Super Bowl Sex Scandal Breaks Wide-Open: ‘We’re Finished!’ Wails Commish

Okay, it’s a misleading headline. I was just trying to get your attention.

I’m concerned that my readers may not be having as much fun with this blog as I’ve hoped. Therefore, I am inviting all of you to make more comments. After all, that’s where most of the fun is–right? I enjoy seeing what you all have to say. But there are only a few of you whom I regularly hear from.

A few ground rules: I won’t publish comments that are personally abusive to anyone else visiting this site, nor will I allow blasphemy or profanity. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. I do publish comments by readers who don’t agree with me about this or that. I don’t mind, as long as decent manners are observed. I just don’t allow remarks that are the verbal equivalent of coming into my living room and peeing on the floor.

A few readers have told me, elsewhere, that they just can’t figure out how to post comments on this blog. Well, keep trying. If I knew what advice to give you, I’d give it. Be encouraged by the fact that some of you do manage it.

You can even go back into the archives and comment on old stuff.

So come on, let’s party.

8 comments on “Super Bowl Sex Scandal Breaks Wide-Open: ‘We’re Finished!’ Wails Commish

  1. Thanks for the invite. I usually have something to say, even if it’s wrong,
    but not every time. Some days are just too busy to read much of anything. I’ll hang in there when I can.

  2. I do like your take on many issuers and the humorous touch now and then, i just read and save. Now that you said to comment on past post, I will try that also, thanks for being out there, you can sat things we do not have the gift to say like you do. Sincerely, Don in Birmingham, Alabama.

    1. Thank you kindly, Don–great to hear from you. And if you run into Chief Justice Moore, tell him Lee says hello. (He might remember me, although it’s been a couple years since I interviewed him last–a great man.)

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