My Day Off

I’m taking a day off from “ranting,” as my critics call it, to work on my new book, The Temple. The sun has finally come back out, it’s nice and cool, but not too cool, I’m surrounded by greenery, and the birds are singing to beat the band. A couple of squirrels, playing squirrel-tag, ran right around my chair as I was writing.

The Temple is No. 8 in my Bell Mountain series, so I can tell you what it’s about without spoiling anything: God continues to change the world, often in ways the characters don’t expect. There’s still plenty of evil to be dealt with, and plenty of foolishness, too. The fantasy world isn’t so much different from our own.

Meanwhile, I’ve been invited to return to Rob Schilling’s radio show on Monday, June 9, to talk about the flaming obvious need for Christians to get their children out of the public schools. Do that, people, and leftism in America will die for want of nourishment.

But that’s for later. For the time being, I’m content to explore my imaginary world of Obann and see what the Lord has in store for its people.

I hope some of you will want to see that, too.

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