An Experiment in Cut & Paste

If I’ve done this right, you’ll see a very short video of Yosemite Sam.

If not, back to the drawing board.

9 comments on “An Experiment in Cut & Paste

  1. HAHAHAHA! I LOVVVE YOSEMITE SAM! He was politically incorrect in mentioning “Ghandi”…oh the shame…but we will forgive him. I think he is a symbol of cleaning up the House of our Fools on the Hill…ALL THE SKUNKS!! Good one, Lee, and thank you for a great laugh for the day.

  2. Outstanding work Lee! Great clip too. Did you end up going with the “Matted Elk 2015” for Mrs.pgp on Valentine’s day? How did it work out. It’s a fine vintage, culled from only the finest New Brunswick Elk.

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