New CDC Guidelines for, um, ‘Having Sex’

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Here we go with the happy puppies again. How am I supposed to illustrate this mess?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze clip–blame her.)

Reacting to the new monkeypox scare, the government’s Center for Disease Control has issued new guidelines for “having sex” (See for one of several examples)–and how the dickens do I write about this? I knew I was in trouble when I read a reminder to “wash your hands, fetish gear [“fetish gear”?], and sex toys” after “having sex.”

Yeah, better wash that fetish gear… Like everybody has some.

We’re also counseled to avoid “hugging, massaging, kissing”–but M______ is “always safe.” But just to make sure, preserve “social distancing” when “having sex.” Try not to do it at a distance less than six feet.

I trust this gives you some idea of how hard it is to write satire, these days.

But not to worry! There’s always mail-in voting! That’s how you wind up with SloJo in the White House. You know they’re gonna go for that again!

State AG Sues Scottsdale Schools (Spying on Parents!)

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

School board meetings never used to be this loud.

Once upon a time it would’ve been just about impossible to believe a scenario like this ( A school board knowingly violating the law and a board president spying on parents.

This is what’s happening in Scottsdale, AZ–where the state attorney general is suing the school district for trying to silence free speech on controversial topics (like the highly unpopular “mask mandate”) and, of course–public bodies do this a lot–violating the state’s Open Meeting Law in a variety of not-so-clever ways. This was all in 2021. (See

In addition, the former board president is being sued for spying on parents and publishing their private information… which made them highly vulnerable to identity theft and other crimes.

Do you remember a time when local school boards were your friends and neighbors, who represented you and did the best they could? Not any more! I covered local school boards as a reporter in the 1970s. Nothing–nothing!–like this was going on… although the state and federal governments were already working to erase local autonomy in education. Looks like they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Well, the state of Arizona is now suing these jerks; and I hope we see some pretty hefty criminal penalties dished out. This really has to stop.

And at this point public education itself has to stop.

Abortion as Self-Defense (Are They That Crazy?)

Ezekiel 8:14-18 KJV - Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the  LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women  weeping for Tammuz.

Tammuz was a pagan deity, an idol, whose worship crept into Jerusalem and reached even into the Temple of Jehovah, as told in Ezekiel 8. In those days in Judah, the right worship of God was corrupted by “going along to get along” with paganism.

We don’t have Tammuz anymore, but we do have plenty of idols. “Science.” The state. Celebrities. And Abortion (!), aka “Women’s Health,” “Reproductive Rights,” and “Choice.” And now that the Supreme Court has knocked it down as law for the whole country, kicking it back to the states, there are plenty of wackos out there literally weeping (and cursing and screaming) for this heathen idol. Just like they used to weep for Tammuz, before the destruction of Jerusalem.

But look at it this way.

If you abort a whole generation of babies, there’ll be no one around to have you euthanized the moment you miss a step.

‘Scientists Plan to Grow Neanderthal Brains and Install Them in Robots’ (2018)

See the source image

Yeah, I know–you thought this story was a hoax. But as far as I was able to find out, it was really on the drawing board. Although where they went to get Neanderthal brains–well, your guess is as good as mine.

Scientists Plan to Grow Neanderthal Brains and Install Them in Robots

Oh? They’re gonna grow the brains in petri dishes? That’s sure to work out well: you’ll wind up with John Kerry. They can’t stop nimrods with thick foreign accents from phoning you every day and trying to scam you by pretending to be from your credit card company; but they can grow Neanderthal brains in petri dishes. So they can put ’em into robots.

Of course it’s real. You don’t think anyone could see this as a movie screenplay, do you?

Far Left Wacko: ‘Dissolve the Supreme Court’

Sad Man in Dunce Cap | #C32004 | CSA Images

It’s a co-equal branch of government established by the Constitution, but a talking head out there wants to “dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States” (–this while a panel of Democrats in Congress gabble about “the Jan. 6 Insurrection.” Oh! And keep trying to set up a federal “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Think the Disinformation police will be coming after this guy?

Keith Olbermann used to be a big wheel in Far Left Crazy. Now he’s just a crabby old lib on YouTube.

He doesn’t like the way the Court’s been ruling lately, so he wants to get rid of it. How, he doesn’t say.

He also recommends that states ignore SCOTUS rulings that Democrats don’t like–especially the Court’s most recent affirmation of law-abiding citizens’ right to own and carry firearms.

Nope, no insurrection here.

I don’t like to insert this dindle into the nooze, but he’s already there, trying to make himself relevant. Besides, he’s surely not the only leftid who wants to abolish the Supreme Court. If they can’t pack it, sack it.

These are not people who want our republic to survive.

It Was Raining Fish in Texarkana

Fish rain from sky in Texarkana |

Too small to have for dinner–but what do you expect when it rains fish?

It’s not unknown for fish or frogs to get swept up by a waterspout or some other drastic meteorological event and rained down on somewhere else, miles away. Not unknown–but still rare enough that most people will live their whole lives without once seeing it rain fish.

I missed this, first time around; but on Dec. 29, 2021, it rained fish on Texarkana ( In the words of one eyewitness, first one fish fell, and then “fish were droppin’ here and everywhere!”

Livy loved this stuff, and always included that year’s “prodigies” in his history of Rome. When, say, a calf was born with two heads and wings, the Romans thought that meant something. They’d never be blase about a rain of fish. Sages would be under pressure to tell the city what it meant.

Next time I’m in Texarkana, I must remember to ask.

Our Self-Sink Navy

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Safe enough for you?

“I intend to sail in harm’s way.”  –John Paul Jones

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”  –Adm. David Farragut

“We intend to create a safe space for everybody.”  –Today’s pathetic excuse for a navy.

Forget about winning wars. The U.S. Navy isn’t about winning wars, defending America, or anything like that. It’s about “right pronouns”! It’s about “affirming someone’s identity”! ( They’ve even produced a training video to that effect.

Do you want to hear what office of the U.S. Navy has generated this? Better sit down first. Take a deep breath–

Naval Sea Systems Command Inclusion and Engagement Council: Diversity Team.

I wonder what Admiral Halsey would have thought of that.

I wonder what the new Communist Chinese Navy thinks of it. Thank they’re scared of us? [Seven-minute laugh break, plus oxygen]

If this doesn’t get stopped, erased, and replaced by sanity before the next major war starts… we’re sunk.

My Newswithviews Column, June 23 (‘Governed by Ninnies’)

Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris: Is Veep's Babbling Self-Sabotage or Dem Effort to Ruin Her? - YouTube

In case you couldn’t define ‘sarcasm’…

You can fight a foreign foe. (Well, you can try: it gets kind of difficult when your generals are paralyzed by fear of Climbit Change). But how do you fight home-grown stupidity? How does a country survive an education system that generates battalions of dopes like Kamala Harris?

Governed by Ninnies

We are in deep, deep trouble. Our public schools and universities make people stupid. We might not have enough homeschooled young people to carry us over the time it takes to get rid of our current education system and replace it.

Because you ain’t fixin’ it, people. It’s too far gone for that.

If you don’t think so, listen to Kamala.

Shake the Schools and Pour…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Oh, our poor country!

I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan, but he does have a point. Vice President (oh, please) Kamala Harris, he says, “is the first product of our modern teachers’ union/woke education system to get anywhere.” Which is to say, “She knows nothing” and is oblivious to things going on around her.

And should anything happen to SloJo Biden, already the worst president ever, this human train wreck, Kamala Harris, would replace him. So if he’s alive in 2024, he’s runnin’. Like, who do the Democrats have who wouldn’t be even worse?

Do we have enough kids homeschooling to carry the country on their shoulders when they grow up? It’s a scary thought: a whole generation of nothingburgers like Kamala taking over America. Sheesh. If that doesn’t kill us, nothing will. Just her cackling alone might do it…

‘London Imposes “Knife Control”‘ (2018)

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What’s next–fork control?

Although it’s virtually impossible to acquire a gun lawfully there, in 2018 the murder rate in London exceeded the murder rate in New York City. So naturally the Government came down for “knife control.” Gee, I hope it was bipartisan!

London Imposes ‘Knife Control’

Today our pseudo Solons up on Capitol Hill are trying to find some ways to nullify our Constitutional right to bear arms. And for some reason, suddenly mass shootings are way up–or should I say they appear to be way up? I mean, really, how do you decide who’s more dishonest, politicians or noozies?

I think in Britain it’s against the law to carry a potato peeler. So why haven’t they achieved the earthly paradise yet? What else has to be banned, to get there?