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‘Oh, Boy! Science Finds a Way to Implant False Knowledge’ (2016)

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Come to think of it, “false knowledge” isn’t knowledge at all.

As the human race gropes desperately to get a handle on reality, the cumberworlds of Science are working on new, improved ways to teach us things that aren’t true and make us think we “know” them.

Now they can do in a few minutes what it takes schools and television years to do. Way to go, gang. If you can’t make the world better, you settle for making it worse.

[Aside to Weavingword: See, I told you I’d use one of those medieval insults.]

Fat-Head Movie Star Gets a Dose of His Own

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DeNiro at the Tonys: it’s always okay when they do it

Robert “Mr. F-Bomb” DeNiro got a dose of his own medicine the other night at his Broadway musical, “A Bronx Tale,” from a man in the audience who stood up and unfurled a flag that read “Keep America Great” (

It was only last week that DeNiro roundly cursed President Donald Trump in a “speech” at the Tony Awards. And earlier this year, he went to a Climbit Change Conference in Dubai and cursed the American people. He doesn’t like us.

And what do the leftids say about this incident on Broadway? “Well, we had it coming”?

Nah. The prize quote is this. “It’s sad that people can’t enjoy a beautiful show and embrace its unifying message without politicizing it.”

Doh! Hey, Chuckles! When was the last time you watched a football game? And it’s even worse on TV. When was the last time you watched anything that some leftid meat-head didn’t politicize? And if we have to turn to potty-mouth DeNiro for a “unifying message,” I think we need a dictionary.

But that’s liberals–totally unable to see themselves as normal people see them.

University Makes Sexual Harassment Impossible

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Rubella State University has instituted a set of new policies that will make sexual harassment “totally impossible,” says the school’s dean of Diversity Enforcement, Dr. Sylvia Jidrool.

Starting in the fall semester this September, Rubella will ban “all forms of interpersonal interaction,” explains the dean. Students will have to wear blindfolds to, from, and during class and will be forbidden to speak to one another. “No looking, no talking, no touching–no communication of any kind!” says the dean. “Like, if you can’t say anything at all, you can’t say anything wrong. We’re kind of surprised no one’s thought of this before.”

The new rules will not apply to anyone who has made a donation of $500 or more to the Democrat Party. That would be 98.9% of university personnel. For a donation of $1,000 or more, no rules of any kind apply.

But for everyone else, says Dr. Jidrool, “interpersonal interactions will be totally forbidden. Mind you, we do expect our students to keep their Sexual Performance Journals up to date! But you have to do it without seeing, speaking, or touching.”

Some limited communication will be permitted in the form of hand-held bicycle horns.

‘Again–Students Assigned to Write Suicide Notes’ (2015)

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Suicide’s been in the news a lot lately, and I don’t think you need a crystal ball to foresee that there’s going to be more of it in the immediate future. Our culture, commandeered by the left-wing death cult, is trending that way.

And don’t think your kids will be safe because you’ve spent big bucks to send them to a fancy-schmancy private school. Like this one.

It’s true: unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keep watch, the watchman waketh but in vain (Psalm 127:1).

That goes for education, too.

Memory Lane: Major Hoople

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You may have heard me say “Fap!” now and then, and probably asked yourselves, “Did he say ‘fap’? What’s fap?”

I grew up with Sunday color comics in the newspaper, and one of my favorites was “Our Boarding House,” featuring Major Amos B. Hoople, a lovable pompous windbag whose wife, Martha, controlled him by making him go outside to beat the rugs. I wonder if anybody still beats rugs.

Anyhow, when the major’s at a loss for words, he often resorts to his customary exclamations, “Fap!” Usually followed by “Hak-kaff” or “Harrumph!” This sort of eloquence is seldom met with nowadays.

I am unable to confirm a report that Major Hoople left home to become a Diversity Reponse Team People’s Investigator at Fimbo University.

Our Friend Jess Kicks Butt

If this link works, and actually gets you to page 593 of my chess forum, you’ll be able to read fiery comments by our esteemed colleague “jessicafischerqueen.”

If it doesn’t work–aah, fanabla.

Well, that still doesn’t work. All I can tell you at this point is that if you want to read it, you have to go to page 604, not 593. I have no idea how to manage this.

The Dog Park ‘Rape Culture’???

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Sorry, but I can’t spot any rapes in progress. Can you?

It’s getting harder and harder to unpack leftid feminist babble and translate it into English.

Writing for the Portland University Ungendering Research Initiative, whatever the deuce that is, a Ph. D. in Feminist Studies has excoriated city dog parks as places fostering “rape culture and queer performativity” ( She attempts to show how “human companions [people walking their dogs, I think] foster and perpetuate masculinist systems of communal oppression across species” and calls the parks “rape-condoning spaces.”

You’re gonna need a bigger Blather Bingo card.

This is what your collidge tuition dollars buy, folks. Gibberish.

You want your sons and daughters to be “educated” by these kooks because… Fill in the blank and win a prize.

Try to enjoy the hard work you have to do to pay for this.

It’s Getting Weirder and Weirder

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Okay, time for our dumpster-dive into the nooze.

Swept up in the #MeToo hoopla, Netflix has issued a set of Rules to its employees, governing interpersonal behavior–because, after all, all behavior must be governed. Left to their own devices, people will just–well, don’t leave them to their own devices. Keep the leash on tight.

Leading off the list of Rules is an admonition not to look at anybody for more than 5 seconds ( It must make for some rather strained conversations. Also, you can’t ask for a co-worker’s phone number, and there are no “lingering hugs” allowed.

According to Netflix, telling people what to do will “empower” them.

Leftism is getting very, very weird.

On one hand, the Sexual Revolution is still going full-throttle, you’re supposed to “have sex” as many times as physically possible, otherwise you’re a suspicious character, and if you’ve got a perversion, everybody else had better “celebrate” it or else.

But on the other hand, you’ve got this brand-new #MeToo hyper-puritanism, in which you’re not even allowed to look at anyone else beyond a count of five. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to Hook Up without looking at the other party, let alone learning his or her name or phone number. What do you want to bet that’s where they’re headed?

P.S.>> For some more than usually eloquent critiques of the current cultural scene, visit my “Playground Player chessforum” at and read the posts by our highly-esteemed colleague, “jessicafischerqueen.” Man! Is she comin’ at them with the jawbone of an ass, or what? Pardon me while I stand up and cheer!

Spare Us the Lib-Speak

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I think the word that’s truly worn out its welcome with me is “inclusion,” and its adjective form, “inclusive.”

Uh, where is it written that everything has to be “inclusive”? Like, unless it includes everybody you can possibly imagine, it’s not allowed to include anybody.

This is poop.

“Inclusive” words would have no meaning. You have to exclude lots and lots of meanings for any particular word to have a meaning. And how could any kind of group or organization exist, if it genuinely practiced “inclusion”? There is no such thing as a category which includes bloody everything. “We’ve got real inclusion on our college Play-Doh team! Everybody in the world is in it!” Which they’d have to be, or it would fall short of total inclusion.

In ancient days, God confounded the language of mankind (ooooh! I haven’t included wimmin!) at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11).

Nowadays, total confusion is a do-it-yourself project.

The Freak Show

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A friend posted on my chess page yesterday a news article about some famous model who posed with her four-year-old son done up in a pink dress and lady’s makeup, with the noozies cheerleading it all the way. I haven’t the heart to post a link to it.

If the sleep of reason breeds monsters, as Goya once said, the sleep of organized Christianity has bred whole herds of monsters. Our culture is rapidly becoming a 24/7 freak show.

I’m still waiting for an answer to this question: Why is teaching boys to be girls, and girls to be boys, any kind of good idea? What are we supposed to gain from this, besides confusion?

Oh Lord our God! Please remember, when you judge this age, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

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