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‘Welcome to Zombieland’ (2016)

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Go ahead–tell me the rush to legalize marijuana in all 50 states is a really good idea. Well, maybe it is, if this is the kind of result you want to see.

Oh, yeah, great idea. Although it would undoubtedly be a boon to Democrats to have the whole population stoned all the time. Brain damage and socialism do go very well together.

Prepared for Life… as What?

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A personal anecote: a man who operates a Lindt candy shop in one of our New Jersey malls wished to hire part-time help, as do many small businesses during the Christmas season. So he hired a recent high school graduate.

As he tried to instruct her in her not-terribly-complicated duties, she interrupted with an objection. “I can’t count nickels.” “What?” “I can’t count nickels.” What she meant was, she couldn’t count by fives: 5-10-15-20-etc. Never learned. She can probably tell you all about Diversity, though. In case anybody comes into the shop looking for that instead of chocolate truffles.

He wrote her a short list of what she had to do. Another objection: “I can’t read that.” Turns out she can’t read cursive writing, never learned how.

What were they doing with her, all those years in school? With all those $100,000-a-year teachers and administrators? With all those tax dollars spent on her, ahem, “education”?

On second thought, I think I’d rather not hear the answer.

‘We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Laws’ (2014)

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You don’t need to break a law to be punished anymore. Yes, here’s another thing that’s gotten worse since I wrote about it four years ago.

The things you can be punished for nowadays are legion–punished by being fired from your job, kept from finding a job, publicly denounced, sentenced to “sensitivity training” or “rehabilitation”–the list goes on and on.

The easy answer is, this is our fault for allowing the Far Left Crazy to take over our colleges and universities, teachers’ unions, TV networks, movie studios, and nooze media–all institutions where a numerically tiny minority can wield influence out of all proportion to its numbers. They did it by working tirelessly at it while the rest of us carried on our normal lives.

If we want to keep our lives normal, we’ll have to work hard to take back those institutions.

‘Today’s Big News!’ (2013)

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“Now: did you, or did you not, when you were 11 years old, say such-and-such…?”

Actually, this has gotten much worse since this incident from five years ago.

Now they can–and do–go back over everything you’ve ever said since you were a toddler and dig up a “homophobic slur,” whatever that may be, that you made on the playground when you were ten years old. And this disqualifies you from, well, everything. Certainly from any kind of role in public life: and you can forget about holding any job more exalted than latrine attendant.

We now treat abominable things as sacred, and holy things as abominable.

Does anybody know how this came to be?

Memory Lane: The Boarding House

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There must still be boarding houses, somewhere. People still have extra rooms, don’t they? Why not take in a few boarders? But it really doesn’t seem anywhere near as common as it used to be.

I stayed at a boarding house once, back in the early 70s, in Putney, Vermont: rented a room for a week. There were other young people renting there. Most of us had just been hired as reading instructors, and were in Putney for our training. This boarding house didn’t serve communal meals because it had a little family restaurant attached to it: but you could sing for your supper, which I did a few times. (Some people will listen to anything!) It had a nice TV room, complete with piano, where you could lounge with other boarders, maybe play a card game or two. Or watch the Red Sox game. It was nice.

You see boarding houses all the time in old movies. Much of the action in the sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, centered around a boarding house. And Our Boarding House, with Major Hoople (“Fap!”), was a staple in the Sunday funnies.

I don’t know–the boarding house I stayed at seemed a lot cozier and more personal than any motel, and a lot nicer than being all alone. I would be sorry to hear that the boarding house has passed into history with rotary phones and mimeograph machines.


Dems: Color, not Content, is What Matters

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Do we honestly care about the skin color of whoever produced a cat video?

What kind of ninny can only enjoy a Youtube video if its creator has the right skin color, never mind the content of the video?

A Democrat, of course.

Democrat Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee and Karen Bass put the heat on a Google honcho recently–Google owns Youtube–for not taking steps to “promote creators of color” to achieve more “diversity.” Said Ms. Lee, Youtube has “not enough individuals of diversity” ( Whatever that means.

So is it okay to produce boring, sloppy videos, as long as the producers are “individuals of diversity”? Sort of like, it’s okay if your rowboat leaks, as long as it was built by someone of the desired pigmentation? I mean, we watch a cat video because we want to watch a cat video–why should it matter who produced it?

One gets the impression that liberals have devoted themselves to crushing all the joy out of life–because that’s the only kind of joy they know. Makes ’em feel righteous.

Anyone, anywhere, who votes for any Democrat, ever, needs his head examined.

Amazon Robot Pepper-Sprays Human Employees

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And if the pepper spray fails…

(Thanks to Marlene for the news tip)

Better living through robotics! At an warehouse in New Jersey recently, a “robot mishap,” as they called it, led to some 50 employees being zapped with a concentrated pepper spray used as… bear repellent! Twenty-four of them had to be taken to the hospital, and one was in critical condition for a while. It seemed a robot “claw” accidentally punctured a 9-ounce aerosol spray can of bear repellent, and woe unto everybody who couldn’t get out or range. (

Not a lot of call for bear repellent here in the New Jersey suburbs. We are in much, much greater need of Democrat repellent. But I digress.

Anyway, the union representing the warehouse staff is not amused and is demanding accountability. They say Amazon has unsafe labor practices.

We have had our encounters with robots already this morning. The call us on the phone, interrupt whatever we’re doing, and annoy us. “Hello! This is Jonathan, your Debt Partner!” No it’s not. It’s some robot.

“Alexa! Please pepper-spray my guests!”

Are we really, truly sure we need this many robots?


Who’s Gonna Host the Oscars???

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I’m too sick to cover any nooze today, and I’ll have to get a lot better before I can even think about cranking out this week’s Newswithviews column; but in the meantime, I am troubled that suddenly they’ve got no one to host the Oscars. Some celebrity I never heard of was going to do it, but it turns out he told a couple of “gay” jokes a few years ago, so he’s out–and they haven’t found a replacement.

I was going to suggest the boxer, Oscar Bonavena, but he died a while ago.

It’s got to be some left-wing loon of an actor who has never, ever, in his whole life said anything that anyone (except Christians and normal people) could possibly object to. Does such a person actually exist?

I have two candidates to offer.

Emmanuel Macron, president of France: he already has a couple of thrones to sit on, if he can’t do the gig standing up. And he may soon be looking for a job, having gotten his countrymen madder than they’ve been at anyone since Hitler. And he despises normal people, loves high taxes, and is a rock-solid globalist and Citizen Of The World. He might be happy to host the Oscars. It just might save him from the guillotine.

But if he’s not available, the next best thing would be a robot–one specially made just for this occasion, who has no personal history of ever saying anything and would be incapable of saying or doing anything except for whatever he’s programmed for. They could call him “Mr. Future,” as in the future of liberalism. As in “Look, this is what the human race will be when we’ve finished with it!”

Either way, they can’t miss.

The End of a Great Civilization

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I have never in my life seen anything pushed like “transgender” is being pushed today. And it makes me wonder, “What’s next?”

We never get to a stopping place with “liberation”–which is what they call it when they want to mainstream sexual aberrations which used to be called, and with damned good reason, sins. There’s always something else. The moment they clinched “gay marriage” at the Supreme Court, they opened the throttle wide for “transgender.”

To be sure, there are other perversions they can work to normalize–I would rather not mention them by name–but it’s difficult to imagine how any of them could be any crazier than “transgender.” Remember, it’s always got to be something that appalls normal people: and then the fun lies in beating them over the head with it, day in, day out, until they finally give in and say it’s acceptable, and anyone who’s still against it is a Hater and mustn’t be allowed to earn a living. There must be something tremendously exciting about addling other people’s minds–to say nothing of subjecting them to the humiliation of having to say things they know are untrue. This is the kind of thing that makes a liberal’s life worth living.

So let me tell you what I think comes next.

They’re going to try to make it compulsory.

Look, it’s already sort of compulsory–you can be stripped of your job, publicly denounced, sentenced to “sensitivity training” or “rehabilitation”–if you were really an American, that should make your hair stand on end–just for saying the “wrong” thing or not saying the required thing. How big a step is it from forcing you to say you like and “celebrate” “gay marriage,” to forcing you to attend such an event? Not a big step at all, and we’re already at Step One.

Eventually the only place left to go will be to force people to undergo a “liberation” experience whether they want it or not.

And then our civilization totally collapses and an awful lot of people perish in the wreckage.

Because, you see, our intellectuals and politicians and judges aren’t really smarter than God.

Pray He puts them down before they can finish the job they’re doing on us.

‘Liam Neeson, Abortion-Loving Idiot’ (2015)

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Unborn babies, beware–he’s coming for you.

So the guy they had to host the Oscars this year is suddenly disqualified because he once told a couple of homo jokes and now he’s got to finish “evolving”–into what, I dunno–and suddenly they don’t have anybody to host the Oscars.

Yo, Hollywood, I’ll do it! “Welcome to this year’s left-wing jidrool extravaganza, complete with movies that normal people wouldn’t watch if you threw in free popcorn…”

But has anybody asked if Liam Neeson is available? Last heard from denouncing Christianity and praising abortion, he’d be right up their street.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Oscars in my life. How about you?


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