More Troubles With Pictures

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard. Consider her ways, and be wise,” King Solomon once said.

I haven’t been able to post any pictures today. I think the ants have been at WordPress. But if this picture comes out, I may be back in business.

8 comments on “More Troubles With Pictures

  1. That’s weird. I’ve tried commenting for about a week and a half (maybe longer) and it wouldn’t let me. But now it does? Something to do with getting a WordPress account.

    1. My stats page shows you with 49 posted comments, with your comments automatically approved and good to go. So I have no idea what WordPress is up to!
      Yesterday I couldn’t post pictures anymore, until Patty stumbled upon a way of doing it.
      The constant change, without notice, is one of those things about the wacky world of computers that I really hate.

    2. I think it had to do with me getting a WordPress account about two weeks ago; right after I did that, it wouldn’t let me post comments to your blog; it kept saying I wasn’t signed in, blah blah. Which didn’t make sense because I was using my Blogspot account to comment, as usual. Today it finally let me do it.
      Computers are a big frustration to me as well 😀

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