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Celebrity Endorsements for My Books

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While I was out getting our anniversary dinner, some celebrity endorsements for my books came in. I’d like to share the highlights with you… anticipating that my publisher won’t want to use them as cover copy.

“Blimey! ‘E’s a right corker!”  –Queen Elizabeth I

“When people weren’t trying to kill me, I was reading Bell Mountain.”  –Elfego Baca

Cellar Beneath the Cellar’s gonna be a classic: I have a hunch!”  –Nostradamus

“I’ve read ’em all!”   –Marco Polo

“These are quite simply the best!”  –Violet Crepuscular

I could go on, but I don’t want to brag. Besides, I’ve got to round up a cat video.

Bob Knight Reviews ‘The Palace’ (2014)

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Every now and then I get edgy about whether my books are actually reaching any audience, so I post something to try and arouse readers’ interest in them. I’m happy to say there seem to be a lot of newcomers to this blog: maybe I can get you guys to try my books.

Here’s Robert Knight’s review of Bell Mountain No. 6, The Palace (  Hint: I really could use some more Customer Reviews on Yes, I know–entirely shameless of me even to mention it.

The kid on the cover, by the way, is real. Artist Kirk DouPonce always uses live models in his covers for my books.

‘The Thunder King’ @ Movie Guide (2011)

This, by Bob Knight, was one of the nicer reviews I’ve ever received. 2011–Wow! Has it really been that long since The Thunder King was published?

Still waiting for word on The Silver Trumpet. I hope they haven’t decided to publish it on clay tablets, in cuneiform. That would take a while.

‘Are My Books Biased?’ (2013)

Actually, since this post was written, a prominent Catholic reviewer has refused to review my books because of, he says, rampant Calvinism. I think his problem is that he used to be a Calvinist and doesn’t like to remember that portion of his life.  But I deny his charge against me.

Of course, you can always read them and decide for yourself. Commercial Message (Beware!): All my books can easily be ordered right here on this site. Just click “Books” and go for the shopping cart icon (the publisher) or the icon.


The Books ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Read (2015)

You know those commercials that say “They”–they who?–don’t want you to know about this fine product, because then you’d get rich or live forever or something? Well, I thought that approach might work for my books.

It hasn’t.

Forrest Schultz Reviews My Books

Ah, what the heck, I can always use reviews. Here’s a new one by Forrest Schultz, covering The Temple and The Throne, Books No. 8 and 9 in my Bell Mountain series. I don’t think my character, Ysbott the Snake, made a hit with him, but then Ysbott rubs a lot of people the wrong way. He’s a villain and an idiot, so he’s supposed to do that.

Thank you, Forrest.

A Spatial messidge From Joe Collidge

See the source image

Hi its me Joe Collidge and i am a interllectural and yore not “so” yiu has beter got to do “like i say” becose i amb Smarter then yiu!

i seen that guy lee he is “trying to” get poor ordrinary dum peple like yiu “To” by his stopid books for Chrismist pressents Wel i fourbid yiu To Do It!!! Fore one thing thare isnt no sucht Thing as chrismist and anywhay It is Izlammo Fobick and yiu shuld Al “bee” doing Kwaaanzaaah insted!!!! And them thare books of his Thay “are” racist and Trans Fobick and thay wil Turn “yiu” into A Hater!!! i canot strass This enuohgh!!!!!

Hare at Collidge us Intrallectorals insted of lowsy chrismist we going to Go “Out” and key cars!! Sombday thare wont Be no more chrismist any More it wil Be Aginst The Laww!~! then them No Good christins thay wil has to cellarbrate Kwonzaaaah “Or” else gett Shot!!

Meenwhile remmber i toled you dont By this gy’s books “he is” A racist!!!!!!! he dont love The Humin Kind like Us Interllecturals we doo!

Ta-dah! Thank You, Readers

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I am happy to report that, thanks to your efforts, folks, has removed that dishonest, mean-spirited, one-star non-review of my Bell Mountain.

Hey, if somebody really doesn’t like the book, that’s life. But to slam it, and try to discourage others from reading it, because you don’t like my politics–which play no role whatsoever in any of my books–well, that’s just your typical leftid dirty trick.

I mean, how absurd would it be to inject contemporary American politics into a fantasy novel? There are a few authors that do that, and that’s why their novels suck. I mean, the whole blinking point of a fantasy story is to get away from that stuff!

Anyway, because a bunch of you stepped up and told the truth, and let know it, a small but despicable injustice has been corrected–and I thank you very much.

Reader Help Requested!

A leftid named B. Davin has given my Bell Mountain a 1-star customer review on because he doesn’t like one of my blog posts on the subject of the former president–which has nothing whatsoever to do with the merits of my book.

I was unable to figure out how to give amazon a reason for reporting this review as abuse, but I know that a few of you do know how to do this, and I’d appreciate your help. This person has acted out of pure spite, for a political reason, and I don’t want to see him get away with it.

A Boost for My Books

The Palace (Bell Mountain Series #6) by [Duigon, Lee]

I’ve been re-reading my Bell Mountain books, trying to prepare myself for writing the next one. I have to read them, lest I forget some important detail.

So I’m in the middle of The Palace (No. 6 in the series), and I’ve just read the chapter, “The White Doe.” Please don’t think I’m boasting when I say this, but I think it’s among the best things I’ve ever written. It’s not boasting because I was moved when I read it and very much surprised that anything like it could have come from me. Give God the glory: I pray for His guidance as I write, and He gives it. It didn’t really come from me. I just wrote it down.

And this evening Patty discovered the Vintage Novels blog, and a wonderfully complimentary review of the first four books in my series. This is by Suzannah Rountree, a blogger in Australia, and she has my thanks. Let me see if I can link to her piece for you. Ah, here it is:

If you haven’t read any of these, I hope Suzannah’s review will persuade you to give them a whirl. For more information (if you’re new to this blog), just go to the top of this page and click “Books.”

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