Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder ‘Marries’ Sex Doll

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If you think I’m going to publish a picture of this schmendrick cavorting with his sex doll, think again. Here’s a picture of a bluebird feeding her chick instead. God’s stuff is better than man’s.

Let’s see… What’s the most disgusting nooze story available today?

This is like trying to pick out the nicest grain of sand on the beach, but let’s go with this one: A body-builder in Kazakhstan has…er… “married” his sex doll (

Hot dog: man marries inanimate object. He insists he had a courtship with it, proposed to it last December, and has “married” it in a full-blown bogus “wedding” ceremony.

What was the inanimate object going to… say? “No, sorry, sunshine, but I just can’t marry you. My heart belongs to someone else!” Only it doesn’t have a heart, because it is not a living thing of any kind, let alone a human woman.

Sort of like “marrying” your toaster-oven.

They used to cart you off to the rubber room for doing stuff like this. Now they celebrate it.

Still think we can get by all right without a Savior?

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

All Hail King Covid!

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We had to go out yesterday, so we turned on the car radio and listened to what they still insist on calling “the news.”

Except for periodic weather reports, the nooze was all COVID, all the time. Second wave! Third wave! We’re all gonna die! More lockdowns? More mandates! Oh, yeah, definitely more mandates! Kiss 2021 goodbye!

This is how they hope to distract us from trying to do something about them stealing the election. The Left has put all its chips on the table for this caper: if they can’t make this crooked election stick, they lose everything. And so do their little playmates in the nooze media.

So they’ve got to keep us scared. Exaggerate the death toll, scare us with impending lockdowns–and next thing we know, Dozy Joe Biden’s been in office half a year. We didn’t even notice! We were all hiding under our beds–‘Cause King Covid gonna getcha!

The COVID panic–even if the disease is real, the scare was manufactured–was a very big part of Democrat strategy this year. To make their crime put down roots and grow, they need us to stay scared. The noozies understand that: hence the non-stop flood of COVID scare stories.

Politics + Science = Politics

Remember that equation. It explains a lot.

Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds

Garden Guide: What's Eating My Plants?

Ooh-ooh, bugs and leaves together! Chow time!

They’re always trying to get us to eat bugs; now they want us to eat weeds, too. So proclaims the World Economic Forum (

See, it’s the Great Reset, which our Free & Independent Bull-Schiff Nooze Media pooh-poohs as a conspiracy theory, there’s no such thing–even though the loathsome John Kerry gave a speech about it at the forum.

Anyway, us working-class deplorables ought to be eating insects and weeds “to accommodate for global population growth” (they’re not aborting babies fast enough). It’s part of their mission for “leaders of society–” self-anointed, of course–“to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.”

And who elected them to “shape” anything? Probably some of those 80 zillion Biden voters.

And now they’ve got their buddy in the White House. Ol’ “Always for Sale” Biden. At least they think they do.

May the Lord cut them down in their hubris.

COVID Death Toll: A Flim-Flam?

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Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., and Democrat politicians, love to tell us that a quarter of a million Americans have died of COVID-19–but is it true?

A critical analysis by Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, has found that “deaths of all kinds, which would have occurred anyway [due to assorted causes], and been classified as being attributable to another cause, were being labeled as COVID-19 deaths” (

She used the same data used by the Center for Disease Control and came to a completely different conclusion! Her report was published on the Johns Hopkins website–and then removed.

“And, miraculously, the decrease in deaths from all other causes [emphasis added] seemed to match almost exactly the number of deaths reported to be attributable to COVID-19.”

In other words, the report suggests that deaths due to a large variety of causes–diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, you name it–have been written up as COVID deaths.

Has America been flim-flammed here?

Now, why would anybody do that?

Uh… to increase their power and wealth? To prop up the sagging superstructure of Far Left globalism? At our expense?

I don’t find that hard to believe. Do you?

Project Gaslight: No!

Joe Biden will not be able to unify the US | Financial Times

Although the election results are in serious dispute, that doesn’t stop our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. from “calling the election” for Doddering Joe, pasting his grinning vacant face everywhere you look, and babbling about “unity” and “healing”–after spending every minute of the last four years calling normal people Nazis, White Supremacists, deplorables, dregs of society (Biden’s phrase), and every day trying to take down our president. Unity and healing, eh?

Let’s see… they’ve stolen our car, vandalized our house, poisoned our dog, corrupted our children, and kicked us in the groin…and now they want unity? They threaten us with riots if we won’t bow down to them… and they want healing? “Well, yeah, okay, we did do all that stuff to you–but now we can be friends, right? Let bygones be bygones!”

No way, sunshine. You stole our country: we want it back. You are not going to get us to believe in this election just by having your media stooges incessantly cackle that you won, it’s over, time for us cattle to be branded.

In the classic movie Gaslight, Charles Boyer tries to convince Ingrid Bergman that she’s lost her mind. That’s where the verb “to gaslight” comes from. And that’s the word that most accurately describes what the Democrats and their media hacks are trying to do to us.

As the evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election mounts up to the stratosphere, they want us to believe it’s “baseless,” there’s “no evidence,” the candidate who hid in his cellar all summer is the clear winner… blah-blah-blah!

The answer is no! Never! They think that because they have destroyed some evidence, there’s “no evidence.” But destroying or concealing evidence is in itself evidence of crime. Is there truly anybody out there who doesn’t know that?

We will not surrender to this fraud. We will not let it stand. And it gives me the most sublime pleasure to think that when the Democrats get cut down, the noozies will be cut down with them. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving set of villains.


My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 26 (‘Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss’)

See the source image

Count your fingers after shaking hands with him!

The beautiful thing about stealing a presidential election is that once you do that, you can do anything. They’ll never be able to vote you out of office!

The governors of California and New Jersey have already taken that to heart.

Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss

Y’know all those restrictions, all those “mandates” and “orders” that they press on you? None of it applies to them! Suddenly we are back in France in 1703. When the ruling class really ruled–and all you hicks out there had better believe it.

We are living in the most shameful episode in all of American history. May God abate His just anger and deliver us out of it.

Commie Thugs Threaten President: ‘Concede or Else’

I don’t know how much credence to give to a “report” by someone who introduces it by trying to sell you a Genuine Israeli Army Gas Mask (!)–c’mon, no home should be without one–but this is 2020 and a lot of weird schiff happens. Like, for instance, we are asked to believe–or rather, told we must believe–that the American people have honest-to-pete elected a doddering fool to be their president. Is that any easier to believe than this “report”?

Anyhow, this guy offers up some Tweets by one “Adam Rahuba” in which the “Antifa leader” warns President Donald Trump that he’d better concede the election toot-sweet or else the Democrat blackshirts will invade “conservative areas” and burn down people’s homes, etc. ( Is it so hard to believe that a Democrat would say this?

But then we are also told that Rahuba is “a performance artist” and the whole thing was a prank to fool us silly conservatives ( That isn’t especially hard to believe, either.

I’ll never understand why the government didn’t smash Antifa as soon as it first appeared. Maybe some of those crooks in the FBI and elsewhere in the Deep State were protecting them. That’s not hard to believe, either. While nobody did anything about it, the Democrat Party enjoyed several years in which to craft its new doctrine of mob rule and violence.

May God deliver us out of their ungodly hands, and give President Trump victory over all his enemies.

How to Stop the Hate? ‘Kill the White Man’

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I can’t satirize this. It satirizes itself.

Euro-fatheads held an online conference on “hate speech”; and a self-proclaimed “anti-hate” group in Portugal suggested how they can put an end to hate.

You guessed it! “Kill the white man” (

This pearl of wisdom was dropped by some guy from Senegal–presumably a Black paradise because it’s in Africa–who immigrated to a white European country, Portugal. Presumably a hell-hole.

Why did he do that? Would you move to a country inhabited by people whom you believe ought to be killed?

And… surprise! This jerk’s “anti-hate” group is in bed with… George Soros! Maybe that’s not such a surprise.

Now–is anybody out there still dumb enough not to know that when leftids talk about “wiping out hate,” what they mean is wiping out you? And anybody else who isn’t them.

Quick quiz: When was the last time you heard a lefty accused of hate speech? I rest my case.

NJ Gov Breaks His Own Rules

Gov. Murphy and his family were harassed by protestors while eating at a restaurant.

What happened to “keep your mask on between bites”? Oh, of course–that doesn’t apply to Democrat politicians.

Here we go again!

Shortly after announcing that he was issuing an executive order (we quote) “RETIGHTENING restrictions” on family gatherings, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was filmed dining out, maskless, indoors, with his family ( Other diners called him out on it. Their language was somewhat colorful.

Well, we knew that, didn’t we–“Face masks for thee, but not for me! Social distancing for thee, but not for me! Indoor family dining-out for me, but not for thee!”

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Once you show that you can steal an election and get away with it, you can do any damned thing you please.

Our “leaders,” our masters, behave like they don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling us. They want us to think COVID-19 is the deadliest disease the world has ever known–unless you’re taking part in a riot, or just happen to be a “leader” yourself. Then the virus can’t touch you.

They’re not afraid of the virus. And if they’re not, why should we?

The Howell Township police chief, by the way, took the opportunity to say that he would not enforce any of the “draconian” restrictions handed down by the governor. He’s not the only police chief who’s said that.

Our country is being attacked from within by the Democrat Party.

Hypocrites all.

NBA’s Oppressed Millionaires Confer with Pope on [barf!] ‘Social Justice’

Social justice messages each NBA player is wearing on his jersey

I nominate this for the most sickening news story of the year so far!

Five players from the America-hating National Basketball Assn. traveled to the Vatican for a face-to-face chat the Red Pope, Francis I… about the–ahem!–“work” they’re doing for Social Justice ( Quick! Someone hand me a barf bag!

What was the average personal income of the six oppressed millionaires around that table? And don’t insult our intelligence by saying that the Pope doesn’t get paid. You should be so underpaid.

Supposedly the Pope’s secretary “reached out” to the NBA when he heard about the players’ devotion to Social Justice. You know: justice stuff like letting violent criminals go free to prey upon the undefended public, defunding the police, free college tuition, purge trials, daily riots.

Pope Francis is a communist. He thinks there should be no more private property. The NBA players think there should be no more of your private property.

Oh, the world groans! Isn’t it bad enough to be oppressed, without being oppressed by idiots and hypocrites! We know the world is full of sinners–but why do so many of them have to be such boring sinners, saying the same old garbage over and over again?

The quicker the NBA goes out of business, the better.