We Really Do Need to Rescue Our Culture

Brawl breaks out at Wal-Mart over line cutting | (video) New York Post

Just another day at Walmart…

I saw four videos yesterday that made me fear for the long-term survival of our culture. Count ’em–four.

*The man who’s supposed to be our president babbling incoherently about a man in the moon and aliens.

*A rash of brawls, stabbings, and shootings at various Walmart stores throughout the land. Crashing one’s car through the storefront seems to be growing more popular.

*In broad daylight, various cruise ships and cargo vessels, presumably with the captain and officers awake and aided by electronic navigation equipment, crashing into the dock or into other ships. This really should not happen.

*A horrible set of serial murders centered around our Yosemite National Park–singularly savage and heartless crimes.

Maybe that has something to do with why I slept poorly last night and felt so tired and  crabby all morning.

Really, this stuff has to be stopped. Our civilization won’t stand it.

But like I say, kill the culture and it’ll kill you back. I honestly don’t remember the nooze being anywhere near so awful when I was a boy.

Is This a … President?


Gee! Look at all those invisible Biden voters disguised as empty seats!

You’d think a nation would be mortally ashamed even to suggest that such a wreck as Joe Biden could be president.

So the other night Biden had a “town hall”–a euphemism for a totally contrived event choreographed by biased nooze media–with CNN. They had to jam everybody into the first couple rows to hide fact that the auditorium was 90% empty.

And then the man who calls himself our president got down to some serious babbling and fumfering. He is not the man he was: and the man he was was nothing to write home about. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/biden-flirts-mans-wife-rambles-man-moon-aliens-asked-vaccine-hesitancy-black-community-video/)

His rambling, disconnected takeoff on an audience member’s question featured cameo appearances by “a man on the moon” and “aliens.” It is hard to see how they fit in.

It is unfair to say Biden was flirting with the man’s wife. We know that when he flirts, he gropes. No–this was just some ham-handed pleasantry put forth as wit.

The real stuff here is the incoherent babbling.

Once upon a time long ago–I will not say “in a galaxy far, far away”–Biden was a practiced, professional politician who knew how to talk to people, knew how to warm them up, knew how to pass himself off as one of them. He has lost those gifts. His public appearances are pitiable.

And this represents our country to the world.

But then the other national leaders, with just a few notable exceptions, aren’t so hot, either.

‘Noozies Yelp Before They’re Bitten’ (2018)

Image result for images of news anchor embarrassed

It was time to nominate a new Supreme Court justice; and Donald Trump was president, so of course our Free & Independent Nooze Media were going to attack the nominee no matter who it was.

ABC Nightline didn’t wait to find out who it was. They just attacked.

Noozies Yelp Before They’re Bitten

College stoodints also attacked the nominee before he was nominated. “We’ll never accept Whatsisname!”

Where are those giant chameleons that snap up leftids?

‘The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?’) (2014)

See the source image

Remember when it was all Global Warming, they hadn’t yet learned to call it “Climate Change”?

In 2014, with snow falling in our Western states while it was still freakin’ September, jidrools the world over called for a People’s Climate March.

The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?)

Yes–it was to be a march that would (wait for it!) “change everything”! And if you didn’t want everything changed, well, ain’t that just too bad?

Why does everything these people say sound like it was first babbled by Chairman Mao in between bouts of killing people?

And now they’ve stolen our government. Or did the Chicoms buy it for them?

Pushback Continues–We May Be Winning

Critical race theory is a convenient target for conservatives.

The people don’t like it!

The Biden, uh, “administration” has backed down on a scheme to “incentivize” Critical Race Theory by doling out federal funds to school districts that teach it (https://christopherrufo.com/biden-backs-down/).

When the plan was announced, more than 35,000 comments poured in, most of them vigorously negative. But that’s only because everybody but racist liberals and teachers’ unions really hates CRT.

So for the time being the Dept. of Education has removed it from its website. If we could remove the Dept. of Education itself, that would do us a world of good.

CRT “teaches” that all white people are racists and need to be punished for it. It teaches children to view everything–especially all human relations–through the lens of race: white bad, non-white good. It teaches them to hate and fear each other, and white kids are taught to hate themselves, based on the color of their skins.

Nine states have already banned CRT outright, and more will surely follow.

This is a battle that the American people must win if they are to keep their country.

Pray our constitutional republic, and our whole way of life, survives this poisonous insanity.

‘Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest’ (2015)

See the source image

Honk if you see any point to this charade.

Does anybody else here think Japan is getting a bit too deeply involved with robots? Or never mind Japan–what about the whole world?

Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest

It’s just further evidence that suggests the whole world is going barking mad crazy, largely thanks to humanist experts, sages, counselors, prognosticators, “scientists,” “educators”–fercryinoutloud, why do they call them “educators” when all they do is make people stupid?

I don’t think God will let us go extinct–but He sure doesn’t have to keep this particular civilization around a minute longer than He pleases.

Teachers’ Unions Doubling Down on Far Left Politics

Here's Why So Many Striking Teachers Wear Red - Racked

Unionized teachers in all their communist glory

Oh, let’s do some nooze…

A former official of the teachers’ union in Los Angeles, United Teachers of L.A. (UTLA), is suing the union for dues it collected from him after he resigned from the union (https://www.wnd.com/2021/07/unions-rank-file-fail-endorse-focus-woke/).

Why did he resign?

Because the union has come to devote most of its efforts and resources to advancing Far Left politics–including “defund the police” and “the fight for trans lives,” blah-blah, etc., etc. And, of course, promoting the powder keg of “systemic racism” (translation: all white people are guilty!).

Last year unions like UTLA spent almost $800 million on politics, 90% of which went to–you guessed it!–Democrats. With overall union membership declining nationwide, half the union members in America now hold government jobs. Nothin’ wrong here. Big unions and big government: perfect together.

And they want those dues to keep coming in so they can keep on handing out money to every Far Left group who has a hand stretched out for it.

This is war, folks; and if we lose it, we lose our country. I can’t even imagine what kind of hell-hole they want to “transform” America into–and I don’t want to find out. Ever.

Should I Do Nooze Today?

Study suggests T. rex's legs were made for walkin' – not running

A new study “strongly suggests” that Tyrannosaurus rex used its legs for walking. Well, that knocks the old ballroom dancing theory into a cocked hat. The jumping-jacks theory still has a few die-hards hanging on.

I happened upon a nooze story a few minutes ago and got a blood pressure surge, nor could I restrain certain vigorous exclamations. My wife said, “I thought we weren’t going to do this on the weekend.” Get all worked up over the nooze, she means.

Well, fair enough.

Attention, readers! What would you like to see on this blog on the weekends? I’d like to see more dinosaurs, but that’s only me. What would you like? Don’t ask me to be clairvoyant–tell me! As Popeye once said, “We aims t’please!”

Coming up by and by: Byron’s TV listings.

‘Experts’ Whitewash Shark Attacks

Shark attack Swimmer - Great White Shark Stock Photo - Alamy

Relax! The shark is only curious. And this is just an “interaction.”

“Experts”–yeah, we just love ’em–are now saying that shark attacks shouldn’t be called shark attacks–unfair to the sharks, don’t you know–but “negative interactions” or just “encounters” with sharks (https://nypost.com/2021/07/15/shark-experts-insist-on-re-branding-attacks-as-shark-interactions/).

Like sharks care what you call them. Like it’ll hurt their feelings.

These particular experts are in Australia, a country well known for shark attacks. But really it was just some innocent big fish taking an innocent bite out of someone’s leg, just to see what it’d taste like.

The truth is that the waters around our beaches are full of sharks, pretty much all the time, and occasionally a shark bites somebody… or takes several bites, and kills the swimmer. This is what sharks do. They are predators. It’s how they live.

There’s no point in being mad at sharks, hating them, declaring war on them, or being so afraid of sharks that you won’t step into your bathtub. But there’s no point in trying to depict them as a lot of cozy-cuddles, either.

Then again, we live in a time when people can get arrested for using the wrong pronoun, or trolled on the social media for wearing a Chinese-style prom gown.

Again I say it: there’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.

My Newswithviews Column, July 15 (‘Are You An “Extremist”?’)

See the source image

Nope, no extremists here!

Some of you have received these Facebook “extremist” warnings. Honk if you think “extremist” means Antifa or BLM.

Not to Facebook, it doesn’t.

Are You an “Extremist”?

And note the continuing efforts by leftids worldwide to train people to rat each other out. Do you know someone “at risk of becoming an extremist?”

Well, yeah, it happens that I do! Her name is Nancy Pelosi and she’s really gone off the deep end, I think she might be crazy. Isn’t it about time you guys carted her off?

They are out to erase our liberties, and they don’t mean maybe.