Hobbits, Orcs Colonize New Jersey

Well, okay, maybe that headline’s just a tad misleading. The Orcs, after all, have been here all along.

I’ve begun re-reading The Lord of the Rings (how many times have I read it? I dunno–who’s counting?), and such is the power of Tolkien’s storytelling, I can almost look out my window and expect to see a hobbit.

The great thing about this big, meaty fantasy is that every time you read it, you see something new that you haven’t seen before. For me, this time, I could just about really see Bilbo’s final birthday party: just like I was really there.


My New Cover

Yesterday I saw Kirk DouPonce’s cover art for The Glass Bridge, Book #7 of my Bell Mountain series. (I would love to see it released in time for Christmas, but that probably isn’t a realistic timetable.) It shows Gurun in the prow of a boat, peering through the rain…

This time Kirk has hit the bulls-eye in the bulls-eye. I don’t know how he does it, but the girl on the cover of that book is Gurun, to the life. Exactly as I imagined her! It’s a gorgeous cover, and I’ll try to have it posted here tomorrow so you can all see it.

We imagine. God creates. He was supremely wise to limit us, while at the same time creating us in His image. So we can enjoy imitating Him.

It’s only when we begin to think we can replace Him that we get in trouble.

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  1. I really love the cover for The Glass Bridge, too! I’ve only seen descriptions of Helki the Rod… I wonder what he looks like… 🙂

    1. That’s one of those things I’ve chosen to leave up to the reader’s imagination–other than describing his wild clothes and even wilder hair.

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