Canada’s Own Little Inquisition

The Bank of Montreal (BMO)  put out a corporate letter recently that puts it in the forefront of the campaign to exclude Christians and Christian beliefs from public life–in favor, of course, of sodomites. (Source: CHP Comm. Vol. 21, Issue 49, Dec. 2, 2014) Here’s a little taste of it.

“BMO requires law firms with whom we do business to disclose the diversity statistics”–the what? Like, wasn’t this a bad thing when they used to do it in South Africa?–“of their associates, partners and management committee as part of our External Counsel Selection Program.” (Boy, they do blather, don’t they?) “We are the first Canadian bank to do so and are at the forefront of a new frontier in which we not only expect higher standards of diversity and inclusion from ourselves, but from our suppliers as well…”

So they are going to achieve “diversity” by forcing others to conform to their standard of diversity. Well, you know what liberals do to words.

“At the core of BMO’s brand”–oh, please–“is our commitment to providing customers with a seamless, intuitive and personal connection to our bank.” Does anybody know what that means? “Building this human connection requires”–there they are “requiring” again–“customers to view us as more than just a financial institution, but instead as people and partners who understand and reflect their values, priorities and goals.” Got that, you customers? This is what is required of you!

“At BMO diversity and inclusion are part of our core values. It is the BMO’s view that the Trinity Western University Community Covenant, which is required to be signed by all TWU faculty, staff and students, is discriminatory. We understand that the Community Covenant requires abstention from ‘sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.’ We believe that the Community Covenant discriminates against individuals on the basis of–“and here come the sacred cows–“sexual orientation and gender expression.”

So they’re going to be inclusive by excluding everyone who has any connection to this Christian university, especially lawyers who studied at its law school.

Mind you, ask any Muslim–BMO adores Muslims–about sexual orientation and gender expression, and see what kind of answer you get. Not the kind BMO wants. They know Muslims “discriminate” against sodomy; but they won’t chide Muslims for it. They won’t exclude Muslims for refusing to bend the knee to assorted schools of perversion.

It’s sort of a “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

So a Canadian bank singles out Christians and Christian morality for exclusion. Maybe someday that won’t be enough. Maybe someday it’ll be, “Have you ever been a Christian? Is anybody in your family a Christian?” If so, you can’t do business here. Get lost.

I think Canadians should be ashamed of this. Don’t you?

11 comments on “Canada’s Own Little Inquisition

  1. Pardon my language, but sick in the mind bastards is verbiage too polite to describe these weasels. Long ago, I made a very conscious decision to never deal with any Canadian bank to take my money on deposit ( which is actually meaning that I loan them my money) the use of which they now pay next to nothing in interest to me. I loan them my $1000, they can then create out of nothing but thin air, at least $10,000, which they lend out at exorbitant rates, while paying me almost zilch for the use of my cash. Now, that is a real business plan. Too bad for me, I am tied into the BMO withsome investments where I am locked in. Otherwise, today I would walk into their biggest office I could find and tell them to stick it. Surprsing though it is, that it is not the Royal Bank leading this procession of jackals. To me, it was always the dumbest of that bunch of doorknobs. Dave

  2. Yes, I do and yes, I am. Let’s pray for our countries, that God will bring repentance and revival. It seems we are beyond that, but He can do far above what we can ask or think.

  3. Why should we be surprised when Yeshua told us that these days would be like the “days of Noah, and the days of Lot”? Every word He spoke to us is being fulfilled to the letter. This is as the days of sodom and G’morah. All believers in the true God should be very diligent about keeping our ways clean, our first love for the Savior alive and while being aware of the evil in the world, being no part of it. (as much as possible while we live and breathe)

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    2. My pleasure to share your wisdom (and humor). It seems this FB “censorship” occurs only on the best sites. Same with YouTube,

    3. Oy! There should be a “virus” that attacks FB’s political control and a mandatory vaccine that cures lies. Then the swamp would drain itself.

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