Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

Three rings for climate scientists, who think they’re so sly

Seven for the liberals, with their heads of stone

Nine for pigs who think they can fly

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,

In the land of Davos, where the noozies lie

One ring to dupe them all, one ring to fool them,

One ring to dumb them down, one ring to public school them…

People Are Smarter Than Ever Dept.

So a 9-year-old boy goes with his family to see The Hobbit, and, a few days later, still grooving on the movie, he joshes with one of his classmates that he has the One Ring from the movie, and he’ll use it to make the other kid invisible.

“School officials” at Kermit Elementary School, near Odessa, Texas–they’re part of the education establishment that’s making people smarter than ever–naturally had a kazoo over this, and suspended the little fellow for making a terrorist threat. You know–like he really had the One Ring from the Tolkien books, and really could use its magical power to make a kid disappear (even though the ring, in the books, only makes the wearer disappear: but the 9-year-old probably hasn’t read the books). The school principal declined to comment, citing confidentiality. ( )

Where do they get the weirdos who run our public schools, the wackos who “teach” our children? And why, oh, why! do people still insist on sending their kids to those schools? Do school officials not understand that the One Ring is fantasy? That the kid saw it in a movie and was only playing?

This same child has been suspended twice before: once for saying a black child was black, and once for bringing to class The Big Book of Knowledge, a children’s encyclopedia, hoping to get extra credit for Science. The book had a picture of a pregnant woman in it, so they suspended the child.

If you can figure out what makes these people tick, do me a favor and don’t tell me.

Public schooling–making people smarter every day!

8 comments on “Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

  1. Lee, We are paying for the Public schools, so we need to take them back from the lunatics who have taken them over, not abandon them to the insane homofascist communists who are turning our own children against us. Grekinator Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2015 15:41:25 +0000 To:

    1. And so, Raymond Greco, while we’re taking the schools back by leaving our children in them, they’re being turned against us. How does that solve anything? Children aren’t warriors. We shouldn’t be sending them out as soldiers, we should be protecting them and preparing them for battle. Do you really think that we should leave little kids in a place run by, as you put it, insane homofascist communists?

    2. If 10 million more Christian children were removed from the public schools, the system would collapse. That would break the teachers’ unions–the biggest source of funding for far-left political enterprises. Only then could we even begin to take back the schools.

  2. It’s hard to comment on this. “Insane” seems so inadequate. But it’ll have to do.

    I agree that it is better for the public system to collapse, because you can’t fix something like that. But then there is so much more to do: fix corruption in the media, gov’t, etc. But the most effective starting point is the conversion of sinners. And for that, it is essential that the “theory” of evolution be publicly discredited before all. The media will never do it, of course. Sign of the times.

  3. The inmates, it would seem, are no longer running the asylum, but instead are infiltrating the public schools. I really believe this institution has outlived its usefulness.

  4. “had a kazoo over this,” – wow, that is really being stressed out! Many public teachers begin their careers with idealistic aspirations but the factory system grinds it out of them and they become mini-tyrants holding out for retirement packages.. About half of new teachers are gone in 3-5 years.

    1. I’ll bet you hear some of the things I used to hear in the teachers’ lounge. “If only we could just shoot one of them, every couple days…” Meaning students.

      I learned that teaching is the world’s easiest job, as long as you don’t care at all. If you care, if you really try to do it, it’ll break your heart.

    2. My experience exactly. I try to avoid the Teachers’ Lounge where always is heard a discouraging word – that is unless the local food vendors have supplied the teachers with free food and drinks 🙂

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