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Off Yourself in Style

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So what’s the humanist death cult up to?

Well, at the annual Amsterdam Funeral wingding, an “euthanasia activist” from Australia displayed his hot new suicide machine ( Hey, this is a gas! Literally. You climb in, close the hatch, get comfy, press the button, and the thing fills up with nitrogen gas and you’re history.

As the inventor explains, it’s a basic human right to snuff yourself whenever you please. Somehow you don’t have a right not to take part in a “gay wedding,” but you have a right to kill yourself if you get up on the wrong side of the bed on any given morning.

Imagine, that’s your life: a euthanasia activist.

Let me see if I can remember this poem by Dorothy Parker…

Guns are noisy, nooses give,/ gas smells awful, you might as well live. I’ll bet I’ve messed it up, but you get the point.

Memory Lane: Dr. Seuss Zoo

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When I was 11 years old, I was crazy about these toys–the Dr. Seuss Zoo from the model company, Revell. This ad is from Life Magazine in 1959.

The great thing about these was, once you owned several different models, you could mix up the parts any way you pleased and create all sorts of new critters. The parts were interchangeable from kit to kit–a great way to sell lots of kits. The downside was that the little knobs that snapped into holes had a regrettable tendency to snap off.

These toys exercised your imagination–and your hands. Nowadays they’d probably be too advanced even for college students, but kids in 1959 had a lot of fun with them. Oh–you did need the ability to sit quietly in one place for a few minutes while you made what you imagined take shape.

Much better for kids than zombie video games.

The Answer to Columbo’s Puzzle

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I almost forgot to give you the answer to Columbo’s puzzle.

To recap: You have three bags filled with gold pieces, but the pieces in one of the bags are counterfeit. The only way you can tell the difference is that the genuine gold pieces weigh a pound apiece, but each counterfeit piece weighs one pound and one ounce. You need to discover which bag contains the counterfeits: but all you have, by way of equipment, is an old-fashioned penny scale, like they used to have in drugstores, and a single penny. How do you do it?

Well, no one here came up with the answer, so here it is.

From Bag #1 take one piece; from Bag #2, take two pieces; and from #3, three.

Weigh all six pieces at once.

If it weighs six pounds, one ounce, the counterfeits are in Bag 1. If it weighs six pounds, two ounces, they’re in Bag 2; if six pounds, three ounces, Bag 3.

Don’t feel bad. Columbo had help from his screenwriters.

‘Are We Smarter than Our Ancestors’? (2015)

In a word, No.

Rated PG for…’Historical Smoking’??

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Let’s see… U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) picks up a girl at a party, gets drunk, and as they drive off together, the glorious leader drives into the water. He gets out and runs away, spends the night trying to think of a way to save his political career–while the girl, abandoned to her fate, slowly drowns. Our nooze media wound up calling Kennedy “the lion of the Senate.” Wonderful.

This is the subject of a newly-released feature film, Chappaquiddick. I think “Chappaquiddick” is a Native American word for ‘My political career is much more important than your life.’ And given the sheer seediness of the story, the film is rated PG…for Historical Smoking.

See, the story is from 1969 and some of the characters in it are shown SMOKING, Eeee-yahh! The horror, the horror! Give us sex, give us drownings, give us heartless narcissism on a silver platter

–but don’t show us anybody smoking! Millions of our kids are gonna die because they saw smoking in a movie!

Oh, please. We get this from the same crowd of Democrats who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana as if their lives depended on it. Colorado, California, New Jersey soon to follow–why, smoking pot is just okay!

And we get it from the same freaks in Hollywood who never met a sexual aberration that they didn’t like and want to foist on children. Imagine getting lectured on morality by some pervert from the Disney Corp. How insulting.

Now, I am sure to hear from some leftid who’s going to say, “You support smoking! You hate children! You want them all to die!”

So much nicer to abort them! And then sell the parts. And put the ones who are still alive into “comprehensive sex education” to teach them the joys of transgenderism.

I’ll give up my bad habit if you’ll give up yours.


A Meditation: Our Shattered Culture

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It’s a lot easier to destroy a sculpture than it is to create one. Easier to trash a room than clean it up. Any fool can do it.

And it’s easier to wreck a culture than it is to build it.

I was born in a country inhabited by men and women. Now I live in one dominated by freaks. The change happened in my own lifetime, right before my eyes, and yet I can’t explain what happened. All I think I know is that the 1960s came along and after that, we never got our nation’s mojo back.

Today behaviors once, for centuries and even millenia, regarded as wicked and abominable are now deemed praiseworthy, or at the very least, unremarkable. Our very language is tossed upside-down, and not a day goes by but we’re called upon to “celebrate” some new confusion.

Some of us try to put things right again, but we don’t seem to make much headway: again because it’s always so much easier to tear down than to build up. What’s there to do, though, but to keep on trying? At least we kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. That was something, and it is worth very much. But the deconstruction of our nation continues: the Left is deeply invested in it. They can always turn out a mob for any occasion, no matter how ridiculous.

Pray harder, sing louder, and tell the truth. It may be God will hear us.

The day that this will stop is already marked on His calendar.

Our DIY Tower of Babel

In Genesis 11, God confounded our language because the human race sought to be like gods.

Now we do it ourselves.

Kathy Areu, founder and publisher of Catalina Magazine, provides Tucker Carlson with a tutorial on how to use “Ze, Yo, Xie” and the rest of the eight new pronouns invented by dunderheads and “accepted,” as she puts it so enthusiastically, “by the LGBTQIA community” and lots and lots of colleges!

The brand-new pronouns, she prattles, are “smarter, not offensive, and totally forward-thinking!” To which she adds, “All change is good.” Oh, and this: “You can choose whichever pronoun you’re comfortable with.” Within 50 years, she predicts, all of this new stuff will have wiped out all of the old stuff and no one will remember them bad old pronouns like “he” or “she.”

Can I please wake up now? I promise to be good, if I won’t have any more dreams like this…


‘When is a Good Book not so Good?’ (2015)

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I’m not going to insult your intelligence by claiming that everything I read for pleasure is theologically right. But I do grapple with the notion that all “entertainment” is a form of self-education, and I do think we have to be careful with stuff like this:

We Don’t Need These Robots

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I like to play games on Pogo. I like to chat with my Pogo friends while we’re playing. It’s relaxing. It’s nice.

My wife plays a lot of Pogo, and she likes to win “badges.” A badge denotes that you’ve achieved something or other in the course of playing a game. Players like to collect badges. I’m not into that, but that’s me.

As I play, from time to time a certain advertisement appears in the chat box, offering you the power to “complete and win hard badges quickly”… by signing up for robots, “Badge Bots,” to play the game for you.

It reminds me of someone I knew long ago, who was too lazy to go to the unemployment office to collect his check. We called him “Clams”–although the average clam was a lot more dynamic than he was.

Sheesh! Are we grown too flaming lazy even to play our games? Where’s the fun in having some robot play your games for you? Are we too dull, too inert, even to relax? And what kind of gavone brags about all the badges he “won” by letting Badge Bots win them? Where’s the achievement? How many of us, really, are that dishonest with ourselves?

Other robots turn our lights on or off–you have to shell out for “smart” lights that will obey the robot’s order–because we’re too torpid to flick a switch.

I heard somewhere that the civilized world has an epidemic of obesity. I wonder why. Well, at least we still have the energy and the drive to stuff our faces non-stop. Is that the one thing we don’t want robots to do for us?

I’m reminded of a story Ray Bradbury told in The Martian Chronicles, a poignant, somewhat poetic piece in which all the human colonists on Mars are dead and gone but their robots mindlessly keep performing their now pointless tasks of housekeeping the now uninhabited houses.

Let’s not go there, okay?

‘How Stupid Can It Get?’ (2015)

Image result for images of sick triceratops

Since the beginning of time, no country has ever spent more money on “education” than the United States of America. And what have we got to show for it?

People who think you shouldn’t oughta shoot dinosaurs…

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