…And They’ve Found a Scapegoat

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His fault, his fault! We didn’t do nothin’!

Wow! State Farm Insurance has already found a scapegoat for its backlash-provoking venture into “woke” societal engineering (https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2022/05/23/breaking-state-farm-terminates-partnership-with-gendercool-according-to-internal-memo-n568913).

Yowsah! It’s all the fault of a Mr. Soto, a “corporate responsibility analyst” (was that brain cells dying, that I just heard?) in their Florida office… described as being “four levels down” on the organization chart from the corporation’s Chief Diversity Officer in Indiana. It was this naughty Mr. Soto who signed them up with GenderCool! All his bad.

Excuse me! If the Chief Diversity Schmendrick is “four levels up” from Mr. Soto, doesn’t that mean they have, like, five layers of this crap?

And why does an insurance provider need any kind of “diversity officer”? Let alone five levels of it.

Anyway, they’re sayin’ Mr. Soto signed ’em up to use “550 agents and employees” to distribute tranny books in schools and groom the kiddies for sex… and of course it was all him, nobody else knew what he was up to.

Honk if you believe that.

How many customers dropped State Farm after this nooze came out? Guess that’s Mr. Soto’s fault, too.

We really do need to find alternatives to doing business with “woke” corporations.

Pushback! State Farm Caves

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Of course they’re not in when you call them. They’re busy distributing tranny books to 5-year-olds.

Thanks to a massive public backlash, the State Farm Insurance Co. has abandoned its mission to distribute “LGBTQ-themed” books to children as young as five years old, through schools, libraries, and community centers (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/patriotism-unity/backlash-prompts-state-farm-to-end-program-giving-transgender-books-to-schools).

“We no longer support the program allowing for the distribution of books in schools,” prevaricated a spokescreature for the corporation. Yeahbut, yeahbut! Their “commitment to diversity” remains.

The project, “GenderCool” (oh, God), laughingly tagged a “philanthropic program,” once the public got wind of it, inspired what the corporation called “customer inquiries.” As in “What the holy hell do you moral imbeciles think you’re doing?” Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’re only promoting inclusivity!” Which has what, exactly, to do with selling insurance?

State Farm tried unsuccessfully to deny its role in grooming kids for sex, but a whistleblower leaked State Farm’s Facebook page with a note on it from a school in Tacoma thanking the company for donating all those tranny books.

Let me see if I can explain this so that even some moron of an insurance executive can understand it.

Dude, “diversity” exists everywhere in nature. It does not have to be created, cultivated, or worshiped as an idol. Our DNA makes each and every living thing unique, whether we like it or not. So please stop trying to re-do what God has already done. You’ve only made a putrid mess of it so far.

‘Why I Write “Memory Lane”‘ (2017)

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Grandma Moses painted this… God bless her

There are, of course, things in the past, in my own life and in the world around me, that shame and horrify me when I think of them. But it’s not for those that I write “Memory Lane.”

Why I Write ‘Memory Lane’

But there is also an embarrassing wealth of good, wholesome, sane and sweet things to remember, and those are the things I choose to write about.

We have to remember them! Because they are the proof that we don’t have to be content with the dreck that passes for “the way things are” today. Proof that we can do so much better than this.

We must never, never, never settle for “the way things are.”

By Request, ‘Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat’

Can I call this a hymn? Well, why not?

Requested by Ina, Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat, sung by Louis Armstrong. It comes from Guys and Dolls, and not from any hymnal. But the message of the song is Biblical–so again, why not?

Reverse Morality: It’s the Coming Thing

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil... (Isaiah 5:20) | Christian  song lyrics, Evil quotes, Bible truth

Somewhere in the dark, wicked evil persons are looking at America’s children and saying, “If the abortionist doesn’t get ’em, the transgender movement will; and if that doesn’t get ’em, and make ’em sterile, LGBTQ will.” The objective is the extinction of the human race (“All them that hate me love death,” Proverbs 8:36).

Okay, it’s a parable. But how else can we explain what’s being done to us?

State Farm, the insurance company, has announced a plan to distribute “LGBTQ-themed books to teachers, community centers, and libraries” explicitly targeting children “Age 5+” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4065606/posts). In other words, as young as kindergarten.

So all the sexual behavior that the Bible–and most of humanity, for thousands of years–considers wrong and sinful… is now not only to be tolerated, but actively promoted by major corporations. Wrong is now right. Isaiah warned us, didn’t he? “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20) What is that but a reverse morality?

Oh, Lord, I’m tired of writing about such things! Who but you can put a stop to it?

If we do everything that leftids say we ought to do–abortion, “sex-change therapy,” and homosexuality–our whole species will die out.

I think some of us need a new insurance company.

‘Dread and Anxiety’ Over Climbit Chains

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See? We toldja, we toldja–just like “Planet of the Apes”!

What do you do if you’re suffering “dread and anxiety” over imaginary Climate Change? I vote for “Get a life.”

On the Firefox search page, though, “Recommended by Pocket,” is a review of a book from the Berkeley Stupid Factory, by a white upper-class Canadian dindle who’s not only freaked out by imaginary Man-Made Boo-Hoo Climate Change, but also finds a way to interweave it with Racism and Income Inequality…

Pardon me for a moment.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Didn’t happen to have a barf bag handy.

And of course there’s that inevitable Noble Reason For Not Having Children. It’s never “I’d rather spend the money on myself,” or “I don’t want the responsibility,” or “What, me do all that work? Are you crazy?” No, it’s always something like “Oh, I care too much, to bring children into this no-good stinkin’ world!” Or “I don’t want to use up resources that could be given more justly to someone else.” (Where the dickens are those barf bags?)

And to complete this picture of “planetary destruction” and “a doomed world,” yatta-yatta, we are told…wait for it!… that People Of Color (POCs) will be hardest hit by the destruction of the planet.

The author also cites her fears of a “looming mental health crisis.” Well, there we agree! Look how loopy she is already. Climbit Chains propaganda and fairy tales have unbalanced a lot of people. “Ooh! Aaah! We’re all gonna die! Unless we have a global government and give it all our money and indescribably vast power over our lives! Obama! Kerry! Tooth fairy! Save us, save us!”

I really don’t want to find out what happens when idiocy reaches critical mass.


Lee the Local Sports Editor

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As managing editor of the old Bayshore Independent, my multitude of duties included setting up our local sports section every week. The towns we covered all had children’s sports leagues and parents demanded detailed coverage. They rang my phone off the hook to make sure I gave due prominence to their offspring’s athletic feats.They also sent written reports of the week’s games… which I had to rewrite.

Most of these reports were written by parents who wanted their kids to be recognized as sports stars. So-and-so scored another hat trick! Little Bobby “the Italian Stallion” Beamish–the nickname was repeated numerous times–had an assist! Andy Kabonga led the Hooterville Hotspurs to another triumph!

Some of these kids were playing in several leagues at once–like it was a job or something–and any mention of them that I failed to make instantly provoked an angry phone call. I began to form an impression that none of these children ever just played a game for fun. I wondered if mere fun was ever part of it. Heaven help me if I left out a game. Parents must have scanned our sports pages with a fierce intensity.

I don’t miss this job. Mary Gesundheit smashed a double in tee-ball! She is surely destined for stardom!

My wife, who was the bookkeeper there, used to call me up pretending to be an angry parent whose child’s hat trick had not been given all the praise it should have had. She liked the way I mindlessly went into my spiel about how sorry I am but we can’t always find space for every single nuance of every single game, etc. Then I’d realize she was pranking me, oh, fap.

More Stupid Crazy PCBS

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I refuse to illustrate the disgusting and asinine subject matter of this post. Here is a nice lizard instead.

I saw an article on the Google search page yesterday (it has since disappeared) in which appeared the moronic bit of word salad, “lactating parents.” Like Ma and Pa are gonna take turns breast-feeding Junior.

Why have so many people hopped aboard this bandwagon? What in the world is the appeal?

Some people believe the whole gay-transgender-abortion program is aimed at nothing less than the complete destruction of our civilization, if not the actual extinction of the human species. They’ll destroy everything, and then build their own utopia on a clean slate–which would be a smoking ruin, of course, but they don’t think so. Nor do they care.

I don’t know. I just see transgender mania sweeping through the Western world like the Black Death–only this plague is greeted with open arms. Suddenly the world embraces an upside-down reverse morality: everything bad is good, everything good is evil.  The recently displayed lust for abortion is a terrible thing to see.

Pray. Stand firm. Speak the truth. Refuse to give any kind of service to the lie. It may be that the Lord will fight for us.

Are People Getting Stupider?

Man dies following crash in which an Uber also set off fiery explosion at  Seattle gas station – GeekWire

Here’s the scenario. Sheriff’s deputies in central Florida chase after a biker who supposedly used a gun to threaten other motorists. Biker runs out of gas and pulls into a service station. Deputies catch up to him while he’s pumping gas, and try to tackle him. I am not persuaded that that was a good idea.

Another deputy tries to tase the guy. While he’s got the gas nozzle in his hand. Guess what happens when he does that (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4064822/posts).

You guessed it. Kaboom! Biker and two deputies “engulfed” by resulting fireball. By some miracle they weren’t killed; but the biker’s still in the hospital three months later.

Are people getting stupider, or what? I mean, you fire a taser at someone who’s pumping gas, waddaya think is gonna happen? Lucky the whole station didn’t go up in flames.

Where do you go to hide from stupidity?

The Lost Tribes of the Whole Foods Parking Lot

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As the actual community breaks down, a host of mini-communities, created artificially, springs up in its place. When we lose America, we’ll have a thousand fake “communities” instead.

It’ll be like one gigantic Whole Foods parking lot.

Our local Whole Foods has reserved parking space for all sorts of special people. Reserved for Parents with Small Children. Reserved for HOV (“high occupancy vehicles”) with Three or More Passengers. (Were they expecting the Beverly Hillbillies to stop by?) Reserved for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles. Reserved for Vehicles Carrying Heads of State Who Are Traveling Incognito.

If you took these signs seriously, you’d be a long time looking for a parking space.

In the broader scheme of things, each and every one of our mini-communities demands and expects to be appeased. Hence segregated housing and segregated graduation ceremonies at our colleges. Not imposed by any Southern Democrat, but howled for by the Far Left Crazy.

Reserved for Persons Who Resemble U.S. Senators With a Lisp.