Canada: No More Brownies! (It’s Racist)

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The age we live in is an endless sitcom written by idiots and starring psychotics.

F’rinstance, dig this:

That’s right: Canada says girls can’t be Brownies anymore. Gotta be Girl Guides. (Question: whom are they guiding… to where?)

Gee, why not? Well, heck, say The Authorites, the name “Brownies” has “caused them harm.” Don’t ask “how?” That would require some degree of rationality.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! What about “racialized girls” in Canada? Huh? What about the critical need for “more inclusive spaces”?

The only thing these jidrools need is a damn good psychiatrist.

Is there any country left on earth that’s not governed by imbeciles and villains?

[Note: What are they going to do when Far Left head-cases declare “girls” a forbidden word? That won’t be long in happening.]

San Francisco, an Exercise in Self-Satire

Out of order sign toilet hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

“But it’s supposed to be Sustainable…!”

San Francisco is well-known for certain disturbed individuals who make a habit of defecating on the city’s sidewalks. So the city’s anointed rulers thought they’d address the problem by providing hi-tech, state-of-the-art, Sustainable, Self-cleaning public toilets.

They installed the toilets on Nov. 23.

The toilets broke down on Nov. 26 ( Honk if you find that the least bit surprising.

With hindsight, we can say “Of course the hi-tech toilets didn’t work! Did you really expect them to work? What is it about San Francisco that does work? What do they touch that doesn’t turn into ****… or worse?”

We are not told why the toilets broke down. What the weirdos out there tried to flush down those toilets staggers the imagination. There are some things that it is not good for man to know.

Democrat Blue cities–hot dog.


‘You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either’ (2018)

Image result for images of dog pooping on airport concourse

For a while there it looked like taking a dump in public was going to be the next big fad. But the reporting of such incidents died away–they took it for granted that this was going to be the norm in Democrat cities–leaving a lot of unresolved nooze stories in its wake.

Like this one.

You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either

Remember the school principal who used to defecate each morning on another school’s athletic field? Or the phantom pooper, most likely a jogger, who left mementos of her passing all around the neighborhood. And they weren’t the only ones. But the story just… went away. As nooze stories often do.

Coca-Cola Tells Employees, ‘Be Less White’

Fake Spilled Bottle of Coke - Props America

I don’t know how I missed this story when it came out last year–although the Coca-Cola Co. broke all sorts of speed records, sweeping it under the rug. But for a little while there, the company was telling its white employees, “Be less white” (

What does that mean? Well, apparently there are all these Virtues that People Of Color (POCs) have and low-down white folks can only aspire to–

And it would demean me to write up any more of this garbage.

Yes, it was all part of Coca-Cola’s “diversity training” program. What’s that? “Diversity training” is forcing everyone to have exactly the same opinion. It would’ve gone on forever if a whistleblower hadn’t exposed it. They even had a sociologist! Although she says she had nothing to do with it. They had a “course” called “Confronting Racism” in which white employees had to face up to what rotten human beings they are, etc., etc.

Exposed to the light of day, Coca-Cola made it disappear.

How long do we have to put up with this ****? Uh, for as long as Democrats can steal elections?

‘Nothing Suspicious’ About Biden Family’s Cars Exploding (?)

23,017 Car Explosion Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

The alleged president and his family rent five cars for their posh Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket. Parked at the airport, the five cars–all different models–suddenly burst into smoke and flame. The Fire Dept. arrives and extinguishes the blaze.

And there’s nothing, er, suspicious about the incident, according to Nantucket Fire Chief Michael Cranson (

The cars were parked together, not far from jet fuel storage (yikes!). “Nothing suspicious.” Okay: does that mean that if one car goes up in flames, so will the others? What would cause that to happen?

Actually, I’m not proposing any conspiracy theory. Who blows up five cars with no one in them? Unless it’s someone’s cute way of suggesting policy modifications. I’m more inclined to suspect that these were all electric cars with dangerous lithium batteries, parked close enough together that if one goes kaboom, the others do, too.

But that’s only my opinion, and so far no one in the White House has had anything to say about this incident. That naturally makes you wonder–doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, if you were wondering whether electric cars are all that safe…

Does Pepto-Bismol Kill COVID???

Pink Bismuth" Images – Browse 56 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe  Stock

I don’t have the science background to evaluate this report, but some of you do [paging Heidi!].

Does ordinary Pepto-Bismol, like you can find on the shelves or your local supermarket or drug store, cure COVID? A 2021 study seems to suggest that it does (

A few of you out there are medical professionals. What do you think of this?

Of course I want it to be true! It’d make Fumblin’ Fauci look a right jackass, wouldn’t it? And maybe it could save a couple million lives. Maybe even expose some arch-villains who need to be exposed… and punished.

But I’m not qualified to voice an opinion on the merits of this study.


‘Live By the Sword, Die By The Sword’ (2019)

See the source image

I remember a time when news reporters were… well, kind of admired for the job they did. I wanted to be one when I grew up (which I did, by and by).

Now they’re pretty much loathed. Here’s why.

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

See? A man sets up a charity, out of the goodness of his heart, and some “journalist” tries to destroy him. Happily in this case, it was the “reporter” who wound up getting canceled.

They really do have no idea why we detest them, do they?


Weird! Biden’s Rented Cars… Explode

A tow truck pulls away one of the vehicles rented by the Secret Service to protect President Biden in Nantucket.

Your tax dollars at work

How weird is this?

The Biden family rents five cars–all from Hertz, but all different models–for its posh Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket, parks ’em in the airport parking lot… and ka-boom! They all go up in smoke and flame. All at the same time (

The White House says the cause of the explosions is unknown.

I’m assuming–sources don’t say, so I have no evidence for this–that all five were electric cars. Hmmm… Haven’t we heard that the batteries in electric cars, in addition to being insanely expensive, can also be, well, dangerous? Prone to explode suddenly, for instance.

Did someone arrange for those cars to blow up? Just askin’.

Meanwhile, electric scooters have been exploding and bursting into flames all over the world ( The cause of those explosions is believed to involve lithium-ion batteries made in China.

Maybe it was a bolt from Above.

Editor’s Note: See? We’ve been here before, with the exploding hoverboards ( Lithium batteries turned out to be the culprit. Just like the batteries in electric cars. P.S.–And don’t forget those mysteriously exploding U.S. Mail trucks from a few years ago.

Christians Now a Minority in England, Wales

Weep for Britain: she has lost her soul.

If that’s too much, well, sorry! It’s the mother country. As an American, I’ll always feel an attachment to Britain–even if they were the bad guys in 1812.

This year, for the first time ever, the Office for National Statistics reported Christians in the minority in England and Wales–46.2 percent, down 13.1 percent from 2011 ( That’s an awful lot of ground to lose, in just ten years between surveys.

Cradle of saints! David, Aaron, Julius, Kentigern, Bede, Augustine of Canterbury–it would take all day to list them all.

Even the massive importation of Muslims can’t fully account for the numbers.

Second on the list, the No. 2 spot, went to “No Religion,” at 37.2 percent. In fact, all “religions” increased their numbers except for Christianity.

There are reasons for this change. There have to be reasons for it. Meanwhile, although they bear the title “Defender of the Faith,” British royals have left us in doubt as to what faith they mean to defend, if any.

It’s an evil age in a fallen world; and we pray, “God defend us!”

Disney Satan ‘Joke’ Falls Flat

Disney Corp is saying it was just a joke… but the public isn’t laughing.

In an alleged “Christmas special”–somebody really ought to be struck by lightning–called “The Santa Clauses,” children hold up letters that spell out “We love you, Satan” (

They say it was their little joke, kids were supposed to say “Santa” but they got it wrong, tee-hee.

Hey, groomers–coming from you, it isn’t funny. Coming from you, we have a hard time believing it’s a joke.

No, these people aren’t funny.