From Kindergarten to Kollege, in One Step

As if we needed any further proof that “educators” have leaf-litter for brains, a New York school has canceled its annual kindergarten show because, say the bozos running the place, the kiddies have to keep working, uninterrupted, because they’re being prepared for “college and career.” In kindergarten.(See )

Boys and girls, if you think you can just waltz into college and pick up a degree in Women’s Studies or Queer Literature, just like that, you’ve got another think coming! By cracky, you should’ve started cramming in the womb! Now you’re already five years old! If you had to start college tomorrow, you wouldn’t be ready! To say nothing of starting a career!

Are you absolutely, positively sure you can’t raise your own children as wisely as these “educators” are raising them? Are you sure you can’t do just as good a job of preparing your children to earn college degrees in ridiculous subjects and take on a lifetime’s worth of student debt?

Get some self-confidence, and homeschool your kids.

5 comments on “From Kindergarten to Kollege, in One Step

  1. Hear, here! I have been advocating home schooling for the past 25 plus years, and more and more people are going that route, but not nearly enough to get through to the “pumpkin heads” directing this madness.

  2. Plus, whoever wrote this letter apparently didn’t learn much herself.
    From the letter: ‘It is most important to keep in mind is that this issue is not unique to Elwood.’

    1. Amen, Unknowable! The dreaded process which allows one to think for himself is so dangerous, they must stomp it out everywhere lest the indoctrinators – I mean teachers – be discovered.

  3. “leaf-litter for brains” – so descriptive! We didn’t know about home-schooling when raising our daughter, although we did put her in a Christian school. The home-schooled children I have encountered are so well-behaved.

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