Spring is Coming!

Yes, we have almost two feet of snow on the ground, and enormous piles of snow everywhere you look–but Spring is in the air, big-time.

We have throngs of birds, all singing and calling at once, including a big bunch of robins. The trees are budding like mad. Like Helki the Rod, I always listen to what the birds and the trees are telling us. It might snow some more, but I think we’ve seen the end of sub-zero temperatures for now. (Yes, I know it sounds like famous last words.)

So here’s my prediction: an early Spring, probably a little cooler than usual, but burgeoning and busting out all over.

What hath God wrought? I love it!

3 comments on “Spring is Coming!

  1. Yesterday I saw another phony headline on the CBS website. ” COULD THE WARMER ARCTIC BE CAUSING COLDER WEATHER FURTHUR SOUTH?” Something like that, anyway. I never read the article. The headline was enough for me. I watch the Arctic temps every day-showing -30 C every day for months. This is the tricky way to do it. Use one premise- lie as the basis for promoting another.


    1. One can’t help crying out, “WHAT ‘warmer Arctic,’ you villains!” Yeah, it’s an old trick–slip the first false premise under the door, and then argue from it. The Global Warming crowd is averse to truth in any form.

      Let’s not forget the 22 rich jackasses who went up this summer to sail the Northwest Passage in their yachts, and were promptly frozen in! Somebody forget to tell the Arctic it was warm. All 22 of ’em frozen solid in the ice–in summertime. Hot dog!

  2. Here in northern California, we began having “Spring” in December. The top of the Tulip tree in my neighbor’s yard burst into bloom and about a week later my newest planting, Daffodils, sprang up. In January the lower part of the Tulip tree tried to outdo the top with another beautiful crop of blossoms and the green stems of the Daffodils gifted me with two lovely blossoms. So, now it’s almost time for the first day of spring which will actually be a combination of two springs–and the coming drought!

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