Pelosi Loses With Four Aces in Her Hand

Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas introduces Nancy Pelosi onstage at the Global Citizen Festival on Sept. 24, 2022.

You’d think that if there were any place where a Far Left Democrat bigwig could go to get the red carpet treatment, it would be to New York City… and something called “the Global Citizen Music Festival” in Central Park.

Well, Nancy Pelosi went. And she got booed (

Crikey! How does a big-time leftid get booed at anything with “Global Citizen” in it? It’s like losing with four aces in your hand. Shouldn’t happen! Was Pelosi too far left for this crowd? Or not far enough? Go figure. Damn, she even gave ’em a Climate Change Spend-a-Thon pep talk! And they didn’t like that, either.

There are no “global citizens,” and it would be a political tragedy if there were. Thanks, Big Bro, but we like our countries and we want to keep them! And I don’t want any Far Left nudnick from Iran or China or Mars having any say in what happens in America. I realize they’ve already wormed their way into many of our institutions, where they make decisions for us that are in their interests, not ours. They need to be cast out.

It does beat me, though, what they found not to like about Pelosi. San Fran Nan has been doing as much as anyone to turn America into a socialist basket case. Oh, the ingratitude!

Are liberals grown so obnoxious that they cannot stand each other or themselves?

What, No Storm Troopers?

4,400 Stormtrooper Star Wars Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

I had this news story–the one about the FBI raiding a pro-life activist’s home like it was The Fortress of Bad–and I wanted to illustrate it with a picture of Adolf Hitler’s storm troopers. These Nazi street thugs played a major role in bringing Hitler to power; and then he turned on them, wiped ’em out.

Ah! But when I searched for “images of storm troopers,” all I got was dozens and dozens of pictures of these ineffectual little nebbishes from the Star Wars movies–who learned everything they knew from a bunch of bowling pins.

Y’know, World Ward II was not that long ago. Our fathers fought in it. My generation grew up with WWII videos all over TV, toy army men, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich… and Storm Troopers. Brownshirts. Sturmabtielung. I knew all about them by the time I was in sixth grade.

But now? History? The collective memory of the human race? “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

So you make an Internet search for some little piece of history–and what you get is rock bands, movies, cable TV shows that you never heard of, comic books… all this trivial dreck, all this “what’s happening now,” and not a trace of what you were looking for. Yeesh, I hate rock bands.

It’s very hard to learn anything if you can’t freakin’ remember anything! History is our memory. Why are we so quick to embrace amnesia? Are we that fond of old disasters, that we want to relive them?

Maybe we don’t have actual storm troopers today; but our FBI is increasingly good at imitating them.

‘When Is a Good Book Not So Good?’ (2015)

Not all the books that I enjoy reading would I recommend. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is one of them.

When is a Good Book not so Good?

I admit it: I don’t turn away from cheap thrills. I don’t gorge on them any more than I’d eat a whole package of chocolate chip cookies at a sitting. If it’s going to unsettle your faith, or get you hung up on alien ideas that no Christian should have room for… then it’s best to stay away. Don’t court temptation.

Scary books won’t hurt me. I know of other things that can, so I avoid them.

Plus! This book makes for an interesting study of popular culture in what was once a Christian nation. Our America is following Britain down the tubes: we need to wake up to the danger, slam on the breaks, turn around, and go the other way. Fast!

“‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto'” (2017)

Watch Joe Pyne TV Show, Jan.17,'68; Iceberg Slim, and more | Prime Video

In my immortal horror classic, Mind Stealer, I wrote, “The flip side of high technology is ignorance and superstition.” I’ve seen no reason to change my mind about that.

‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto…’

We spend more money on “education” than has ever been spent on it in all world history–and what have we got to show for it? And not to pick on Kansas, the other 49 states are just as benighted… thanks to public schools, colleges, and our, um, “entertainment” industry.

Will our civilization go down in history as the one that excelled in making people stupid?

‘How Much Worse Can It Get?’ (2017)


100% pure imbecility

I wondered, at the end of this essay, where transgender mania was going to take us.

Now I think I know!

How Much Worse Can It Get?

Forget the crowds of imbeciles who fall for every mass of twaddle that comes down the pike. Like its predecessor, “gay marriage,” transgender is not an end in itself, but rather a means of pushing the culture farther and farther to the left. In due time the teachers’ colleges and the other monsters will come up with something worse than transgender, allow the two to collide, and synthesize a “new normal” that’ll be wackier and more perverse than what we had a year or two ago.

Because the entire enterprise is wholly satanic, the only end it has is self-destruction.

The Globalists’ Strategy: Make Us Crazy

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Why do the globalists, why does the American Left, propose such wacky and perverse things as “transgender” and work so hard to shove them down our throats?

James Lindsay (right) leads a discussion aimed at answering that question.

Why all this crazy stuff? You set up “crazy” against “normal,” the two collide to produce a synthesis–and then the synthesis becomes the new “normal” and the Left produces a new “crazy” to be the new antithesis. The resulting new synthesis will be farther to the left than the last one. This is how they keep the culture and the politics always moving farther and farther to socialism (or whatever hell-hole they have in mind for us).

Shazzam! I get it now! No sooner had the Supreme Court imposed “gay marriage” on America than the whole “transgender” mania shifted into high gear. And you watch: when that gets shoehorned into the mainstream, they’ll come up with something more bizarre to take its place.

Leftism is, for all practical purpose, another religion opposed to Christianity. There’s no reasoning with it. And, says Lindsay, “It makes people permanently unstable” because you need ’em that way if you want to squash them under communism.

Now it makes sense. It’s not stupid. It’s evil. It’s not an ideology that they believe in: it’s a tool they use to **** our minds.


‘Are People Getting Weirder?’ (2019)

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[Sorry I’m late! But it probably doesn’t matter. This blog is becalmed, I can’t catch any wind in my sails. Just keep tryin’, I guess…]

If a testing laboratory mistakenly sends you a request for a stool sample, meant for someone else… do you just, well, send them your stool sample?

Someone actually did this.

Are People Getting Weirder?

I don’t know about you, but this incident still strikes me as one of weirdest I’ve ever encountered in real life. Scary thought: What if there are thousands of people like this, out there?

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

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Well, why not? Everything else is racist. So why not long-extinct reptiles with preposterously long necks?

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

Some of you have wondered, “Is Hormad High School” a real place? Well, hormads were artificial humans created by a mad scientist in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Synthetic Men of Mars. Here in Reality, our self-anointed elites would like nothing better than to replace us all with artificial people, or maybe just robots, that will obey them and never make waves. In that sense, “hormads” are already with us. We just call them Democrats for laughs.

The Ideal Global Wokie

Digital Collage Artist Creates Weird and Wonderful Animal Hybrids

As long as we’re designing chimeras…

What would anybody look like, be like, if he or she did everything the woke global sages say you ought to do?

*He/she/it–let’s settle for “it”; I don’t like stupid wokie pronouns–will, of course, be sterile. Too bad for the abortion industry! They’ll have to evolve or die.

“It” will have no particular “gender,” but will identify as “gender fluid.” Surgical mutilation, puberty blockers, and teachers’ union brainwashing will un-sex them. Oh, they’ll still have something they call “sex,” but only because they’re told to. Otherwise they’ll be too hideously freaky-looking to attract each other.

*”It” will happily eat bugs, all kinds of bugs. They’ll be told to do it.

*”It” will have no self-respect at all, and will be completely incapable of resisting government–if it can even imagine resisting the government. It will believe every word spoken or published by the government. School and college trained it for that.

The Ideal Globalist Woke Biped (really, we must dump that word, “human”) will exist only for as long as our self-anointed rulers find a use for it. Once there’s nothing more it can do to satiate the likes of Kerry, Obama, and Biden, the likes of Bill Gates will have it quietly euthanized. With its own consent, of course–because that’s what it was “taught” in school.

They don’t really want us plebs around any longer than is necessary.

‘You Can’t Defy Reality Forever’ (2019)

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Scott’s polar party: they all died.

Certain episodes of history teach moral lessons. We are fools if we ignore them.

Like this one, for instance:

You Can’t Defy Reality Forever

In 1912, racing to be first to the South Pole, Capt. R.F. Scott did everything wrong: any one of his wrong decisions could have turned out to be fatal. With so many wrong decisions, his party had no chance of coming back alive.

It was as if Scott were trying to wish his way to the pole.

Our world leaders–and their followers!–are guilty of the same. “No more gender! No more inequality! No more hate!” Blah-blah-blah! As if they can shape the world!

No, sunshine, you can’t. You’re not big enough. You’re not wise enough. All you know how to do is screw it up.

Because heck, after all, wow! Anything is better than submitting to God! And obeying His laws.

Or so they think.