Can I Wake Up Now, Please?

So it was back to the dentist’s office first thing this morning, to have my stitches out. I sit down in the waiting room. The TV is on. It compels me to look at the screen. And the first thing I see is two guys smooching–it’s an ad for a new sod show on Broadway.

Then the celebrity idiot talk show kicks in. The audience goes wild. By “wild” I mean all but tearing off their clothes and levitating. I know the studio audience is coached to do that, but I still find it a daunting sight. I would rather not see it.

I drive home. Because I’ve lived here all my life, I know I’m passing through a landscape full of ghosts–the ghosts of farms and villages, woodlands and fields that I remember, that I saw. Or did I? Did I only dream them? But the Protectors of The Environment, whom we have been electing and re-electing without interruption since the 1960s, have paved over everything. No one would ever guess that this was once a country road, or that there was ever any such thing as “country” anywhere around here.

Somehow I cannot see any of this as being what God intended for His people.


5 comments on “Can I Wake Up Now, Please?

  1. Have you ever seen ‘How Green was my Valley’? Your comment about the ‘farms and villages, woodlands and fields’ that you remember made me think about it. It’s a good movie, but really sad.

    1. Just now, Laura, I don’t think I need any more of that kind of sadness. Oh, what Democrats do to the places they “protect”! God erase their ravages.

  2. I saw today the US postal service dedicated a stamp to Harvey Milk. I don’t know how much you know about this guy, but he was a real piece of work. And of course the White House threw an event to celebrate it. Somebody wake me up too please!

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