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Another Fantastic Gag That Didn’t Work

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Comic books in the 1950s advertised for all sorts of incredibly cool things you could send away for–X-ray glasses, Sea Monkeys, this little doohickey you could put in your mouth that would let you throw your voice like a professional ventriloquist… genuine authentic foot-locker full of these pitiful flat plastic soldiers…

And the Joy Buzzer.

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This little treasure, you wound it up and hid it in the palm of your hands, and when your victim shook hands with you, he’d get a loud buzzing shock that’d make him jump a foot in the air. We thought it might’ve been electric, but when my brother and I got our Joy Buzzers, we quickly discovered there was no electricity involved. In fact there wasn’t much of anything involved. If you and the victim really tried on purpose, you could get it to buzz. But usually nothing happened.

At least these things weren’t expensive.

To this day I remain skeptical of the worth of goods and services advertised in comic books.

‘Urine Therapy’???

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No, I don’t want to illustrate this stuff. Here’s a nice basking painted turtle instead.

Here we go again with Colorado. They must be trying to catch up to California as the looniest state in the union.

A bunch of Colorado kooks now claims that “urine therapy” is good for what ails you ( You can drink it, rub it on your skin, or even put it in your eyes. It says so in Healing Water from Within by… Brother Sage. From Boulder. That’s where “Urine Therapy of Colorado” has its regular meetup. What would you pay to be excused from that?

Don’t look now, but our culture’s melting down by inches. Satan’s servants work at it tirelessly.

They’re working toward that point where the whole thing just falls down.

Which is why we should be working to advance Christ’s Kingdom.


Why Do Atheists Do This?

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Advanced atheist rhetoric: see with what forensic skill he makes his point.

I like to start each blogging day by posting a hymn. I pick up the video from Youtube.

And every now and then I came to a page where all comments have been deleted and from which any new comments are blocked. Why should that be?

Well, we can visit pages where this has not yet been done, and then we understand. It seems there are atheists who visit hymn pages to mock and curse the Christians and their faith, hurling profanity at the hymns and the people who wish to listen to them. ‘Cause somehow wanting to listen to a hymn is, uh, imposing your religion or something. But stopping people from listening to hymns is not imposing your religion. It’s not easy to follow this line of reasoning.

So they have to erase the comments because the page gets filled with f-bombs.

I guess when you’re *The Smartest People In The World* it entitles you to insult the peasants. In fact, they ought to thank you for it: how can they appreciate how smart you are, without being made to see how dumb they are? That you’re able and willing to control and manage their stupid lives for them should move them to do cartwheels in their joy.

“Protected minorities” have all become aggressive, always looking to pick a fight because they know the Establishment will back them up. Go ahead, name one protected minority that’s not aggressive.

We didn’t need a crystal ball to see that coming, did we?

Twitter Bans ‘Misgendering’

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This stuff bums me out, and I can’t bring myself to illustrate it. Here’s a nice monarch butterfly instead.

I just found out you can get permanently kicked out of Twitter if they find you guilty of “misgendering” or “deadnaming.” Holy cow, I don’t even know what deadnaming is!

OK, I looked it up. “Deadnaming” is calling someone by his or her real name instead of by whatever stupid handle he or she has chosen. For instance… Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner! Not “Caitlyn.” There, I’ve done it three times. I did it on purpose. Because it’s the truth.

“Misgendering” is the high crime of referring to some mentally ill person by his or her actual biological sex instead of by whatever sex or gender he or she claims to be. It is an offense to speak the truth.

It humiliates us to be forced to speak inane lies that we know are lies. I’d say the schmendricks at Twitter ought to be heartily ashamed of themselves, but shame is an emotion which leftids are not capable of feeling. Ever.

Why Do We Allow This Wickedness?

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I haven’t the heart to illustrate this post with any image related to its disgusting content. Here are a couple of nice salamanders instead.

Complete the sentence and win a tin-foil dunce cap! “I send my children to public school because __________.”

Frank Allis Elementary School, in Madison, Wisconsin–principal compels all the kids in the school to watch a video of their male science teaching “coming out” as a “trans woman” [translation: mentally ill man who says he is a woman], complete with newfangled trannie title–“Mx.” instead of “Ms.” or “Mr.”–and warning that not being on board this program means you’re guilty of “hate” and “fear” (

Parents were never notified that such a video would be shown, so they had no opportunity to keep their kids away from it. Some legal action has begun in response to that.

Question: Does this principal really, truly, honestly, sincerely believe that this guy, this wacko of a science teacher, is now “a woman”? If he does, then he’s as wacko as the other guy and shouldn’t a principal. But if he doesn’t so believe, what does that make him but the most depraved kind of liar?

Why are we letting this happen? What will we say when God asks us, “Why did you allow this to continue?”

It wouldn’t have happened when I was in grade school. The community would not have stood for it–not for a single day.

But now that we’re ruled by bureaucrats, judges, teachers’ unions, and Far Left politicians, the community doesn’t have much to say anymore about anything.

‘An Evil Quote to Remember’ (2016)

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Would you buy a used civilization from this man?

My friend John, the homicide detective, says that in most of his cases, he doesn’t have to do much detecting. “They always blab. They always shoot their mouths off,” he says. “They’ve killed somebody and they just have to brag about it.”

So it is with leftids. You can’t say they’ve never told us what they have in mind for us–in this case, a never-ending “erotic revolt” against morality.

At least Aldous Huxley was honest enough to state it plainly. Or was he only bragging? I think John would say he just couldn’t keep his trap shut.

A Superhero Quandary

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It’s a freakin’ comic book!

You think it’s easy being a superhero? Hah! If only it were just a matter of saving the world, yeah, sure, they can handle that. But all this other stuff–! Like for instance:

Alas, the X-Men have been told their name is obsolete. They were good enough to let a bunch of female superheroes into their club, and by including them, they laid themselves open to being called uninclusive. So Marvel Comics’ executive vice president says the X-Men brand is outdated. Looks like they’re gonna need a new one.

“X-Persons”? Wow, doesn’t that have a ring to it!

And I just thought of another promble with “X-Men.” What if somebody who doesn’t know comic books should hear that as “Ex-men”? They might think “former men.” Trannies, maybe.

How about “X-Bipeds”? Or “X-Living Organisms”? Nah, not inclusive enough.

Ooh-ooh, I’ve got it! The new name for the X-Men!

Brand X.

There! Absolutely can’t beat that. Problem solved!

‘The Most Trusted People in America’ (2013)

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How do you wind up with a poll which finds that “the most trusted person in America” is left-wing Hollywood gavone Tom Hanks?

Well, Reader’s Digest knew how to do it. Draw up a list of persons from which the respondents will choose the ones they trust the most. When you write your lost, make sure nobody’s on it but actors, TV “personalities,” etc.–and do take care to have no one on the list but lefties. And for good measure, make sure you only ask college students.

The big question is, Why did they do that?

There are all sorts of ways to get exactly the results you want, when you take a poll. And none of them are honest.

Dear Firefox: Shut Up!

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Firefox has taken it upon itself to preach the pap of Far Left Crazy, and I must say I resent it. Every time I want to search for something on line, the action passes through a Firefox page which offers informative trendy mostly stupid articles. Usually it’s some kind of Climbit Change hysteria, but yesterday they hit a new low. And of course whoever runs this show for Firefox, they assume that all their users are as depraved and wacked-out as they are. You will never see a conservative item on the Firefox search page. They’re gonna lead us out of the wilderness… and into the loony bin.

Yesterday they were celebrating some 37-year-old man’s delusional “transition” into “a woman.” (Sorry, the quotation marks are strictly necessary.) I guess because it’s “Pride Month,” when you show pride in things you ought to be ashamed of. Anyway, this yop seems to have decided he’s really a “woman” after repeated readings and viewings–why do I assume he can read?–of The Hand-made’s Tail, which he took real serious-like.

Why must we be nagged and browbeaten with this ****? Why are people pushing it? Hello? Hello out there? Anybody? Uh, you do know this is wrong, don’t you–this ridiculous idea that a man can “become a woman”? I mean, you can’t all be that crazy, right? You do know that none of this is true–right?

And yet if I lived in Britain, home of the Magna Carta, I’d be on my way to jail for writing this. Not only is it wrong: it’s required. You tow the party line on this stuff, bro, or you can kiss yourself goodbye.

How did this happen? Why have we surrendered to it? Currently in the West, sodomy is virtually sacred. Woe unto anyone who questions it!

This was accomplished in less than a single human lifetime by a micro-minority who worked at it tirelessly, fanatically. Now they hold the bullhorn; now they dictate to normal people, now they set the rules.

Why did we let it happen?

Probably because we only wanted to live in peace, go about the peaceable business of our lives without boiling our brains in politics. Probably because decent people always get taken advantage of.

This stuff really has to stop.

‘Those Who Can’t Do…?’ (2012)

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Does this look like success to you?

This commercial used to be on the radio a lot. It was for a parenting system devised by some shrink who’d made a total shambles of her own venture into child-rearing.

Like, this is on a par with the Hillary Clinton Charm School. Why would you ever want child-raising tips from somebody whose own kid says he hates her and slams the door in her face? Did you ever do that to your mother?

Boy, is our culture in trouble…

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