O Christmas Tree!

We have a real Christmas tree every year. It’s a tradition. For both of us here, it brings back Christmas memories going all the way back to early childhood. And some of our ornaments, handed down by grandparents, are older than that.

But in recent years, most people have gone for artificial trees.

Until this year.

This year the word is that the demand for real trees is higher than it’s been for years (https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2020/11/27/christmas-tree-more-americans-flocking-to-fresh-cut-evergreens). In fact, sales reached a new high even before Thanksgiving.

They’re trying to chalk this up to King COVID somehow, but I think the truth is more profound than that. And simpler.

This year, more than other years, we need Christmas. We need the family and the Christmas tree, and we need it all to be real, we need the carols; and above all, we need our Savior, Jesus Christ. We’ve been trying to get buy on fake stuff longer than is good for us. Our souls are starving. We need Christ to be born in us, in our hearts.

We don’t need any more fake nooze, fake elections, fake celebrities, fake science, phony world leaders–we’ve had enough, and we’re choking on it.

We need the Baby in the Manger–and His Father, the God who has blessed everything that is wholesome, sane, and decent.

‘Bob Dylan Sued for “Race Hatred”‘ (2013)

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Everyone’s a racist

You just about have to ask Bob Dylan, “How does it feel?” And he probably wouldn’t answer, “Like a rolling stone.”

Bob Dylan Sued for ‘Race Hatred’

One-world idiocy goes back a long way. Here’s Dylan in 2013 getting sued by Croations under a French law over comments made in an American magazine.

How about that? This particular bit of nonsense has given me an idea for this week’s Newswithviews column.

Memory Lane: The Sears Christmas Catalog

1959 Sears Christmas Book | Christmas books, Christmas catalogs, Vintage  christmas

What kid growing up in the 50s or 60s didn’t love this–the annual Sears, Roebuck Christmas catalog?

I spent hours and hours with these. I mean, come on–what’s better than a day off from school because it’s snowing too hard, curled up on the sitting room couch with the Sears catalog?

Everything was in there! Even guns. But my favorite was the section devoted to assorted play sets–the farm, Cape Canaveral, the circus, dinosaurs, Wild West: wow, they had everything!

Animal World Farm Playset (12 Medium size animals in a bag) - Curious Kids

I do wish I still had some of those rubber-nosed rockets and spring-powered launchers from the Cape Canaveral play set. I still have farm animals, circus animals, and jungle animals–and dinosaurs, of course–from other sets. Reminders of sweet Christmas Past. Priceless now.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen a Sears Christmas catalog. Do they still publish them?

But my box of animals is still here, to bring to mind the people that I loved, and family Christmas at my grandpa’s house, and early, early Christmas morning, and my first sight of the decorated tree, the job my father did after he packed his kids off to sleep…

A Quick Question!

Tee-Shirt Superman Logo With A Blue Question Mark - Black-White-Tshirt.com

I don’t know that anyone has ever asked this question, let alone answered it:

How does Superman get a haircut?

I mean, he’s invulnerable, right? Indestructible. Bullets bounce off him like spitballs. So isn’t his hair like the rest of him? If you could cut his hair, wouldn’t you be able to cut him?

By now he ought to look like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

And how would he cut his toenails and fingernails? The scissors or nail clippers would just break–right?

Someone ought to have thought these things through.

Souper Man he Is Woke!!!!

I Wanted to Be Superman. I Failed. | Psychology Today Ireland

We hadded a spacial lexture in Nothing Studies this moaning it “was” All Abuot Souper Hearose exspatially Souper Man!!! I seen a Souper Man Moovy oncet but “I” “nevver” readed the boocks be Couse thare whas “tooo menny” Big Wurds in themb!!

So too-day “we” lurnt All Abuot Souper Man and hiss gurlfrend Lowest Lain,, and haow “he” “Puts” clotheses on sow he “canbe” Kunta Kinte i think thats “The” nayme!! He “and” Lowest thay Are boath Nooze Repotters!!!!

Souper Man he flyes al Aruoand the sitty so “he Can” Bust crimbinnles for Climbit Chainge DeNile, Miss Jendering, In Come Innyquailitty, Trans Fobbier, And SISTEMBIC RACISM (that Is “the” Big One!!)!!

Somb tyimes “he” “gets” Help fromb Utther Souper Hearose like Batt Man, Spyder Man, and Black Lies Mater!!! Oncet thay All whurked Toogetthar to Bust a “Churtch” ware the Minnistor he woodnt do Gay Marridge!!!! The Souper Hearose thay “had” “To” “Fihght” thare whay past Three Olled Laydys whoo was puting Flours in the Churtch Whindose!!!!

Fromb nhaow Onn, himb and Lowest Lain thay are goingto Fihght Wyte Privlidge and Trans Fobbier Et.c.!!

And I amb hapy thay “are” goingto Taik “a lot” Of themb Big Whurds ouat “Of” the Commick Boocks so i Can reed themb!!!!!!!

‘Muslim Vikings: Baloney! Says Scholar’ (2017)

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Hmmm… How long did that “Muslim vikings” fad last? Half an hour, maybe?

Muslim Vikings: Baloney! Says Scholar

To correct two more misconceptions about the vikings:

*The word “viking” refers to a profession, not a nationality. Anyone could “go a-viking” or be a viking. Today we would call that profession armed robbery or brigandage.

*Vikings never wore horned helmets. Centuries earlier, some of the Gauls did. But Vikings did not.

Trust me. I’m an official and bona fide expert on the vikings. You could look it up.

Memory Lane: Chia Pets

Chia Bull | Chia pet, Garden gifts, Pets

Back in the 1970s, when cable TV was in its infancy, regular broadcast TV was chock-full of commercials for these–Chia Pets. You had these clay figurines and you coated them with Chia seeds, and voila–you had a lamb with a woolly green coat, or some guy with a big green afro.

At least that was what was supposed to happen. We gave one to Grammy and Uncle Bernie for Christmas, but try as they might, they couldn’t get the Chia seeds to sprout. And my mother said, “Oh, well! Nothing ever works for them.” Not entirely fair, I thought: but all they ever got out of it was a bare clay sheep.

I don’t know how many of these were sold, but given the sheer number of commercials, they must have been successful somewhere. Did any of you have Chia Pets that sprouted?

And then the commercials stopped and that was that. Chia Pets are still available online, but it’s hardly the fad it once was.

Imagine if you could accurately predict what was going to become a fad. But who saw the hula hoop coming? Or pet rocks? Or those shoes with springs on them so you could boing-boing down the sidewalk like a kangaroo? Some of my friends had those, but all they got out of them was a series of prat falls.

Pop culture: go figure!

‘They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs’ (2017)

If liberals were as good at creating wealth as they are at destroying it, we’d all be rich.

But what they’re really good at is arranging for other people to pay the price for liberals’ insane public policies.

They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs

No sacrifice is too great for you to make for their beliefs. And best of all, if you don’t want to make that sacrifice, then you’re a Hater! And a Biggit, too! How dare you not let some Stalinist pipsqueak dictate your thinking?

Liberalism is only a nice word for predatory folly that others have to pay for.

‘The Ultimate Safe Space’ (2016)

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Where can you go where there’s no one richer, better-looking, smarter, or more talented than you? Where nowhere is heard a discouraging word? Or any word at all, for that matter.

The cemetery is the ultimate safe space!

The Ultimate Safe Space

It’s even better than college, because there’s no pressure to do anything. Well, okay, there are colleges like that, too. They come as close to being a graveyard as you can with the inhabitants still technically alive.

And best of all–even after you’re buried, you can still vote!

‘Beware “the Narrative”‘ (2016)

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Now “teachers” and “journalists” lie about lying. Enter a whole new dimension of mendacity: “the narrative.”

Beware ‘the Narrative’

Do we ever reach a point where the Democrat Party has trained us never to say anything that’s true? The noozies and the college profs are just about there already. What will life be like when we can’t believe a single word that anybody says?

Reassure me that they’re not working precisely toward that end.