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The Hypocrisy is Deafening

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I have remembered to write my Newswithviews column this week, and am researching it this morning.

In the course of my research, I had occasion to visit the American Civil Liberties Union website (

There we are exhorted to “become a freedom fighter… Take a stand for what you believe in.”

Oh, wait, hold it. You’re also urged to “push back against xenophobia” and “fight relentless attacks on reproductive freedom.” “Xenophobia” is the forbidden desire to preserve one’s country as one’s country and not melt it down, through unrestricted illegal immigration, into a multicultural puddle of failure. And “reproductive freedom” is abortion.

So, do they want you to “take a stand for what you believe in,” if what you believe in is protecting unborn babies from the abortionist, or securing America’s borders? No, no, no–“Not if you believe in that stuff!”

Probably the ACLU slogan should read, “You take a stand for what I believe in, or else!” We’ll sue you, man, we’ll shut you up, we’ll shut you down. They want to “defend free speech and the right to protest”; but we are at liberty to disbelieve them.

Grilled Eels: Simple but Delicious

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I guess it’s time we gave God thanks for filling the world with delicious food and creating us with the capacity to enjoy it.

Today, among the very few edibles I have successfully prepared, I’d like to talk about eels–freshly caught, and grilled on your own little hibachi on your back porch.

First you have to catch them. The best way to go about catching eels is to let it be widely known that you are fishing for flounder. You’re bound to attract eels. And now I will skip over the fun of getting an eel off your hook, and on to the matter of cleaning it. For this you will need:




Sharp Knife

Cleaning the eel is the hard part. They are, after all, extremely slippery. So what you do is, you nail the eel’s head to a tree, make a starter cut through the skin, and then use the pliers to peel off the whole skin in one deft movement. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is, if you do it right. And then it’s a simple matter to remove the internal organs. The rest of the recipe follows:

1 eel (more, if the eels are small, or if there are more than the two of you for dinner)

Hibachi with coals.

Aluminum foil.

Pats of butter as needed.

Cut the eel into servings. What we’re going to do is cause the zillion little rib bones to melt away without a trace. Wrap each piece, with a pat of butter, in foil and place on the hibachi.

Grill slowly for about 30 minutes. The foil will protect the eel from burning, but you do want to melt those rib bones.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it! You won’t believe how tasty those eel sections are, especially with a drop or two of lemon or lime juice, and a pinch of parsley. Don’t use a lot of extras, because grilled eel has a delicate flavor and the meat is very tender.

And now my mouth is watering!

An Ignoramus’ Gripe Against ‘Religion’

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Wind ’em up and see ’em flap their jaws. No thought necessary.

We were reading an interview with a Scotch actor whose name is not important: call him Legion. They asked him, “What makes you angry?” and he answered, “Religion!” And went on to say, like they all say, that “religion” causes all the world’s wars and every other problem you can think of, and what a paradise this world would be without it, imagine no possessions, be sure to wear a flower in your hair, etc. etc.

Completely disregarding, or else completely unaware of, the fact that communist governments, officially and aggressively atheist, murdered more people in the 20th century alone than all the world’s religions put together managed to bump off in a thousand years. Or two thousand.

Heart of stone, and head of thickest fat–does he really, truly believe in some kind of atheist utopia? What does he think it would be like–a theme park for sex, drugs, and not having to pay for things?

It’s not surprising to hear an actor from the UK say such things. It’s sort of required of them. But I would like to know where they get it in the first place. From their parents? Their schools? What they see and hear on television, growing up? Is there someone who sits down and teaches them how to be morons?

It takes a special kind of stupidity not to see the camps, the barbed wire, the piles of dead bodies strewn in communism’s wake.

It is true that Christians throughout Western history have not been good Christians. It was not Our Lord Jesus Christ who told us to launch the Thirty Years’ War. We have not obeyed the word of God. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with God’s laws. No one proposes to discard man’s laws because criminals break the law. Although I can easily imagine a leftid coming up with that.

Christianity–and even, to a certain extent, other religions–seeks to restrain the ferocious evil that dwells in the human heart.

Atheism’s habit is to turn it loose.

Mao and Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro–you could look it up.

‘Christian Mommy’ Goes Evil

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Where do you even begin with a story like this?

We start with a “Christian mommy blogger” who becomes the idol and oracle of millions, writes a New York Times best-seller, makes boxcar-loads of money–and then “marries” another woman ( … sorry, it’s one of those stupid links that’s impossible to copy because it’s too long: if you want to read the original story, go to Newsbusters).

This woman dumped her husband. She has three children. So what? They might as well be three goldfish, for all the serious thought they get. I hope I would take care of a goldfish better than this Christian mommy is taking care of her children.

And in the spirit of stomping all over the Third Commandment (“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”), this Christian mommy takes refuge in tired old flatline Protestant cliches.

Jesus never gave a sermon denouncing homosexuality; therefor homosexuality is perfectly okay. (He never denounced abortion, either. Guess that’s okay, too.)

Oh! And we can’t possibly proceed without the slogan, “LOVE WINS!” Yeah. Any ol’ kinda “love.” Doesn’t matter what kind.

O Lord Our God, when you judge our nation, remember, we pray, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Yeah, They’re Crazy

I think if I were offered Tucker Carlson’s job, I’d be convinced I was having a bad dream. Or maybe a nervous breakdown.

In this outing, Tucker interviews a smirking paramecium named Dakotah Something, who thinks socialism really, really works and America should try to be like Venezuela. ‘Cause all the probs down there, he says between smirks, are caused by bad people trying to ruin the government’s plans to create a workers’ paradise. Damn, it’s a tough row to hoe, for those “dedicated Chavistas.”

Workers, eh? Socialism is full of airheads who never did a day’s work in their lives. What would they know about work?

Watch this kid’s face and listen to his words. This is a product of our education system. This is what we’re getting for our money.

This is our national folly come to life.

And what we’re supposed to do with the hundreds of thousands like him that our colleges are turning out, beats me.

You and Your Past Lives

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I don’t know why these publicists think I’d be one to review their clients’ books. Do they think I’ll live forever? I mean, I’ve got limited time on this planet, and I can’t waste it reading about “Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes.”

But Lee! It’s be a certified past life regression therapist! Certified by whom? How do you get certified to do past lives regression when there’s no such thing as past lives? It is given to man once to die, but then after this the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). So sorry, I can’t play past lives with you unless I abandon Jesus Christ.

But there’s evidence! Hey, honest–it’s been on TV! Oh, well, if it’s been on TV–! Actually, it’s rather insulting to be offered that line of argument. It has put me in a bad mood.

But it really, really works! F’r’instance, “a prior personality who was very effective in business may help me with a current management program.” Yeah–and what if all your past lives belonged to fools and reprobates?

And this is mostly from people who turn up their noses at the Bible! Oh, that’s all just made-up stories! But this past lives booshwa, man, that’s real!

Lord, I’m ready to wake up now. Can I please wake up now?


Memory Lane: Sing Along With Mitch

This is the theme song for Mitch Miller’s hit TV show, Sing Along With Mitch, vintage 1961.

I think everybody I knew had a Mitch Miller record album or two. Back then, he was just about the only guy who had a beard but wasn’t a beatnik. Good grief, remember them? Some of us heard a rumor that a certain person in the neighborhood had actually become a beatnik, and grown a beard, and a bunch of us kids stood outside his house one night for I don’t know how long, hoping to get a glimpse of such a curiosity.

Anyhow, Mitch provided millions of people with songs they could sing in front of their kiddies without embarrassment, and entertainment galore.

If he tried his act today, he’d either make a fortune like he never dreamed of, or be arrested for hate speech and uninclusiveness.

The Second Tower of Babel

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Trying to prove himself God’s equal, Satan always tries to do what God does. The result is never more than a lame or perverted imitation. But God confounded human language, to stop the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), so Satan has gotta confound the language, too.

He has chosen our colleges and universities to serve him in this enterprise.

Take a gander at this snippet from The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston.

“John Hoopes organized a talk at his university… When I asked him what the talk would cover, he explained to me the discussion would be mostly aimed at helping students ‘think about how “hot” issues such as those of colonialism, white supremacy, hypermasculinity, fantasy and imagination, and indigenous rights… intersect with the narratives that have been and are being spun about [an archeological site].” (pgs. 275-276)

If they thought the jungle growth around their site was thick, it was nothing compared to the impenetrable mass of academic drivel now growing up around it. You’re trying to learn something about an archeological study, and you have to machete your way through all that pure crapola… You’ll never be able to cut it down as fast as it grows up. Academic drivel grows like kudzu.

And in another email sent to me today, Gloria Steinem–a silly old fraud who tries to think young, but hasn’t had a new idea since 1972–blames “forced childbirth” for Global Warming. By “forced childbirth” she means, I think, simply not having an abortion. You see, abortion helps to Save The Planet.

How come everything low-down, bad, or evil is pitched to us as necessary to Save The Planet? I mean, if that were really what we had to do to save it, would it even be worth saving?

But again we see language being used to lie to us and confuse us. I’m sure you can think of as many more examples as I can.

‘The Chance of a Lifetime’!

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Yeah, that’s what they’re calling it–“the chance of a lifetime!”

Chance of what?

Why, a chance to win the glorious, scarcely-imaginable prize of flying to Catalina Island for a picnic with… Bruce Gender! Or whatever he’s calling himself, these days.

A publicist emailed me yesterday to seek my help in drumming up ballyhoo for this contest. “When you think of courage, determination and inspiration, you can’t hardly help but think of” Bruce Gender, said she. Sorry, lady, but I am not going to call this guy “Caitlyn” or refer to him by female pronouns, just because he’s had himself surgically and pharmacologically mutilated. And when I do think of courage, determination and inspiration, I’d probably have to think obsessively about it for the rest of my life, and that guy’s name still wouldn’t come up.

Every cell in that man’s body is still male, no matter what they do to him cosmetically. He is a lost soul who is to be pitied. And you, madam, aid and abet him in his crimes against himself and against the sovereignty of God. That makes you worse than he is.

All funds raised by the contest, by the way, go to Brucie’s foundation for “equality and transgender rights.”

If you can’t think of at least 1,500 worthier causes than that… well, shame on you.

Memory Lane: ‘What Did Delaware?’

Hoo, boy, do I need a sanity break! The delivery man ignored the sign we taped to the door, “Place All Deliveries in the Foyer,” and left the box on the front step: I almost broke my neck on it when I stepped outside. “Foyer? What’s a foyer?” And then the bank threw up all sorts of bureaucratic obstacles to my opening a Qualifying Income Trust account for Aunt Joan so she can get on Medicaid…Eeyah!!! You should see the paperwork!

Right. Okay. Chinese food tonight. I am afraid my wife will plotz if she has to make supper, after all this.

But this song brought a smile to my face.

Perry Como, 1959–What Did Delaware? “She wore a brand New Jersey,” of course. Hey, I remember this song! And I like it even better now. It’s funny, witty, clever, and also pretty good at teaching a ten-year-old some United States geography.

Lean back and enjoy it!

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