Coming Soon to Your School: Meatless Monday

It’s less than two weeks into the new public school year, and we’ve already got a nice controversy: “Meatless Monday” ( ).

It’s another one of those soft-core Maoist impositions so dear to the hearts of so-called educators.

First they claim kids and parents are breaking down the cafeteria doors, demanding more vegetarian school lunches. Why they expect anyone to believe that, go figure. Then they tell us that going without meat will “improve the health of the planet.” What the dickens is that supposed to mean? The continents are going to start slip-sliding all over because kids are eating meat? The atmosphere’s gonna fly off into space? Like if “the planet” was really, truly “sick,” a bunch of dopy vegetarians could heal it? But it’s all just gibberish.

The next step is to describe “Meatless Monday” as a “movement.” If you can swallow that without choking, they will tell you that all they mean to do is to “encourage” people to skip meat once a week.

Here’s where the Stalinist part comes in. How do these meddling, schoolmarmy lefties propose to “encourage” kids to abstain from meat?

By withholding it from them! Yowsah, yowsah–you can’t eat meat if you just can’t get any! Sort of like the way the Soviet Union used to “encourage” farmers to form collectives. “See, comrade–the children have all chosen not to eat any meat today.” Because there ain’t any!

Finally, they reassure you that “it’s only for one day a week.” Uh-huh. And if you don’t like it in the collective, you can always go back to your own farm.

Look, you want these public school Mugabe wannabes to educate, feed, recreate, and be mother and father to your children, so you can be free to do whatever–well, they’re going to want something in return, aren’t they?

The price we pay for “free” public education is the children’s souls.

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