A Gratifying Experience

This is even better than getting to say, “I told you so.”

The other night I discovered a Christian website, “The Lens of Optimism,” which featured a nice, thoughtful essay on spiritual virtues modeled by–you could knock me over with a feather–a character in my books: “Obst the Missionary–Bell Mountain Series” ( http://travisrodg.com/obst-bell-mountain/ ).

Obst starts out as a hermit in Bell Mountain, then becomes a trail guide, a missionary, and a teacher–among other things.

Now, I don’t hang out my shingle as a religious adviser or spiritual counselor. I really am old enough to know my limitations. So imagine what a wonderful surprise it was to me, to see someone extracting wisdom from something that I wrote! It means I’m on the right track, I’ve been following the signs God’s given me, and writing the stories as He gives them to me. For which I give God the glory.

If you’re well-read, you may have noticed that many writers have written stories that are a lot smarter than they are. In fact, it happens all the time. It’s called art, and it’s a gift of God. That some artists are too dense to understand what they’ve been given is their problem, not ours: God will make use of them whether they like it or not.


3 comments on “A Gratifying Experience

  1. Good morning, Lee,
    I know what you are speaking of as this has happened to even me, a few times. I have seen “my work” borrowed and posted on web sites previously unknown to me. It is gratifying, indeed.
    Blessings to you

    1. I’m used to seeing my work posted on other sites, but this was the first time–other than reviews, which are expected–anyone actually wrote about one of my books. I’m even used to people posting my work so they can say how much they hate it. To see that someone has actually found spiritual value in my books–well, that really excites me.

  2. And rightly so. Makes it all seem worthwhile. I have had a couple of my articles posted on a blog for the express purpose of giving more people
    the chance to refute and ridicule. It was fun and I got quite a chuckle
    to see how ignorant and messed up they are. Sad too, though.Not that I’m always right, or even very wise, but the truth of some things are right in our faces.

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