‘A Good Christian’

Secular fanatics who don’t believe in God are great ones for giving you advice on how to be “a good Christian.” I’ve been getting more than my share of it lately. Let me distill it for you. According to them:

A good Christian supports “gay marriage” and recognizes that the only thing that counts is “love.”

A good Christian always gives priority to man’s word over God’s, and recognizes that the Bible is just a lot of fiction anyhow, and not an authority on anything.

A good Christian defers to secular Science every time as the ultimate authority on everything. He wouldn’t dream of questioning Evolution or Global Warming.

A good Christian is always happy to support abortion, even to the extent of cheerfully paying for other people’s abortion. He supports groups like Christian Clergy for Choice.

A good Christian is careful to keep his religious beliefs to himself, expressing them only when he is actually inside a church. All the rest of the time, mum’s the word.

A good Christian understands that secularists are infinitely more intelligent than he can ever be, and is glad to have them in total control of public policy.

A good Christian keeps his lip zipped whenever he hears any atheist or a homosexual militant pouring out abuse against God the Father.

Are you getting as sick of this as I am?

Sad to say, there are a lot of these good Christians around, these days, especially among the flatline Protestant churches. I think they believe the world will approve of them, or at least tolerate them, if they actively seek its approval.

I think they’re wrong. Do you?


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  1. According to democracy’s laws, they are not wrong, because they are in the majority, and they are in the majority, because the majority of “Christans” are not followers of Christ’s teaching, and therefore are not real Christians at all. They may be “nice,” but they are not Christians. So, the God of Democracy rules. The Mob is always right. And, at the end Democracy carries a gun. That also makes it right.

  2. They are very wrong. It is clearly evident that “Christians” are among the most hated people on the planet. It is as the Lord told us; “the world hated me, and they will hate you.” (paraphrase). These are the days of the great apostasy, no surprise here, but frustration for all who sincerely endeavor to follow the Savior’s instructions. The harvest is truly plentiful, but there are few laborers in His fields.

    1. Welcome back, Erlene.

      These days are certainly different from the days I grew up in. The air conditioning is better, but the sin is worse.

    2. OOPS – again, I put my reply in the wrong place. It was “Great comment, Erlene!”

  3. Christianity has always been a counter-culture force, seems going the status quo is exactly what a Christian should be doing. Maybe you can give a secularist advice… they always talk about tolerance. Maybe they should practice what they preach.

    1. If a secularist actually tried to practice tolerance, his brain would melt down and we would have a medical emergency.

    2. Watchman, I knew that. I don’t edit reader responses, but I reckoned everybody would realize you meant “going against.” Only libs ‘n’ progs wouldn’t get it. They’d just think you were on their side.

  4. Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 seem to be taking on greater meaning by the day. This is opposition, even persecution. Amazingly, the “flatline Protestant churches” are on the forefront of all this. (Thanks for creating that expression. It is so apt.) Besides the flatline Protestant churches, the Catholic church seems to have taken a big step in the direction of political activism and away from teaching God’s word.

    Serving God has never been easy. Think of Enoch, who apparently was alone in practicing worship of the True God. Imagine that, being the only person one earth that stood up against badness. No wonder God had to take him out of that situation.

    This world around us has built an incredible illusion of what is valuable. Just a few hundred miles west of where I live, southern Californians deal with incredibly expensive real estate prices and one’s personal “value” is inextricably linked to earning high wages. Humans wield economic power like a sword and dominate one another endlessly, but the long-term value of this is all but nil.

    Our economy is floating on a sea of unsustainable debt and these inflated property values are based upon that debt remaining viable. But it never has been viable and some sort of collapse is inevitable. So where does the wisdom of the world lead us and where does the wisdom of God lead us? The bible counsels moderation and avoiding debt, which keeps us out of the game, but will prove beneficial in the long term.

    This is but one example of the illusion cast my human leaders and teachers, but it fits our day quite well. The illusion of this fallen world will collapse and hopefully we will live to see something much better.

  5. This reminds me of G.K.Chesterton’s quote: “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” The good Christians you described are not Christians at all.

    Pastor Jeffress, spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, believes laws like Canada has against speaking ill of homosexuality are coming to America. God forbid!

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