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There’s No You in ‘You’

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I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. To leftists, nothing matters about anyone except for what’s on the outside.

They may not even realize there can be anything on the inside. It may be that such things as character, ability, or personality are so irrelevant to liberals that they might not believe such things exist. For them there’s only your skin color, your “gender,” and whatever else is on the outside.

And above and beyond that, an insatiable lust for power over other people.

To teachers’ unions, human children are empty bags that can be filled with whatever they want to put in there. Everybody’s empty, so why not fill them? Stuff in as much progressive twaddle as you can. It’ll prime them for college.

This is all so weird, so hard to unpack. “Progressive” thought, if we may even call it “thought,” is a labyrinth from which no one can emerge with intact mind. A lot of folks will never emerge at all. The questions it raises are unanswerable. Why, for instance, are “minorities”–supposedly wise and virtuous, just by being who they are–always shown as totally helpless and incompetent without self-hating white liberals to lead them? Figure that one out and win a Day-Glo orange traffic cone.

We are made in God’s image. It is Satan’s plan to mar that image and ultimately destroy it altogether. In destroying us, he unmakes God’s creation. This scheme he pitches to nincompoops, as he has always pitched it, as a path to becoming gods themselves. A path to citizenship in Hell.

We have spent several decades listening to these people and allowing them to kill our culture.

Now would be a very good time to stop.

Your ‘Smart’ TV Is Spying on You

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Beware the eye behind the eye!

When they’re not busy trying to overturn the 2016 election, the FBI occasionally likes to try its hand at protecting us from other criminals.

So the FBI is warning consumers that the shiny new “smart TV” they buy will very likely wind up spying on them ( Well, we’ve told you to steer clear of anything that’s pitched to you as “smart,” haven’t we?

According to the FBI, TV manufacturers and app developers can use built-in cameras to spy on consumers. Why would they want to do that? Probably so they can sell information about you to advertisers. Hackers can also get into the system and use your TV to spy on you. And they’ll do worse than sell you to advertisers.

Says the FBI,. “At the low end of the risk spectrum, they can change channels, play with the volume, and show your kids inappropriate videos. In a worst-case scenario, they can turn on your bedroom’s TV camera and microphone and silently cyberstalk you.”

Among suggested means of protecting yourself is to stick a piece of black tape over the camera eye. I do like those low-tech solutions to hi-tech problems.

Ultimately, just because it’s the kind of thing that always happens, this technology will be used by power-hungry sharks in government to find out whether you’ve been naughty or nice. It’ll be very helpful to them in carrying out a “fundamental transformation” of America.

A small price to pay for Entertainment, though…

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 5 (‘How Chick-fil-A Went Sour’)

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The lesson we should be learning from this is that The Swamp is everywhere.


The action we should be taking is to stop the creation of Swamp creatures by defunding the colleges and getting government–and teachers’ unions!–out of education altogether.

Because The Swamp is wrecking our country.

‘Ignorance and Superstition, in My Own Hometown’ (2014)

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Repeat the chant–Oh-wah, ta-goo, Siam!

This post was blessed with some thoughtful comments when I ran it before; maybe it can spark some more.

Here in Stupidville, NJ, we let atheists take away our 100-year-old Christmas parade–now it’s a “winter festival”: what could be more shameful?–and we make sure we consult our animal spirit guides for any important decisions we might have to make.

I think the Soros Climbit Change gang in the town next door has faded away. People may be more gullible than they used to be; but they’re not so gullible as to believe in that.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 28 (‘Dumber by the Day’)

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Holy cow, I totally forgot to post my Newswithviews column this morning–completely slipped my mind. But here it is. Better late than never.

Dumber by the Day

I think we really must demand, and get, an answer to the question, “What good are we supposed to get out of all this pure crapola that’s boiling out of our schools, colleges, and universities?” How does this stuff benefit us in any way? What good is an education that makes you dumber?

We’re educating ourselves to death, and it has to stop.

Cut off the funding.

Getting There Without Getting Killed

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We almost had a collision, just now, going to pick up our laundry. Some clown ran the red light just as we were making our turn onto Amboy Avenue, and it was a mighty close shave. Patty was driving. Her hands are still shaking.

Our town today is swamped with traffic, people leaning on their horns and getting more and more steamed with every passing minute. I was going to gas up for our trip tomorrow, but all the excitement drove it right out of my head and I didn’t remember it until we got home. I hope the neighborhood gas station is open tomorrow morning.

Please pray for us to get there and back in one piece.

Note: I have chosen not to write about any of the college nincompoops denouncing Thanksgiving and saying we all ought to be mourning the creation of that racist hellhole, the United States of America. They are ungrateful. Being born here, and living here, is a blessing. No two ways about it. Thank God for His blessings on our country, and praise Him for every good thing.

Another Awards Show Crashes

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100% pure crapola

Not that there was ever much reason to watch awards shows in the first place; but since they’ve formed the habit of haranguing the audience with Far Left Crazy booshwa, they’ve all seen their ratings take a nosedive.

The latest prat fall belongs to the American Music Awards this month, which posted record low viewership among their favorite demographic, 18 to 49-year-olds ( Like, if they don’t get this audience, they don’t get nothin’.

But gee, what’s not to like? Male dancers in lace dresses. The end o’ the world, caused by Global Warming–“No music on a dead planet!” ran the hysterical warning. Hot and cold-running gender fluidity everywhere you look. Do you really, truly mean to tell me that ordrinary dum peeple are not grateful to music celebrities for being woke and hitting them over the head with the blunt instrument of their Social Justice message?

Honk if you know how to make it stop.

Well, not tuning in at all, or just turning off the TV once they start in with the woke stuff–yeah, that’s part of making it stop. What if they gave an awards show and nobody came? Nobody.

But when did you ever hear a Democrat concede failure when only 20 or 30 people, most of them noozies, show up at one of his or her rallies? It never stopped Hillary, did it?

Nevertheless, tuning out or turning off is good for us, individually, and also cuts down on pollution of the airwaves.

Fun fact: Houseplants exposed to awards shows shrivel up and die.

‘Oh, Boy! How to Politicize Your Thanksgiving’ (2015)

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Liberals can’t enjoy themselves unless they’re ruining someone else’s enjoyment.

Remember this? In 2015 the Democrat National Committee actually came out with an online kit to equip leftists to browbeat their families on Thanksgiving.

This was all you needed, supposedly, to make the Republicans in your family leave the table and go off to their rooms to sulk. And you would want to do that because ______?

Because you’re a lib, of course, and that’s the sort of thing you do.

A Blast from the Past

Sorry! But I couldn’t resist this blast from the past (lots of blasts, actually)–former National League first baseman Chuck Connors as The Rifleman, a classic TV Western from way back when. I wonder what would happen if you showed this on a college campus today.

Two questions for trivia buffs:

How many shots does the rifleman get off in just this brief intro?

And what was Chuck Connors’ real name?

(P.S.–His lifetime batting average was only .238, so quitting his day job wasn’t a problem for him.)

What Are We Getting Out of This?

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I cover culture rot, which seems to be in inexhaustible supply. Poor America: we’re drowning in it. The colleges, the schools, Hollywood, the publishing industry, and a vast multitude of politicians–they’re pouring it on, day in, day out, with no time off for good behavior. Or even bad behavior.

It’s for our own good, they say. It’s “justice”–social justice, racial justice, economic justice, this kind of justice and that kind of justice. We’ll thank them for it someday.

But I don’t understand what we’re supposed to be getting out of it.

Where is the benefit, to the American people, in turning girls into fake boys and boys into fake girls? In trashing our country’s history, and trying to convince us it’s a hell-hole of oppression? In blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in anybody’s life? In convincing children, and adults who might as well be children, that thanks to capitalism, the world is gonna end in just 12 years? In herding everybody under 30 into grossly overfunded colleges and universities to get degrees in Stupid Studies, mountains of debt, and no meaningful employment prospects? But it would take all day just to list these inanities.

We are yelled at, we are protested at, we are denounced as “haters” and mocked as unsophisticated boors–and why are we expected to lap it up and beg for more? Where is our profit in it?

Worse, we pay for it. With our taxes, our tuition money, and our freedoms. We are expected to pay for it, and like it. And no matter how much of our money–that we worked for–that they get, they still despise us. They live off us, but don’t respect us.

Really, why do we put up with it?


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