‘Plead with the Lord to Save Us’ (2014)

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How depraved is our culture? How did we reach the point where a total moral imbecile gets to give the State of the Union message?

Well, it goes back a ways. Here’s a bit from 2014. We were already raising a bumper crop of perversion–and pouring tax money into it, too!

Plead With the Lord to Save Us

Did we stop funding Planned Parenthood when they exhorted our teenage children to “try” sadomasochism? Did we chase them out of our schools and our communities with pitchforks and torches?

Nope. Not America. Still letting them do it to us, nine years later…

Oops! ‘High Rating’ for Grammies Was… Spin

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I should’ve remembered these people never tell the truth.

This year’s Grammy Awards had 12.4 million viewers. Far Left Crazy is spinning that as a total victory in the culture wars, they win, we lose.

Not so fast there, chuckles.

The reason 12.4 million viewers looks so good is only by comparison to last year’s debacle–only 8.8 million. But compared to its 2020 ratings–18.7 million–it was a bust (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/media-hypes-terrible-ratings-awful-grammy-awards-show-best-since-2020/). So it’s really a no-go for a fundamental transformation into a new transgender, Satan-worshiping America.

The whole thing is nothing but a big finagle.

Caught you, didn’t we?

Wackos on Culture Wars: ‘We’ve Won!’

Sam Smith & Kim Petras Deliver Fiery Performance of "Unholy" | 2023 GRAMMYs

No, I did not watch the Grammy Awards last night. So I missed MSNBC’s “Joy” Reid saying “The culture wars are over and The Left won!” (https://dailycaller.com/2023/02/06/joy-reid-ron-desantis-grammys-culture-war/).

Yeah. Oh, boy–Satanism! Oh, boy–sodomy! Oh, boy, wow–diversity,equity, and inclusion! On behalf of all this great stuff, Reid celebrated “the total defeat” of conservatism. “They can’t win!”

The ratings for this monstrosity were up 30% from last year. I don’t know why; but I strongly suspect that it does not mean that the American people have embraced the Far Left Crazy. I don’t know how the Left gets away with continually and even obsessively provoking us, but I’m pretty sure most of us have not switched sides.

The Left thinks it’s won the culture wars.

I pray it’s the beginning of their collapse. Meanwhile, I’m still fighting.


‘Mister Rogers’ Must Die!

Boo! Hate! Menace! Transphobia! Gllaaaaaaaaaah…!

The Far Left Crazy is hopping mad about antique video clips of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” in which it seems the children’s TV star is coming out against Transgender decades before anybody ever heard of Transgender (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/old-clips-mister-rogers-talking-kids-gender-triggering-people-left-video/).

They can’t assassinate Mr. Rogers because he died 20 years ago. But damn those old-time videos! Can’t something be done to censor them? I mean, really!! What could be more hateful, more racist, more bloodthirsty, than saying “Boys grow up to be daddies and girls grow up to be mommies”?

They’re all over TikTok complaining about it. TikTok is owned by the Chinese Communist Party and Congress is working to ban it from all government devices.

Yes, it’s come to this. They hate Mr. Rogers.

Not quite all there, are they?

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 2 (‘Who You Are’ Trumps ‘What You Can Do’)

How to Survive a Fall Through Ice: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

This is ice that won’t support the human race.

I’m still shaking my head over the clumsy, inept “women’s figure skater” who is actually a man and was only featured in a sporting event because insane ideology demanded it.

‘Who You Are’ Trumps ‘What You Can Do’

How far do we have to let this wicked stupidity go? Really, it has to stop. In addition to a spiritual pollution, it could also lead to widespread sterility. Maybe even extinction. The Favored Few could download their minds into robots and live forever with none of us plebs to get underfoot.

Or at least they think they can.

‘Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise’ (2018)

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I’m convinced the only reason for stuff like this is the sheer indescribable pleasure of telling other people what to do and making them do it. There’s a certain kind of creature who’s born that way.

Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise

“Company culture”–hot dog! Your work day’s never really over! They never actually let go of you. And everybody has to be the same! That’s “Diversity.”

You Just Can’t Win

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Maybe it really is a metaphor for life.

A friend of mine, back in the 1970s, got a grant from the university to publish a magazine called “Popular Culture.” The first thing we did was to hold an organizational meeting, open to all. Forty or fifty people showed up for it.

The next thing was to create an editorial staff. “We don’t know any of you,” we told our audience, “so what we’ll do is this: Anyone who wants to be an editor can be an editor.” Six or seven people took us up on that.

My friend was troubled. “We don’t have enough black people on our editorial board,” he said.

“But we offered editorial positions to anyone who wanted one,” I said. “We rejected no one! What could be fairer than that?”

But he was still unhappy with it. “If you’re going to turn this into some kind of affirmative action exercise, you can count me out,” I said. So we went with what we had and managed to generate two issues before my friend, now a publisher, lost interest and let the whole thing fold.

I thought it was a pretty cool magazine. We had articles on professional wrestling as a metaphor for life (my article), Carlos Castaneda (remember him?), Kojak, game shows, etc. The editors did their best, and it was pretty good.

Nowadays I suppose we’d be branded White Supremacists and the self-appointed people’s tribunal would come gunning for us.

Lesson: You just can’t please some people; and it’s a waste of time to try.

What the Dickens Is This?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Was this someone’s idea of a portrait sculpture?

I’m sure I read somewhere that courts of law are not supposed to enter into any judgment with a suite of political prejudices guiding the judges’ decisions.

So what’s an 8-foot tall statue in honor of “abortion rights” doing on the steps of a New York City courthouse in the Flatiron District? It looks like a knockoff of Botticelli’s “Venus” as interpreted by H.P. Lovecraft.

Here’s the original:

The Birth of Venus" Botticelli - An Analysis of the Birth of Venus Painting

The statue has been nicknamed “NOW” as an homage to abortion-loving feminism.

Looks like pro-life defendants can expect a raw deal in this court. Well, at least the court’s prejudice is–shall we say “nakedly”?–apparent.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.

‘You May Have a Future As Compost!’

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Alas, poor Yorick…

How does “the Urban Death Project” grab you? Your child dies, but not to fret–we can turn him into compost!

You May Have a Future as Compost!

Humanists detest humanity. Alive, they want us eating bugs and fornicating, but also sterile; dead, they want to use us as fertilizer.

“All they that hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:36 says it best. In hating God’s creation, they hate the Creator, too.

Judgment awaits them.

‘Have They Really Changed Our Morals?’ (2019)

Gaslighting: How to Recognize it and What to Say When it Happens

Do you ever get the feeling that our “entertainment” industry is… well, gaslighting us? Trying to make us think there’s something wrong with us for not buying into weird notions that apparently everybody else believes in.

Have They Really Changed Our Morals?

It’s gotten to the point that we have to be careful what we watch. Everywhere you look, there’s an agenda. And it is not a Christian agenda.

And what they’re showing us as “reality” is not real.