Treks and Tricks Galore in Lee Duigon’s New Bell Mountain Book, The Palace

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A Review of Lee Duigon The Palace[Book 6 of the Bell Mountain Series] (Storehouse Press, 2013)
321 pp $18.00 ISBN: 978-1-891375-64-4

Reviewer: Forrest W. Schultz

If I were to sing, instead of write, this review, the first verse would be “whole lotta trekkin’ goin’ on” followed by a second verse “whole lotta trickin’ goin’ on”. Read it and see if you can make up an appropriate third verse. The trekkin’ is similar to the treks in the previous stories — military movements, abductions, people sneaking around, and the like. What really stands out in this, most recent, Bell Mountain book is the two examples of “trickin”. The bad guys keep talking about a Thunder King (who actually does not exist), who supposedly is ordering them to do certain things and send (in his name) various decrees. And the good King, Ryons, who actually does exist, has two people impersonating him, leading us to say, as they used to on that famous TV show from days of yore, “Will The Real King Ryons please stand up??!!”.

As with the previous stories, this one moves along with fast-paced exciting action and dialogue and is suffused with various Biblical principles and analogies. And, as with the others, it is written for juvenile readers but is also interesting, perhaps even more so, for teen and adult readers. Jack and Ellayne are back, and it has now been two years since the beginning of their adventure and some time is spent by them looking back over them. The picture on the front cover shows Jack’s most hair-raising experience in this tale, climbing up the outside wall of a palace to escape from the room in which he was being imprisoned.

I highly recommend this story as I have the previous ones.

2 comments on “Treks and Tricks Galore in Lee Duigon’s New Bell Mountain Book, The Palace

  1. Good day . your artical makes alot of sence . i want to start writting a Fantasy novel but hit a wall each time because it clashed with my belief. are there any other guidlines you can give me i would greatly apreciate it
    thank you

    kindly Candice Burger

    1. I don’t know what your belief is, so it’s hard for me to give you specific advice.

      I am a Christian, and I try to write my books in such a way that they serve Christ’s Kingdom. Naturally, that means I can’t write fantasies about reincarnation, or witchcraft, with lots of sex and violence, and so on. I know in advance that my story must be grounded on the Bible.

      That still leaves me with a lot of room to maneuver!

      If you’d tell me more about the kind of fantasy you’ve tried to write, I might be able to give you better advice. Don’t be shy–I’m willing to listen.

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