Italy Bans ‘Insect Flour’

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Don’t forget to say “Yummy!”

Italian food is popular and famous everywhere… and Italy wants to keep it that way.

So they’ve made it against the law to include “insect flour”–yes, made from ground-up insects–as an ingredient in pasta or pizza ( Sorry, globalists–the crazy wagon stops here, everybody out, end of the line.

If you really, truly, just gotta eat bugs so you can virtue-signal to your friends and fall in love with your reflection, Italian supermarkets will be allowed to stack the bug food on separate shelves, away from normal people’s food. And the labels will have to tell the consumer if a product contains creepy-crawlies.

You do know the John Kerrys and Barack Obamas of this world are laughing at you, don’t you?

Pushback (!) for Parental Rights

Parents protesting 'critical race theory' identify a new target: Mental  health programs

Are you mad enough yet, folks?

As reported by the Christian Science Monitor, as of March 1 of this year, 32 states have Parental Bill of Rights acts pending in their legislatures ( Some of the bills have already failed–voted down by Democrats–but they can always come back. And there is a federal Parental Rights bill in the House of Representatives… which will be voted down by Democrats in the Senate. Or else vetoed by SloJo, who thinks opposition to “transgender” is (we quote) “almost sinful.” Rhymes with “skin full.”

And as we reported here two years ago, that ol’ Pandemic had children being “educated” online at home by “remote learning”–and for the first time, parents actually saw and heard what their children were being “taught.” And they didn’t like it!

Now we have a flurry of parental rights bills in many state legislatures. In a lot of states, the bills will never pass. But never mind. Make the Democrats go on record as being against parents’ rights, against the family. We know they think it. Now let’s make them say it–loud and clear, for everyone to hear. And while we’re at it, we can find out how many Democrat big shots send their kids to expensive private schools and wouldn’t be caught dead in those public schools that the rest of us are supposed to settle for.

Thirty-two states!

Sounds like progress, to me.

Library Board Dodges Public Meeting

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“Run away and hide!” That’s the watchword of the Pocatello, Idaho, library board when the public demands an explanation of their actions (

Hello! These jidrools are supposed to represent us. They’re supposed to be accountable to us! But try telling them that… if you can find them.

Taxpayers in Pocatello–you know, the poor plebs who have to fund the library–wanted to know why there were “hundreds of graphic, obscene children’s books” in the library. But only two of the five board members having shown up for the meeting, that pair decided there couldn’t be a meeting ’cause they didn’t have a quorum. So they up and left. “Run away! Run away!”

They’re all there, though, when the drag queens they’ve invited show up.

Can any person who is not delusional fail to see that these people–Far Left library boards, school boards, teachers’ colleges, etc.–are purposely and systematically grooming children for sex? Come on! If you really, truly don’t see that, I’d just love to hear from you!

If You Defund The Universities, They’ll Behave

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You say exactly what we want you to say–you’re hired!

The English Dept. at the University of Houston Downtown has removed an “anti-racism statement” that it had required all faculty and staff to sign onto, expressing their heartfelt (LOL) support for Far Left Crazy (

Why did they back down?

Well, Gov. Greg Abbot’s office got involved and it was suggested that there might not be any more state aid for neo-Stalinist stupid factories. And that, as they say, was that.

Man, oh, man! If you’re looking to invest in stocks, run out and buy Compelled Speech–because it’s taking off like a rocket, all over the country. “We’ve told you what you can’t say. Now we’ll tell you what you must say!” And they start with having their hirees confess that they are “all [Yes–A-L-L] complicit in systems of oppression” blah-blah-blah. You had to sign it or you couldn’t have a job.

Why have we let our “educators” treat us with such contempt? But the solution to this problem is staring us right in the face: Take away the money. Here, just the threat of cutting off state aid got the commies to climb down.

I suspect we can get by very nicely with only 10% of the “higher education” that we have now. The remaining 90% can be thrown out with the tuna that went bad.

‘Today’s National Nitwit’ (2017)

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Michael Moore… Is he still here?

So Michael Moore, with a carbon footprint as big as his gut, warns us that “The Planet” is gonna take control and wipe out the human race for… well, for not listening to him.

Today’s National Nitwit

One thing our current age abounds in–false gods. More of them than you can shake a stick at. Maybe I should have a contest: “How Many of Today’s False Gods Can You Name?” Winner gets an onion.

US Bishops Ban ‘Sex Reassignment’–Finally

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Took their time about it, didn’t they?

“It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves…” –Psalm 100:3

Meeting in Rome this week, the U.S. bishops banned “sex reassignment” ( Seems it finally occurred to them that “no one is born with the wrong body.” Like, transgender is not quite the ticket, morally and theologically.

Question! Why did it take them so long to do this? Does it mean anything, that they’ve waited so long?

Another question: What will they do about rogue bishops who’ve hopped aboard the Transgender Express? (I’m guessing “nothing.”)

The point, Biblically, is that we do not make ourselves. That’s God’s job, not ours. But then what was the first temptation, to the first sin, offered by Satan to Eve and then to Adam? “Ye shall be as gods.” Stupid, sinful, clumsy gods… but you can’t have everything.

Well, the bishops have spoken; now let’s see what happens next.

‘College Just Gets Worse and Worse’ (2017)

What are some psychological hacks to make people stop lecturing you? - Quora

As long ago as 2017 they were suspending college students for totally idiotic “reasons”–like, for objecting to a (ahem!) professor’s claim that the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax.

College Just Gets Worse and Worse

The professor, of course, was a Muslim. If the roles had been reverse… well, you know. When it comes to Far Left Crazy in America, Islam always wins.

[Note: We have to be at the doctor’s in half an hour, so I’ve skipped breakfast to bring you these two posts.]

‘Parental Rights’? Not in New Mexico Schools

The Teachers' “Red for Ed” Movement Is Far From Dead

They’ve got your children where they want ’em, folks.

It only takes a few minutes for me to find a new public education outrage to report. Here’s one from New Mexico.

Attorney Andrew Sanchez, who “trains teachers and school boards,” has recently declared, “Parental rights end when you send your kids to public schools” ( And that’s the way he likes it. He says it’s the job of public schools to “replace values” that the kids have learned at home.

Go ahead, “educators,” spit in our faces once again. No one’s stopping you.

How many times must we say this? The only meaningful and effective response to the schools’ Marxist indoctrination of our children is to take them out of those schools and educate them at home. See what happens when 50 million Christian children are pulled out of public schools.

It’s been a long time since local school boards actually represented the people who elect them and pay the exorbitant school taxes. The Far Left teachers’ unions have America by the throat and won’t let go.


Now It’s a ‘Mayan Rite of Mass’

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“What? No human sacrifice?”

“Chill out, amigo. Chichen Itza wasn’t built in a day.”

This isn’t the first time a church establishment has brought horn-blowing, drum-thumping paganism into the church, and it probably won’t be the last. But it is the one we’re confronted with today: kind of like waking up to discover you’re still in the Old Testament and the king has just installed another idol in the Temple.

Yowsah, yowsah! The Roman Catholic Church has another “indigenous” rite to celebrate–a “Mayan Rite of Mass,” celebrating (I balk at saying this, but it must be said) “relationship with sister mother earth” and prayers to “the four directions,” whatever the dickens they mean by that.

They call it “interculturation.” Queen Athaliah never thought to call it that, when she brought Baal worship back into the Temple (see 2 Kings). Back then it was just called paganism and idolatry.

You may remember a year or two ago, Pope Francis was all cranked up for “Pachamama”–an idol worshiped by folks living along the Amazon–to be installed in the Vatican.

It seems Mexican bishops have displayed a penchant for getting giddy with theology. Pope Benedict XVI had occasion to rebuke them for it once or twice. But Francis seems to be a fan. Has he ever met a pagan practice that he didn’t like?

My heart goes out to Catholics who are seeing their church hijacked. Brothers and sisters, it happens to us Protestants, too. All the time. Let us stand united… at least in this.

No ‘Commitment to Diversity’? No Job!

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What we’ll be when they get through with us

At Ohio State Looniversity, if you seek a job in computer engineering, architecture, or nuclear (!) engineering, you won’t be hired unless you submit a “diversity statement” that the looniversity finds acceptable (

Oh, but that ain’t nothin’! At East Washington U., wherever that is, you’ve got to submit a Diversity Statement (yes, let’s use capital letters!) if you’re applying for one of the school’s “custodial positions.” You can’t even be a freakin’ janitor unless your politics is right!

In addition to your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, they also want you to “please provide specific examples” of your commitment to Far Left shibboleths. I wonder if they check to make sure you’re not lying. Stalin would have.

So… The electrical system shorts out and the whole place burns down… the computer system goes mad and makes all the money disappear… and there’s a slight cock-up on the nuclear engineering front and a mushroom cloud over Ohio… Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’re all right! We’ve got the Diversity Statements!

How is this even remotely permissible under the First Amendment? How is this not “compelled speech”? Where are the lawsuits, people? You need to bring this to a crashing halt!

Will we let these twerps devour our liberties? Will our own stupid colleges and looniversities do to us what the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Navy couldn’ do?

We really ought to be ashamed of tolerating this.