‘Reunite the World’? Sez Who?

VAX LIVE': The Concert to Reunite the World and Ensure Everyone Has Access  to COVID-19 Vaccines

“Global citizen” is a euphemism for “sucker.”

I heard an ad for this yesterday on our car radio: “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World.” Funded by Bill Gates and other oligarchs, with the Red Pope tagging along.

Time out! Uh, you can’t “reunite the world” if it was never united in the first place. Not since they drew up the plans for the Tower of Babel, at least.

These imperial wannabes want a global government so bad, they can taste it: and King COVID has given them their chance. They’re so close to herding us all into the same corral! Or so they think. Hey, trot out the celebrities!

They aren’t asking us whether we want a world government–especially one headed by them. But they never ask us. We’re just livestock.

And it’s to be a “concert.” We’re supposed to do what a lot of sad sack “entertainers” and washed-up rock stars tell us to do.

They can all get stuffed. We want our country back. Our country, not theirs. But they think they can snow us with a freakin’ “concert.”

And that’s all the nooze I’m gonna do this weekend.

Pray hard, pray often. Appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

He’s watching.

‘The Most Trusted People in America’ (2013)

See the source image

If you can cook the books, you can cook a poll.

If nothing else, this caper by Reader’s Digest shows us how to cook a poll to get the answers you want. Why Reader’s Digest wanted those answers is a dark mystery.

The Most Trusted People in America

So how does Tom Hanks wind up “the Most Trusted Person in America” (barf bag, please)? Easy. Present respondents with a prepared list with no one on it but liberals, “entertainers,” and liberal entertainers, and make sure you take the poll only on college campuses.

We’re never so stupid that our ruling class doesn’t want us even stupider.

How to Make Your Ratings Go Up

Sales Graph Negative Means Disaster Down And Chart 3d Rendering Stock Photo  - Download Image Now - iStock

They could always try hanging the chart upside-down…

So there’s this noozie whose show is at the very bottom of the ratings heap, Brian Something… is it Swelter? Brian Swelter? (Nah, that’s the mean chef in Gormenghast.)

How is this fat bald guy supposed to get his ratings up? Believe it or not, he solved the problem.

By going on vacation! (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/awkward-cnn-hosts-ratings-go-slightly-away-vacation/)

Him not being there caused his show’s dismal ratings to improve. Only slightly, but one has to start somewhere. His show might really get a shot in the arm if he resigns and disappears from public view.

Noozies, we don’t love you anymore.

When Leaders Talk Hogwash

Benedict XVI | Biography, Resignation, Legacy, & Facts | Britannica

Wave goodbye to rationality

I don’t like it when leaders who are supposed to be responsible, and whom I want to respect, talk hogwash. So these remarks by retired Pope Benedict XVI shocked me (https://www.christianpost.com/news/pope-benedict-xvi-calls-biden-a-practicing-catholic.html).

Benedict said of “president” Joe Biden, “It’s true, he is a practicing Catholic. And he is personally against abortion.” [Good grief.] “But as president, he tends–” tends?–“to present himself in continuity with the platform of the Democratic Party.” Which calls abortion “reproductive health” and invokes “the right to choose.”

I get an impression of someone trying to tiptoe through a mine field and still managing to set off every one of them.

A president is supposed to be a leader; but apparently where abortion is concerned, this president is content to be a follower. And what’s it worth, that he’s “personally against abortion,” if as president he continues to promote it?

This is every bit as irrational and loopy as the so-called “conservative commentators” who are supporting Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner’s run for governor of California. It takes one’s breath away.

I mean, really! What kind of pope thinks it’s okay to be “personally against abortion”–as if it were anything but a gross violation of Catholic teaching–even while you aid and abet the abortionists every chance you get? It’s like being “personally against bank robbery” but you drive the getaway car.

Is that truly too hard for Benedict to figure out?

No wonder our culture is floundering.

‘Justice’ Dept. Wants to Stop Arizona Ballot Audit

Rattlesnake nest 05 | Rattlesnake, Snake, Palo duro canyon texas

After several lawsuits were shot down in court, Democrats suing to stop the audit of 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, Arizona, in the 2020 election, Far Left activists have handed off to the so-called Biden “Justice” Dept. (https://www.businessinsider.com/us-justice-department-expresses-concerns-over-arizona-election-audit-2021-5).

Biden allegedly “won” Maricopa County by some 45,000 votes and the state of Arizona by 10,000. And if they think we believe that…

“Justice” is taking a new approach: now they have “concerns,” they say, that the audit might lead to “voter intimidation.” Especially of Minority voters.

In other words, trying to find out what really happened in that election… is Racist! Because everything is Racist, don’t you know.

Why don’t they just take out full-page ads in all the papers, and saturate the social media, and shout it from the housetops, “We are big fat crooks and boy, have we got something to hide” ?

This is not how honest people behave. This is how thieves and liars behave. And we resent their calculation that we’re too dumb to figure it out.

You stole the election, you swine. Everything you say and do proclaims it.

The GOP Needs Fumigating, Too

Pollster Frank Luntz Says 2020 Results Are 'Devastating' for Profession

Frank Luntz–really bad advice, by the bucketful

Among the very worst things that can happen anywhere in America is for Democrats to be elected to any public office. But they couldn’t do the damage that they do without help from a lot of twollops in the GOP.

Pollster and alleged political expert Frank Luntz, for instance–who, by the way, rents a room to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9539979/Kevin-McCarthy-rents-Washington-apartment-powerful-GOP-pollster-Frank-Luntz.html). They’re very close.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, for “Frank Luntz” read “Wormtongue.”

Luntz advises Republicans that their base just can’t get enough of… they call it “immigration”… and are just totally gung-ho to amnesty a couple tens of millions of illegal aliens and give them free stuff and turn them into voters ASAP.

Have these people got amnesia? Don’t they remember the American people melting down the switchboards in D.C. to object to George W. Bush’s amnesty proposals? Maybe Luntz tells the GOP that we like Obamacare, too–not to mention cancel culture,  critical race theory, and men who pretend to be women dominating women’s sports.

Any Republican who listens to Luntz needs to have his head examined.

We have to weed these RINOs out of the Republican Party. They are aiding and abetting Democrats in their crimes against America.

And there’s not much time left before we have no country to save.

It’s Never a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ When *They* Say It

Bill and Melinda Gates | National Portrait Gallery

Would you buy a used planet from these two?

By now most of you know that uber-globalists Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage.

And I’m wondering what happened to all those reports, over the years, of Bill Gates saying we gotta use vaccines to reduce human fertility and depopulate the earth, etc. (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56975466). But there’s nothing out there but self-proclaimed “fact checkers” who never fail to “discover” that nobody at Far Left Crazy ever says or does anything bad.

See, I’d have a problem taking a medicine promoted by some guy well-known for saying we have to cut the human race down to size. So suddenly all those sayings have disappeared, except for where they’re brushed off as “conspiracy theories.”

Honk if you have ever seen the Russia Hoax written off as a conspiracy theory only believed in by Democrat wackos.

So now, unless years ago you had the foresight to preserve Bill Gates’ remarks about the need to reduce the population–and I didn’t–you have no way to know for sure whether he ever really said those things. Sorry, but I see no reason to trust the “fact checkers.”

And we are still looking for some reason, any reason, to believe that COVID is the most deadly disease ever to confront humanity, requiring unprecedented, extraordinary, and even bizarre measures to stave off extinction.

They’ve never proved that to us, have they?

If anyone out there, anyone at all, can produce a reason to trust the global government crowd, hey, I’d love to hear it.

D.C. Mayor on Weddings: ‘Standing and Dancing Not Allowed’

DjShizzymacc X No Dancing Allowed (COLLAB?!?) [FREE DL IN DESCRIPTION] by  shizzymacc #Trio

I would like to know how the human race ever survived without giving up all their liberties every time a disease said “Boo!” Why do we treat COVID as uniquely horrible?

Uh… because the people who treat it as uniquely horrible are themselves uniquely horrible?

And so the Democrat mayor of Washington, D.C.–have you noticed it’s always Democrats with the restrictions?–now says okay, you can have a wedding–“But standing and dancing receptions are not allowed” (https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/05/washington-d-c-bans-standing-dancing-at-indoor-and-outdoor-weddings/).


And the mayor went on, “Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other or other household groups.”

They want to micro-manage your wedding! Give ’em time–they’ll be telling you who you can marry, and who you can’t. And what time to go to bed at night.

J’accuse! Given the history of humanity’s survival in the face of much more deadly epidemics than this, what but pure malice, and an intoxication with pure power over others, can possibly be motivating these continuing restrictions on our everyday lives?

No one’s liberty will ever be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever.

‘Are These People Quite All There?’ (2016)

Global government personified!

Back in 2016 globalist schmendricks like John Kerry were already touting a “borderless world.” Which is what Climate Change and King COVID are all about, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Are These People Quite All There?

Please understand this. If you get rid of all the little governments that we know as “countries,” and replace them with one big huge government that will govern the entire world… the results will be horrific. Unimagineably bad.

But then, of course, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

Anyone who wants to give that kind of power to the likes of John Kerry has got more than a few bats in his belfry.

Another Priest Stands Up for Truth

Here–twenty minutes of truth, spoken by a priest who refuses to be intimidated into silence. We have posted videos of several such priests. I wish I could say the same for bishops.

Father James Altman, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, has come under fire by our Free & Independent Nooze Media, nationally, for supposedly “violating COVID protocols” (he hasn’t) and blah-blah-blah. They’re enraged because he supposedly says you can’t be a Democrat and be a Catholic. (Ya mean ya can?) He answers, “But they said it for me: you can’t be a Democrat and be pro-life.” And because our so-called “president” Joe Biden parades himself as a dyed-in-the-wool Catholic even as he campaigns for more abortion, more transgender, more sodomy, Father Altman has said that for Biden to receive communion is sacrilege.

Why has the Catholic Church left it up to individual priests to stand for truth? But as a Protestant, I have to be careful what I say: any number of our Protestant churches have openly gone over to the Enemy.

Let’s be thankful for the faithful priests and ministers we have.