School Punishes Boy for Sharing Lunch

So you’re absolutely, positive sure you want these idiot public schools “educating” your children? You’re really confident you can’t do just as good a job yourself?

Out in California, the Weaverville Elementary School punished an eight-grader with detention for sharing his lunch with another kid ( ). The 13-year-old shared his chicken burrito with a friend who didn’t like the cheese sandwich slapped on his plate by the school cafeteria staff.

As usual, the brain-deads running the show took refuge in the “we have a policy” mantra, yatta-yatta. You never have to think about anything, if you have a policy.

But, see, they have thought about it! You’re not gonna believe me, so read up on what the founders of “public education” have to say for themselves. Check out R.J. Rushdoony’s The Messianic Character of American Education, which is mostly quotes from leading “education” theorists going back 150 years ( available from The Chalcedon Foundation, ). Their goal has always been the same: to turn schools and teachers into “change agents” to re-engineer human society along the socialist lines always proposed by left-wing moral imbeciles.

“Oh! But that happened out in California! They’d never do that in one of our town’s schools!”

Wise up, people. The same teachers’ unions run public education in all 50 states. Being in Texas won’t help you; your kids will get the same rubbish that they’d get in Massachusetts.

School officials in Weaverville say they forbid food-sharing because it might lead to kids dropping dead from allergies, or what have you.

Nah. They want to train the kids to accept without question whatever they are given, whether it’s a cheese sandwich in the cafeteria, or Global Warming and “Barack Hussein Obama, Mm-mm-hmm!” in the classroom.

Please, get your children out of there.

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  1. Reblogged this on VAS Blog and commented:
    The passing of Sam Blumenfeld is a great loss. His latest book, co-authored by Alex Newman is a must read. “Crimes of the Educators” – get it from Amazon. Every Australian needs to read it because the rot currently perpetrated on Americans is here already … be warned.

  2. Strange and dumb establishment, the government-supported public schools. I have heard of 13 year old children that are “educated” in a public school, and don’t even know how to read! It’s a wonder that this Public School hasn’t been shut down yet.

    1. It has never been the aim of public education to turn out well-educated individuals who can think and do for themselves. Never.

      If you go back to the 19th and early 20th centuries and read what the educators themselves wrote about their work, you will see that the above statement is literally true.

      A great source for those quotes is R.J. Rushdoony, “The Messianic Character of American Education.”

      By their own words they stand condemned.

  3. The link to the 2015 article no longer works. What was the “policy” that the burrito violated? Michelle’s edict that students would eat only specified swill?

    1. Their “policy” was no sharing lunch because some kid might wind up eating something he’s dangerously allergic to.

      Now I can worry about my links again.

  4. Your link wasn’t the problem, Lee; I got to the website, but the page seemed to have been taken down. I got a “Page Not Found” notice. Now you can unclench your teeth. 🙂

    1. Meanwhile, another WordPress problem has come up. When I went to post another item, all I got was a blank page. The Happiness Engineers said it’s not me, it’s a general WordPress problem that they’re working on and hope to solve “within the hour.” That would be nice. They also told me how to do a post by some other method–which, I’m happy to say, worked. I had to do it the old way that was standard procedure some two years ago… before they upgraded and improved the site. [Two-minute break for sardonic laughter.]

  5. William Heard Kilpatrick of Columbia Teachers College as quoted in “The Messianic Character of American Education:” “The inclusive aim of modern teaching is to help the child grow gradually into fullness of individual and social living. The first goal is that all pupils shall learn to live well together.” Was Kilpatrick a Socialist? Do bears defecate in the woods?

    1. “Messianic” is a great book.
      All those quotes from the “educators” who created public schooling! Never let it be said that the bad guys keep their aims a secret.

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