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Don’t Compel the Jerks to Stand

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In our email today was an invitation to sign a petition to compel players and fans at football games to stand for the National Anthem. I will always stand for the National Anthem; but, believe it or not, I really don’t like the idea of forcing any other adult to do it.

The jerks in football kneel instead of stand because they want to “protest” what a no-good lousy country America is. They want to show contempt for my country–and, I suppose, theirs, too–fine. I can then show my contempt for their idiotic protest by not watching their idiotic game. Who wants to be nagged for three hours by a bunch of Far Left fat-heads in the ESPN broadcast booth, anyway?

Freedom of speech really must include the freedom not to speak. We have the Pentagon forcing military officers, under threat of the destruction of their careers, to “affirm” unholy same-sex parodies of marriage. Forcing people to say things that are repugnant to their consciences. This is not free speech. There’s something kind of Red China about it.

Maybe forcing these dolts to stand for the anthem might make them think, “Hey, this is what Christians feel like when they’re forced to say they approve of gay marriage!” But I think the chances of that happening approach zero, statistically.

Turning off the games sends a much clearer message that even a millionaire moron in shoulder pads ought to be able to understand.

The Threat of Male Masculinity

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A reader tipped me off today that “male masculinity is actually a huge issue.” I guess female masculinity is okay, though.

Male masculinity is a big promble because it’s tied to “masculine ideologies,” whatever they are. “Scholars” say so. And interllecturals at collidge. It’s such a terrible problem that Princeton University, this summer, was looking to hire a certified clinician as a “men’s engagement manager” because apparently male or masculine behavior is a medical or psychological affliction.

Why worry? Aren’t our education establishment, Hollywood, activists of every description, and the nooze media doing absolutely everything they can to weed out every kind of masculinity? If any can still be found, it won’t be for want of trying on their part.

Except, of course, that portion of really aggressive macho man crap that will always be reserved for king-sized Democrat donors, Hollywood big shots who haven’t been publicly exposed, and musclebound idiot football players who act like caricatures of lesbians but are useful when it comes to keeping the peasants entertained: someone has to provide the bread and circuses. Those few will still be allowed the luxury of behaving like male impersonators. All the rest of us XY-chromosome types will be expected to–I don’t know: act like girls?

I wonder how many men had to die on the beach on D-Day for the Real Smart People of today to prattle about the dangers of male masculinity?

And I wonder if any of the Western nations, as Western nations are today, could have survived more than a few days of World War II.

God created male and female.

We create pure drivel.

The Awfulness of ‘Queen for a Day’

My Grandma had what I could only think of as a very strange taste in television. I ought to know: I spent many an afternoon at her house, just the two of us.

She loved those old soap operas with the creepy organ music, most of whose plots seemed to consist of old ladies getting a raw deal; but the show that really gave me the willies was Queen for a Day. As I remember the format, the poor old trout with the most baroque sob story got to be Queen for a Day and received a lot of rather cheap prizes. This pioneering effort in reality TV ran on NBC from 1956-1960, and on ABC till 1964. It has since been equaled many times for sheer horribleness, but never surpassed.

For entertainment and edification value, it ranked somewhere between a deep paper cut and stepping in what your neighbor’s Great Dane left on your lawn when he got loose.

Oops! Wrong video! Somehow I got the 28-minute sample instead of the 2-minute one. Please don’t feel obliged to sit through the whole thing. Two or three minutes is more than enough.

Barf Alert: ‘Tonight’ Writers Idolize Hillary

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Have you ever wondered just how far anyone can go in shedding his or her self-respect? I think the answer might be, “All the way.”

The other night Crooked Hillary Clinton–whose Devotions had to be pulled from the market on account of rampant plagiarism–appeared on the Tonight Show to schlep her books. And whaddaya know! Out came seven of the show’s female writers to deliver “thank you” letters to this corrupt and wicked woman. (

And then, to top it all off, out came strumpet-for-hire Miley Cyrus, who, we are told, was “fighting back tears” as she read the letters to the Witch of Whitewater.

There’s video of this event, but your standard barf bag might not be adequate. You might need a full-size lawn and leaf bag if you’re going to watch this.

Can anybody tell me anything Hillary Clinton has ever done to deserve such adulation? C’mon, I dare you to try!

Update, Australia: A Very Convoluted Double Standard

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Australia’s going to vote on whether to poison itself with “gay marriage,” and, as always seems to happen, the power elite have hopped aboard the Sodomy Express and are now doing everything in their power to make sure the vote goes “Yes.”

Again, as always happens, the “Yes” side musters a powerful argument consisting of abuse, threats, name-calling, and sometimes violence: very powerful rhetorical tools.

So when the “No” side made an ad featuring some of the dirt the Yessies have been throwing at them, that ad was banned from Australian TV…”due to its contents”! (–ad-banned-from-afl-air-time.html)

Let’s see if we can unpack this, um, reasoning. It’s okay for the Yessies to spout abuse and threats–like, it’s for a good cause? is that it?–but it would be hateful or something to let the public see and hear what the Yessies are doing. Calling someone a “homophobic maggot” and saying “I hope someone kicks your teeth in” is just fine, but reporting such comments is like, y’know, beyond the pale.

I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.

The fun will really start when they have to decide who gets to rule the rubble that used to be Western civilization: radical Islam, Organized Sodomy, or the sleazy leftid politicians who used the other two to get themselves more power. My money’s on the jihadis to pitch their competitors off the roots of tall buildings.

Unless the Lord Our God first intervenes.

Memory Lane: ‘Lamp Unto My Feet’ TV Show

Lamp Unto My Feet

It’s almost impossible to imagine this on network television nowadays: Lamp Unto My Feet, an hour-long religious anthology show that aired on Sunday mornings from 1948 to 1979. But we are living in a time of cultural disaster.

Now I have to admit I never saw this show. We went to church or Sunday school on Sunday mornings, and didn’t watch TV. And from the descriptions I’ve read, maybe it was just a tad too interfaith, too world-friendly for me. If they brought it back today, it would be recast as a multicultural parody of itself.

But the whole idea, by today’s debauched standards, is radical. I mean, you turn on your TV and there’s a great actor like James Earl Jones playing in a drama intended to edify a Christian or Jewish audience! If you had that today, Organized Atheism would howl its lungs out and some Christ-hating judge would shut you down.

Too bad we can only imagine it.

Polish Thinker Kayos ‘Social Justice’

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Janusz Korwin-Mikke–I just happened upon this quote from him today–is a conservative politician in Poland with a gift for clear thinking. He has deflated the whole concept of “social justice.” Behold how few words he needs to do it!

“Either ‘social justice’ has the same meaning as ‘justice’–or not… [I]f ‘social justice means ‘something different from justice’–then ‘something different from justice’ is by definition ‘injustice.'”

And the whole absurd construction is knocked out in the first round.

‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto…’

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Remember, in The Wizard of Oz, how Dorothy says to her dog, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto”? Well, now she could say that without leaving Kansas.

We’ve been talking about loopy ideas, and a culture that’s abandoned God…

So in Lawrence, Kansas, a former video store has been turned into an occult-themed shop, “The Village Witch,” catering to “the growing pagan population.” ( On the same page is “Test Your Spell-Casting Skills–Can You Cast Spells That Work?” Make sure you send them your email address. And also some click-bait: a headline featuring “Judge Judy’s Tragic Death.” Judge Judy is still alive and the story has nothing to do with the bogus headline.

It’s all of a piece, though, isn’t it?

Here in America, we spend more money on “education” than has ever been spent on it in all of human history. Every liberal jidrool has a “Science is real” sign on his lawn. And we are all of us hip-deep in high-tech devices and gizmos, really hairy technology that fills our daily lives and which hardly anybody understands.

Why is it that the more education, science, and fancy technology we get, the more superstitious, the more given to loopy thinking, we become? I mean, we as a nation are way out there now. Just last week it was big-name “journalist” Sally Quinn yakking about how she casts spells. Puts the whammy on people, and they die. You used to have to watch Joe Pyne and his guests if you wanted to hear that kind of babbling. And I’ll betcha anything, anything at all, that Sally believes “Science is real.”

God help us.

Lack of Sleep is Killing Us, Scientist Says

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A whole cornucopia of big-time medical problems, from assorted cancers to galloping dementia, arise from a chronic shortage of sleep and could lead to “catastrophic” results for the whole human race, warns the director of the Center for Sleep Science (

Well, doc, I don’t think you’ll be surprised by anything you find in my neighborhood at night. Everybody’s got a floodlight aimed at everybody else. You could stand outside and read a newspaper at midnight on a moonless night. The people opposite my bedroom window have some kind of thousand-watt bulb burning all the time. I have to put cardboard over my windows to get my room reasonably dark.

We also have to run our bedroom air conditioner all night to mask the perpetual din of motorcycles roaring up and down the street–they only come out at night: apparently our local police are too bashful to give out tickets–people yelling at each other and playing really rotten music as loud as they can, and loud electronic beeps and whistles generated by I know not what.

Yes, a lot of gavones brag about getting by with just a few hours’ sleep a night. Never mind that sleep is a basic necessity of life, like food or water. They also seem inordinately eager to share their sleeplessness with others.

I don’t want to go to bed when the sun goes down and get up at daybreak. I like to relax by watching movies at night. But it would be mighty nice to get seven or eight hours of sleep regularly, and it’s too bad the culture that we live in seems determined not to allow it.


Gwyneth’s Little Shop of Horrors

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“Look into my eyes. You are growing stupid, stupid, stuuuupid….”

When The Smartest People in the World are not busy being materialists who worship an idol called “Science,” they’re New Agers who mock Christianity while imbibing every superstition they can find. And mastermind Gwyneth Paltrow has just opened a really pricey shop in Los Angeles that caters to them (

Here at The Goop Lab, devoted to Gwyneth’s “lifestyle brand”–now why didn’t I think of that, marketing my “lifestyle”?–people with scads of money to burn can buy… Sex Dust, “alchemized to ignite sexual energy,” once you figure out what “alchemized” means; Psychic Vampire Repellent consisting of “sonically tuned gem elixirs” at $30 a bottle, and which probably doesn’t work because if it did, there’d be no one in the store–and all of it “choreographed by GP herself.” Hum baby. No wonder it costs so much.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s business as usual for a dress to cost $800.

I don’t know what GP, as they call her, does besides appear in movies that I have no interest in seeing. I think if I bought a bottle of Psychic Vampire Repellent, I could never respect myself again.

People desert Christ to wallow in mumbo-jumbo, and glory in their wisdom and sophistication.

But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us.


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