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Now Available in Kindle: ‘The Throne’

Well, here it is–The Throne in Kindle format. So much for shipping costs!

In fact, I think it’s free if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited. I don’t, so please don’t ask me how that works. I still can’t even get back my Facebook referrals.

Anyway, all the Bell Mountain characters, except for the few I’ve had to kill off in earlier books, are present and accounted for–Jack and Ellayne, King Ryons, Wytt, Helki the Rod, Ysbott the Snake, Lord Chutt, Martis, Fnaa and all the rest–along with some new ones whom I hope you’ll enjoy reading about. I enjoyed writing about them. Yergen, the toughest man in Obann City. Bassas, commanding Lord Chutt’s Wallekki bodyguard while trying to salvage his honor. You get the idea.

And…who’s going to be the first to submit an Customer Review for this baby? I hope it’s a good one!

A Brilliant Stroke of the Pen–by Accident

Laurel and Hardy only pretended to be chuckleheads; but they did it so convincingly, they got rich.

Even so, the finest specimens of chuckleheadedness are only unearthed  by accident. And some of them are gems.

Just this morning I read an Customer Review of my Bell Mountain–five stars, so I’m certainly not complaining–which featured a rare and valuable typo that has since been corrected. And please don’t think I’m making fun of the writer, because I know well that anyone can take a prat fall, big-time. You should see some of the whoppers my editors have saved me from committing to publication.

So this reviewer wrote of Bell Mountain as “the battle of goof vs. evil.”

Think about that!

Can goof actually defeat evil? You know something–I’m pretty sure it can. I’m pretty sure it has, all throughout history. How many fiendishly evil plans have been scuttled by pure incompetence?

This has the makings of a story. Maybe even a whole novel. Certainly a chapter, here and there. Most certainly, a chapter.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it, and from the least-expected direction, too. Don’t waste it when you’ve got it.

Reader Kayos Troll

In case you missed it in the comments, our esteemed colleague “Weavingword” got rid of the one-star bashings that some malicious little left-wing nit posted on my books on And here’s how she did it.

Step One: “See all reviews.” 2. Scroll down to the review in question. 3. Find “Was this review helpful to you?” 4. Click “Report abuse” button, and when they ask, give them a reason why. In this case, it was because the reviews were not reviews of any books but merely personal attacks on the writer.

Weavingword wins by knockout in the first round. As for the troll, let him contemplate the following message:

Here’s the Webinar! ‘Thoughts on Being a Writer’

Wow, here it is already–the “webinar” I did just the other day, organized, moderated, and edited by Andrea Schwartz, my esteemed colleague at The Chalcedon Foundation. She is amazingly efficient.

So here it is, if you can stand listening to my voice for 55 minutes (I’m not sure I can). ( )

It was a lot of fun being questioned by people who had actually read my books: in fact, it was the first time that’s happened. I hope the advice I gave these kids and teens was good advice.


And We Have a Contest Winner!

Image result for images of happy contest winner

Laura, you are the lucky reader who has posted Comment No. 8,000, and you’ve won an autographed copy of one of my books. All I need is your address so I can send it. You can either provide it in a comment, which I’ll delete after I write it down, or you can email it to me at

The next winner will be whoever posts No. 9,000. I wonder how long that will take.

Meanwhile, Laura, I hope you enjoy your winnings.

100,000 Views Today?

It’s possible that today the total number of views of this blog, since its inception, will hit 100,000. Not being social media savvy, I can’t tell you what that means. How many blogs go under before they get anywhere near 100,000 hits? How many have passed me like I was standing still? I just don’t know.

Anyhow, as of today I’ve already got as many hits this year as I did for all of 2013, and in another month or two I’ll pass my total for 2014–with half a year left to go.

And so, thanks to you, the readers, this blog grows and continues to grow. If it might someday spur sales of my Bell Mountain books, that would be cause for rejoicing.

Meanwhile, if there is more of something–or less of something–that you’d like to see on this blog, I’d be interested to read your comments.

And remember–you can always request a hymn.

The Great Beast from ‘The Thunder King’

As long as I’m reading The Thunder King, I thought I’d treat you to this video clip from Walking With Prehistoric Beasts, featuring the mountain-sized animal that rescued Ryons from the “death dog,” aka hyaenodon.

Don’t mind them calling it “Indricotherium.” They’re always changing the name. I stick with the old name that it had when I was a boy, “Baluchitherium.” Whatever we call it, this baby was the largest land mammal that ever lived–and the one that Ryons met was the biggest of them all.

Marvel at the work of God’s hands, and rejoice in it.

I’ll Be on the Air Wednesday Night

Grant Warren will have me as his guest on By the Fireplace Wednesday at 10 p.m. Central time, which will be 11 p.m. for me. Look for By the Fireplace on . I think. You can listen on your computer.

We will be talking about my Bell Mountain novels. I’ve done a number of interviews, but this will be the first time I talk with anyone who has actually read any of my work.

Be prepared to laugh pityingly as I unlimber my slow, creaky, rapidly-aging voice, and pray I don’t say anything  better left unsaid.

Another 5-Star Review for ‘The Thunder King’

Scroll down a bit to find the new review by O.P. ( ) of The Thunder King, Book No. 3 in my Bell Mountain series.

I’ve won awards for these books, I’ve never gotten a bad review for any of them, and yet I’m finding it awfully hard to sell them.

You, my readers, and this little ol’ blog, are all the advertising I’ve got.

Remember, there’s a contest on! The first to sign up three new readers for my books wins a free book.

Who’s playing?

My Hometown Fans

Okay, I understand: people in your home town see you in the flesh and conclude you can’t be of any importance. It’s hard to impress people who know you.

My books used to occupy a nice place on the shelves at my local library. But since the arrival of a new library director, my books have been banished to a “Local Authors” ghetto in the most remote region of the building, along with Mrs. Gesundheit’s genealogical researches and Grandpa Fongo’s reflections on the best local parade of 1956. One more step, and these books would be under the floorboards.

When I asked the new library director to please restore my books to their former place, she looked at me quizzically, the way Godzilla looks at a power plant before he kicks it to smithereens, and said, “Well, you are self-published, aren’t you?” Like any Local Author couldn’t possibly be good enough to be paid for his work.

For the sake of those among you who do publish your own writing, I will limit the description of my reply to the word “no.”

Anyhow, I looked again today and my books are still in the Local Authors ghetto where no one in this town will ever discover them and read them.

You just can’t make it in your own home town.

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