Who’s Shooting Up Ottawa?

Today’s top breaking news story–we really don’t yet have a handle on it–concerns an eruption of violence in Canada’s capitol, including a gunman who was killed as he single-handedly stormed Parliament. There has also been shooting at the war memorial and at a major shopping mall.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had to be whisked out of the Parliament building. He canceled a trip to Toronto he had scheduled for today, going there to award Canadian citizenship to a Pakistani woman, Malala Yousafzai, who has labored (at no small risk to herself) for women’s rights in her country.

Two says ago in Quebec, a man “with jihadist sympathies”–don’t you love the way the nooze media tries to soft-pedal this stuff?–ran over two Canadian soldiers, killing one.

We do not yet know who’s shooting up Ottawa, but most of the speculation seems to involve Muslims or “jihadists” attacking Canada on behalf of ISIS. Which is funny, because politically correct, legally multicultural Canada can’t do enough to pamper, cosset, and appease Muslims, whom the government has established as a “protected class” who must never be offended. Canada venerates Muslims almost as much as it adores homosexuals.

Is this the thanks they get?

Really, I would have liked to write something upbeat and witty today, maybe even push my own books a little. It’s a drag, folks, watching Western civilization go round and round the drain, on its way down. Sometimes this job kind of gets to me.

Well, as bloodthirsty and as savage as they are, ISIS and Al-Qaeda and their kind, in the end, will do far less damage to our Western countries than our own mad leaders and our so-called intellectuals. If the Western countries had the stomach for it, they could smack down the jihad as easily as swatting a fly.

It’s our ruling class that has us in a stranglehold.

P.S.–Canada has very strict gun control laws. For some reason, the bad guys totally ignored them. Who would’ve thought it?

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