It Didn’t Have to Be Obama

Around the country, there seems to be a growing sense that Mitt Romney got a raw deal when he ran for president. He was not a vampire capitalist, whatever that is. He is not cruel to his dog. He does not hate women and want to saddle them with perpetual pregnancy so they can’t go to work or have any fun. All those things the nooze media, an arm of the Democrat Party, said about him were untrue, unfair, and cruel.

All right, it was hard to get excited about him as a candidate. His whole political style is to be noncommittal, lukewarm, Mr. Moderate, etc. He didn’t even mention Benghazi in the presidential debate that took place days after that debacle. He should have beaten Obama over the head with it, but he didn’t even mention it.

All the same, folks, you coulda had him instead of Mr. *Batteries Not Included for your president. At the very least we would have had a president who could talk to us, not at us, and whose lifelong work ethic would keep him plugging away at his official duties instead of fatzing around on the golf course all the time.

And here are some of the things we would not have, if Romney were our president:

*A boiling chaotic mess on our nation’s border

*A materially and morally gutted military

*Obamacare (Romney promised to grant waivers to all 50 states by executive order)

As for foreign policy, it’s so hard and unpredictable, even really smart people who know what they’re doing, and do their level best, can’t always get it to turn out right. But it’s always better to have someone in charge who’s not an idiot and at least is trying his best to do a good job.

So, for all of you who were too hoity-hoity in your self-righteous pride to vote for Romney, and either sat it out or threw your votes away on third-party fringe candidates–

What we’ve got now is your fault.

If our republic survives the rest of *Batteries Not Included’s second term, it’ll be no thanks to you.

4 comments on “It Didn’t Have to Be Obama

  1. I did not throw my vote away. I trusted God to guide me , and why should I vote for a man who is in a cult, and agrees with murdering babies because he so wimpy he wont stand for anything. Romney is and was no better than Obama. I will not allow the GOP to dictate what a conservative is to me by refusing to even field a conservative candidate . I refuse to support a party that has NO STANDARDS NO PLANK and wants to fit in with the enemy. If you think we actually elect a person your deluded. Obama was the elect predestined winner before anyone cast a vote. As will Hillary Clinton in the next one. There is no electoral hope for the U.S. Only the coming of Christ can solve our problems

    1. Ron, I’m sorry that you’re mad at me, but I can’t help it. I have to speak the truth as I see it.

      I am sure that, when He said “Occupy until I come,” Christ did not mean for us to wait passively for His return, conceding the whole world to His enemies. We’ve been waiting for His coming for 2,000 years, and for all we know, will have to wait 2,000 years more.

      I do not impute virtual omnipotence to various conspiracies among the ungodly. I refuse to believe the Lord has made them invincible.

      I’ve never said elections will solve our problems. And I agree that Romney was very far from being a good candidate. But when all is said and done, we wound up with the very worst of the lot–and I say shame on us for that.

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