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The Most PC Cop Show Ever

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My wife was sick all day Sunday, so when she rallied enough to want to watch something, last night, I was happy to let her choose the show. She chose the new episode of The Brokenwood Mysteries, made in New Zealand. We’d watched several seasons’ worth, and liked it.

Now it has become a show in which characters actually babble about “diversity” and “inclusion” as real things that are important in their lives. The setting is a small town in which there are no intact families. Not even one. And you can always tell who’s going to turn out to be the murderer, or at least a victim who richly deserved it, because it’ll be a character–usually a “Christian,” whatever they think they mean by that–who stands out because he’s the only one not on full-throttle, cartwheel-turning support for everything sodomy. One individual–naturally, the wisest, wittiest, and most benign human being in Brokenwood–is billed as the town’s “first gay mayor.” As if he were to start a whole dynasty of homosexual mayors. Even the little old lady who takes walks is, like, totally woke.

It’s indescribably dreary. The episode ended with the police counseling the estranged lesbian pair to give it another go because “love wins” or something.

Can’t blame Hollywood for this travesty. This is a New Zealand caper, all the way.

But is this what screenwriters and “entertainment” honchos really, truly, think our lives should be? What could be more depressing than the flat, barren, dead sameness of “diversity”?

But if people really lived like that, it wouldn’t be long before there were no more people.


‘Is Europe’s Soul Dead?’ (2016)

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You really have to wonder about Europe.

Was it the two world wars that shook Europe off its Christian foundation? Or the wave of unprecedented prosperity that followed after the Marshall Plan? Whatever the cause, Europe’s in pretty sad shape now. As exemplified by this:

You can learn about a people just by watching the TV shows and movies they produce. If it’s popular, it must be because its message resonates with most of the audience.

That’s grim news indeed.

He’s Not Famous, After All

So they’re playing Jeopardy on TV last night, the category is “U.S. House of Representatives” (, and this guy’s picture comes up.

And none of the contestants–even though they know he has something to do with the House of Reprehensibles–can tell you who it is!

Maybe you can do better. Image result for images of adam schiff We’ll even make it multiple choice.

This is a picture of:

A. Bela Lugosi’s love child

B. A giant cockroach

C. A multiple bank robber wanted by the FBI

D. Someone with an unfortunate disease

E. House Chief Trump-Hunter Adam Schiff (D-CA)

No one on the Jeopardy panel knew who it was. No one even took a wild guess. (“Mr. Potato Head?”) Crikey, the guy’s led every anti-Trump witch-hunt for the past three years, the nooze media think he’s a god, his eyes pop out of your TV screen every night–and nobody can identify him?

Maybe they ought to put his picture on a milk carton.

Nah. It’d make the milk go bad.

‘Those Who Can’t Do…’ (2012)

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If Jabba the Hutt were trying to sell you a weight-loss elixir, you wouldn’t buy it, would you?

This is the century of the Incompetent Expert, who totally fails at the very thing he or she is supposed to be an expert in. In this case, child-rearing.

Actually, I haven’t heard this commercial on the radio in quite some time; maybe the public got wise to this caper. I mean, who wants to pay for child-rearing tips from some Expert whose own teenager slams the door in her face and throws a tantrum?

Want to See Something Weird?

Grim figure banished by enlightenment.

Monster fleeing from Science, Industry, and Education

Within walking distance of my home is Roosevelt Park, a county park established during the Great Depression, home to one of the weirdest sculptures that you’ll ever see.

“Light Dispelling Darkness” was sculpted in 1937 as a WPA project of government-financed art: there’s a reason why so much of America’s painting and sculpture from that era looks like it was made in the Soviet Union. It’s a fountain with a globe on top–which I used to call “the ant world” when I was a little boy.

Image result for images of sculpted fountain in roosevelt park edison nj

Gathered under the globe are the forces of Light–to wit, Science, Industry, and (LOL) Education. Around the edge of the fountain, fleeing from the Light–are we getting a wee bit Zoroastrian here?–are the Forces of Darkness: Ignorance, Poverty, Disease, War… and, of course, Capitalist Greed.

Gimme that old Worldly Wisdom, it’s good enough for me!

Yes, the sane application of science and industry has lifted millions of people, world-wide, out of poverty and misery–much to the dismay of the Far Left, we might add. As for Education–well, that isn’t worth much anymore. Not after what they’ve done to it.

“Light Dispelling Darkness” is a relic of a time when things were bad and optimists reckoned times would be good again, if only they pulled the right strings and pressed the right buttons.

But except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it (Psalm 127:1).

‘Some Things I Do Not Miss’ (2013)

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These I miss! Why can’t we bring these back, instead of hippies?

My life is definitely better now that I don’t have television in it anymore: I am spared exposure to things that might melt my brain.

Most of you are probably not old enough to remember the expensive jeans fad of the mid-1970s. Same as Sears or Wrangler jeans, but at five times the price. “You’ve got the look!” The look of a sucker, they mean.

And as for hippies, well, I’m afraid they’re coming back.

This Is Fashion?

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Goya said the sleep of reason produces monsters. He should see what the sleep of decency produces.

Susan thought I ought to take a look at this “Men’s Fashion Collection 2020” and share it with you, as more proof of culture rot. As if any more proof were needed.

Men’s Fashion 2020 Collection Is Finally Here!

I don’t know (because the article doesn’t say) whose “collection” this was, or where the show was held. I am glad it wasn’t held in my neighborhood. As for the pictures, be warned: this is not the kind of stuff that comes out of sane minds.

How come you never see real people wearing any of these monstrosities that you see in fashion shows? I mean, not even to a Halloween party. To think there are individuals who consent to be photographed in such a state is not a pleasant thought.

Hang on to your Christianity, everybody. We need it.

Libs: Only 24%

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Nothing beats logic like a good loud scream!

Here’s a story the nooze media won’t be shouting from the housetops.

According to a new Gallup Poll (sample size: 29,000 persons interviewed),  people who identify as liberals are only 24% of the public–compared to conservatives, at 37%, and moderates at 34% ( That comes out to 71% vs. 24%, with the remaining 5% floating around somewhere in the idunnosphere.

Furthermore, Gallup warns ominously, “the gap is growing.”

But why should libs worry? They own the Democrat Party, our free and independent nooze media, our schools and colleges, and Hollywood: 24% dictates to the other 76%.

Even so, you’d think, with so much power and influence, they could do a lot better than 24%. It must be hard to win over public opinion with ideas that most people think are crazy and spokespersons that most people find obnoxious. Libs have been attacking President Trump day and night, every day and night, since Nov. 9, 2016, and still haven’t been able to turn the country against him.

Y’know, maybe that’s why they act so crazy! Because everything they’ve tried just isn’t working.

The nooze media owned by the 24% does try very, very hard to convince us that if we, personally, are not on board for socialism, open borders, transgender, and letting the UN run our foreign policy, we are in the minority somehow. But we’re not. They are.

The 24% has worked very hard for a long time to acquire the power and influence it now enjoys.

If the rest of us worked half as hard, we’d blow ’em out of there in days.

The Assisted Suicide… Industry

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

When Canada in 2016 made it okay for doctors to help their patients kill themselves, no one expected a new industry to grow up around it. Even though that’s what always happens, every time some liberal politicians or judges discover a new “right” that wasn’t on the books before.

So now Canada, thanks to assisted suicide, has a growing “spare parts” trade (

Check out this headline from The Ottawa Citizen: “Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario.” Hip, hip, hooray. And, in the text, “Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD)–” dig the cute acronym–“are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives…”

You name it, people make money on it. Assisted suicide is turning into big business. All these people rubbing their palms as they wait for you to snuff it. And if you’re a little slow to tell ’em to pull your plug, there’s always someone leaning over your hospital bed to remind you of all the good you’ll be doing, so why don’t you get a move on, etc.

So first it’s in your interest to die, to escape unrelievable suffering. Then it’s in the interest of those who will get well if they can gave one or more of your organs. It’s also in the interest of those who will make money on the deal, but it’s tactless to mention it. And finally, offing yourself probably helps Save The Planet.

Leftism kills.

‘Another Real-World Fantasy’ (2011)

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I don’t know how this actually turned out, since, you know, newspapers never follow up on anything. Somewhere out there is, or was, a “secular humanist Sunday school,” sponsored by a Jewish Temple from which God has been expelled.

If I made up something like that and put it in one of my fantasy novels, people would say I was tainting my story with satire. But then the Left is always saying and doing things that satirize themselves.

I wonder what kind of worship songs they sing.

There are some things it’s better not to know.

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