A Truly Ridiculous Computer Problem

Last night I got my regular computer back–the one that had been struck by lightning–with a brand-new motherboard, etc., and the guy came over to install it, and it took him two more hours to get it up and running properly. But, hosannah, as of last night, everything was tickety-boo.

Only it wouldn’t let me connect with my blog this morning.

I kept getting this message saying that whatever I was trying to do was invalid, because WordPress was convinced I was trying to come in from the future. If that makes no sense to you, it made no sense to me, either.

I called my webmaster, and from her station out in California, she had not the least bit of trouble getting to this page. My wife tried it on our new laptop and got here just fine.

At the best of times, technology at any level higher than that of a manual typewriter intimidates and frustrates me. What was wrong with the blasted machine this time? (Break for wailing and gnashing of teeth.)

And then Patty solved it.

The problem was something so small, so obvious, so flaming silly.

The clock at the bottom of the screen said 1:10 a.m. instead of 1:10 p.m.! So WordPress could not help thinking I was trying to invade it from 12 hours in the future. When the clock was properly reset, I was back in business.

Aren’t you glad this machine is not a National Missile Defense computer, with me at the controls?

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