Again I Ask–Is England Anti-Christian?

Wait’ll American liberals get hold of this hot new idea from Across the Pond.

Government schools in England are allowing Nativity scenes to be displayed, this Christmas season. There’s just one catch.

In many of these, reports The Telegraph, the Baby Jesus has been replaced by a figure of Elvis Presley or a space alien, with lobsters and fairies instead of sheep and shepherds ( ). Some of the schools even hold “Christmas pageants” in which neither Christ nor Christmas is mentioned.

Is this anything but mockery of Jesus Christ, perpetuated by the usual gang of secularist fat-heads who wouldn’t dare mock Islam?

As usual, the Mother Country is a bit farther down the drainpipe than America. If school officials over here resorted to such blatant mockery of Christianity, they’d have a lot of public outrage to contend with.

Or would they?

Public education–this is a historical fact, so don’t bother arguing otherwise–was created to wean Christians away from Christianity, replacing it with worship of the State and its anointed Experts. It also seeks to ease out the family and replace it with the State.

And yet millions of Christian parents in America, every day, continue to send their children to these schools–and we can easily see the results of this in the unceasing deterioration, coarsening, and dumbing-down of our culture.

English kids are going to grow up thinking “Christmas” is about nothing coherent at all; they will not know that Christ came in the flesh to save us from our sins.

But, hey–at least those schools are “free”–right?

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  1. Not just England-pretty well the world. And when the supposedly most Christian nation, the USA, maintains hundreds of millitary bases throughout patsy countries, and in the last 35 years has invaded and destroyed countries world wide, and “prays” (Billy Graham-George Bush) to its Christian God as it proceeds, then that mayhem is seen to be associated with Christianity. And my country, led by a “Christian,” following along in the carnage, is no different.

    IS IT ANY WONDER? But,surely it is all planned so. What happened to Christians and Christianity in the Soviet Union? What happened to Christians in the French Revolution? And, what is going to happen to brave Christians in the World Revolution? You know as well as I. And, just who is it who has been, from the earliest, the greatest haters of Christians and Christianity? Precisely, it has not been the Muslims, as too many of them are now. I think you know that too. But many are still fooled.

  2. It’s the abandonment of Christianity in Europe that has allowed Islam to make huge inroads into their society in such a short time. Nature abhors a vacuum. So slowly but surely they are being forced to bow down to a foreign religion their forefathers did not know. Are they any better off for it? Unfortunately the same thing is happening on this side of the pond.

  3. In most schools in this country, they are already acting in this way, and if the kids dare object; they are suspended from school. If it were my children, I would make sure it was permanent. Not only is this type of thing anti-Christian, anti-common sense- it is just plain silly. Asinine. Ridiculous.
    Even six year olds know better. Educators? Not in a million years.

  4. Sure, but if the world wants to have their liquor-drinking, orgy of greed, selfishness and debauchery in the stead of the worship of the Risen Lord, than they WILL do that, it’s to us to preach the word, in season and out of season.

    And if they ban prayer in the school, or observance of the birth of Christ in public then that doesn’t stop us from continuing from private.

    America’s problem is not when they threw God out of the public school but when the Christians threw Him out of the churchhouse and out of the home.

    We can act on both those things, immediately.

    1. Well stated, Unknowable! They’re forcing our children into ‘educated bankruptcy’!

    2. I’m astounded by what I see in the younger people today. Many seem to have a sense of entitlement and are quite self centered. They are anxious to let someone else take all the responsibility. Sad days a coming if our Lord does not return soon.

    3. Indeed. Me me me me me me is the chorus they sing. It truly is a sad – even criminal – attitude and the violent behavior, even from the feminine gender, is frightening.

  5. The Bishop of Canterbury said recently he cannot understand why American Evangelicals support Trump. He said when President Trump comes to England for his scheduled visit, he will shake his hand but that is all. What a chump – reminds me of Jesus letter to the churches about synagogues of Satan.

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