Parliament Seeks to Ban an Opinion

In the land where the Magna Carta was signed, and modern notions of liberty were born, there is a movement in the House of Commons to ban an opinion and to prevent the public from hearing it.

What opinion is that? Britain should have sharia law? The Queen is a space alien?

Nope: various members of the house want to silence other members who are guilty of the crime of “Climate Change skepticism.” Furthermore, these members want to order the BBC not to interview skeptics, or report their public comments, without first getting a special clearance from the government ( ).

Liberty, the gift of God, established in England and America at such great cost in blood–our ruling classes and their nooze media lackeys are throwing it away with both hands. How many years do we have left, before they abolish it altogether?

Father in Heaven, deliver us out of the hands of these wicked and ungodly persons, for your own name’s sake. Amen.


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  1. If they are confident climate change is true why do they feel the need to silence all dissent? It seems to me a healthy dose of skepticism is a part of true science.

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