mannah. If something is “free” to you–a welfare check, say–you can be sure that someone else is paying for it. You are either paying a not-very-subtly hidden cost yourself, by paying, for instance, local school tax, or someone else is paying.

Nobody creates wealth by sitting in a college classroom or staying home to play video games. The more people who are doing things like that, the less wealth is being created. And those who are creating it are forced to support those who aren’t. Potlatch Nation has no future but universal poverty.

Why is that so hard to understand?

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